7 Items You’re Better Off Getting Second-Hand

Did you know that some items really are better the second time around?

Truth be told, many secondhand items can be just as wonderful as brand-new ones. Of course, there is nothing wrong with being able to buy new items, whether it’s a piece of furniture or that bicycle you’ve been dreaming about. Whenever I am trying to save money for an overseas vacation or just for an emergency fund, I start doing research on garage sales or where the closest areas are that have the best thrift shops.

Because even if a lot of people hesitate to buy second-hand, you can actually find a lot of good, quality items like clothes, kitchen utensils, and even books at thrift or charity stores. And they have the added benefit of not making a dent in your bank account. In fact, a lot of things lose value right after you buy them, while others tend to go on sale soon enough.

Let’s discover together which items are the best to purchase secondhand.

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1. Office Furniture

Because the pandemic forced many of us to work from home, we’ve spent a lot of time in our “home office”. And that’s how we saw its little imperfections, and we started thinking about a décor change, because after all, it needs to be comfortable. But at what expense? A decent desk, a chair, a file cabinet, and a set of bookshelves can cost anything from a few hundred to thousands of dollars if they are new. And that doesn’t even take into account things like a computer, printer, décor, and office supplies that tend to be even more expensive.

However, a lot of people tend to change their furniture pretty often, so they are probably going to sell their old one. Keep an eye out for garage sales or check out Facebook Marketplace because you can find a lot of things for a very good price. Aside from delivering you high-quality furnishings, buying used can also help you save money.

I bet that your bargain-shopper side just got happier! Because, let me tell you a secret: you can negotiate the price to get an even better one for it.

2. Jewelry

Who said jewels can’t still be beautiful even if they are used? They are without a doubt one of those items that become even more valuable if they have already been worn. Jewelry still shines as brightly after a little bit of polish, regardless of whether it’s new or used. So don’t be afraid to buy a used item because the price you pay can be anywhere between 20% to 40% less than the original cost.

You will be amazed by how many unusual and vintage pieces you can find at a garage sale or a local thrift shop!

3. Books

Because I enjoy having a well-stocked library in my own home, books have always been just about the best item I buy used. For me, reading an old book is probably the most amazing experience. There’s something lovely about reading a book that has a small “dog-ear” from another reader. It has a certain charm.

Even if you don’t intend to read the books and you simply want to give them as a gift to your friend, a small collection of related titles tied together with a satin ribbon, or a burlap bow looks lovely on any bookcase. However, regardless of the genre, books are a category of items on which you can save a significant amount of money by purchasing them used.

You can apply the same hack when you need to buy your grandkids school textbooks that they will only use for one semester. Plus, you can consider selling them again after this to get your money back.

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4. Kids Toys

When it comes to toys, kids will always be excited about new items, especially if it’s something related to a cartoon they watch on a regular basis. Back in my day, we used to play with old toys from my cousins, and we never complained about it because they were amazing! Heh…times change! But nowadays, kids are more interested in stuff that they see on TV commercials, and I can’t blame them either. But do you know how expensive a Star Wars Lego is? Or the latest Paw Patrol fire truck? Both of them are around $60 each. That’s a lot of money!

A recent statistic revealed that Americans spend around $300 per child on kid’s toys, and for a family with three kids, that’s $900 per year. By purchasing used items, you can lower that yearly expense. Just make sure you carefully check to see if they are safe enough to use them, and it’s a good idea to give them a thorough cleaning as well.

5.  Holiday items

America often seems to lurch from holiday to holiday, and decorating for all those holidays can grow very expensive. That’s why they are probably the second-best thing you can buy at a thrift store. Because after all, you never know what unique items you can find there! Christmas may only come once a year and we all have budgets to look out for, but we can’t neglect decorating our homes either!

So next time you spot a box of holiday decorations at a thrift shop, don’t turn away from it! You never know what you can find; furthermore, if you get your decorations for the cheapest price possible, you will have a bigger budget to spend on gifts! How awesome is that? If you have a big family like I do, that might be a blessing for your wallet!

6. Clothes for special occasions

Whether you are planning to buy a suit for your nephew’s wedding or a dress for that birthday party you already said you’d attend, you must know that it won’t be the cheapest item you’ll buy. You will most likely  never wear it again. So why spend $100 or more on a piece of clothing that, after one wear, will collect dust in your wardrobe?

Sometimes, formalwear is hard to find at thrift stores, but you can discover more options at consignment stores and online stores like Poshmark, Tradesy, and ThredUp. Don’t forget to look into Facebook Marketplace as well, which is currently one of the finest locations to get affordable used goods. I have no doubt that you’ll find something lovely that works both for the occasion and your budget!

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7. Pet items

Let’s be honest, there is no other savvier way to supply pet items than second-hand stores. Among the items that sell the fastest at garage and yard sales are pet crates, since they are so expensive to buy new. The cheapest things you can find at flea markets or second-hand shops are collars, leashes, and feeding bowls, since at a regular pet store they can cost almost twice as much. However, I wouldn’t recommend buying a pet bed unless it still has a tag on it that can assure you it was never used. If not, it might serve as a welcome mat for dust mites, ticks, and fleas.

Finding a fantastic deal is always exciting, and thrift shops provide some of the best bargains around! In most cases, shopping second-hand isn’t just “cheaper,” it’s also a good way to get free items. Don’t hurry to the nearest store for a new item until you’ve run out of all the used options first. This is just a small reminder that doing your shopping this way may not be the smartest move for your wallet but also a form of reusing items that were kept in good condition.

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