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Edward Kramerhttps://themoneyplace.comkramer450@comcast.netUnscribeHOW often do I have to "unscribe" to have my e-mail address remove from your site (all publications) ??Tina Mckinleyhttps://themoneyplace.comctmckinley@yahoo.comWhy I unsubscribedYou lure me in with the headline but I have yet to read an entire article. There are so many ads and pop ups on other subjects that if the article is actually there, well, I can't find it. I would love to back up after I'm done with the first one, to read some of the others but I get to frustrated trying to find the original that I give up. Life is to short for this.Portia Smithhttps://themoneyplace.comportia_smith@comcast.netUnsubscribe Annoying Hope Eisenberg https://themoneyplace.comhopeandizzy2@comcast.netUnsubscribe me from everythingI have requested that you unsubscribe me from all your publications. You have not complied thus far. Please don’t make me have to go further than this. You are invading my privacy. 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Thank you Raymondhttps://themoneyplace.comrayrjb@yahoo.comUnsubscribePlease unsubscribe me from any news email that you send to me.Raymondhttps://themoneyplace.comrayrjb@yahoo.comUnsubscribePlease unsubscribe me from any news email that you send to me.Cindy Lowehttps://themoneyplace.comalowe6@comcast.netUnsubscribe I never signed up for any of these articles. And, have requested numerous times to be unsubscribed from all of them. Please quit sending these and unsubscribe us from ALL of them.Amy Turnerhttps://themoneyplace.comamyturner71@comcast.netSTOP Please stop sending me emailsKaren Hanson https://themoneyplace.comrkhanson1@comcast.netUnsubscribe I would like to know how many times I have to unsubscribe before any of it goes away. I check all the boxes and have done so for several months and still get more and more emails. This us a form of harassment.Carol M. Stotlerhttps://themoneyplace.comCaroline94535@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe me from EVERYTHING. 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What is needed to stop these?Linda https://themoneyplace.comlftodd@comcast.netNoNo Michaelhttps://themoneyplace.commikeiva@comcast.netShit mailI have asked to be unsubscribed from all of the shit email on this list but they still come. Many times i ask yet still they come. I just noticed that having to leave a message may be a prerequisite to being removed from this list so this is the message; please stop sending me these annoing unsolicited emails!!!!!!!!!Deedre Timothy https://themoneyplace.comdeedret@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE ME!I do not want your ridiculous marketing emails! STOP! I continuously unsubscribe and yet you continue to contact me! Enough!K Hhttps://themoneyplace.comdkp426@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe from allJohnhttps://themoneyplace.comjtwaler@yahoo.comUnsubscribe MeUnsubscribe MeBillhttps://themoneyplace.comscribee1@comcast.netPlease remove me from your emails listDear Sir or madam, could you please remove me from your emails list regarding all companies. Thank you for your help in this matter. Bill cShari Levinhttps://themoneyplace.comslevin95@comcast.netSTOP SENDING ME EMAILS!!!!!!!I RECEIVE THIS FORM ALMOST DAILY!!!!!! GET OUT OF MY LIFE!!!!! I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOUR FORM AGAIN!!!!!! GET OUT!!!!!! STOP SENDING ME YOUR CRAP EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Harold Williamshttps://themoneyplace.comrevpoj@aol.comUnsescribeI am not interested in the subjects I receive from this sight.Alesahttps://themoneyplace.comalesabella1957@gmail.comUnsubscribeI have too many of these websites.Alesahttps://themoneyplace.comalesabella1957@gmail.comUnsubscribeI have too many.Liz Wilderhttps://themoneyplace.comlatelizard@comcast.netunsubscribeHave done this several times!C fhttps://themoneyplace.commyfussellbunch@comcast.netEmail How did you get my email address and how is it linked to so many others please delete it and delete it from anyone else connected!! 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I have checked all of the boxes to unsubscribe, yet you continue to send me this stuff.Matthewhttps://themoneyplace.commmccloskey1@comcast.netSolicitation emailsI have attempted to unsubscribe to your emails on multiple occasions but I keep receiving unsolicited emails from you. Please stop. If I keep receiving them I will start contacting the FCC and any other agency that regulates your industry. Thanks, MattGlen spitalere https://themoneyplace.comvball68@comcast.netStopping emails to my address and not selling my information to 3rd partiesPlease unsubscribe me from all checked emails boxes and do not sell my information to any 3rd parties a copy of this email is being sent to the Better Business Bureau I will give you the a lot of time but if the emails keep coming I will contact the Better Business Bureau and have them handle it I've done this before 2 weeks ago and I'm still getting emails so this is my last attempt before I contact a Better Business Bureau and have them deal with you I have followed old guidelines and have unsubscribed from all of your sites please update my information take me off of your email list And do not sell any of my information to any 3rd party's the email address is. Vball68@comcast.net. ty. Glen spitalere...Charles Vyrostekhttps://themoneyplace.comcvyrostek@comcast.netunsubscribe. not interestednot interested in anyWendy https://themoneyplace.comwendy_ashton@yahoo.comUnsubscribe doesn't workI have had to click this to unsubscribe over and over for different things....even when I select all of them. This unsubscribe does NOT work.John https://themoneyplace.comjorodnreel@aol.comAny and all subjects Not in the least bit interested Gaylin Zeiglerhttps://themoneyplace.comGJZ11@COMCAST.NETunsubscribe mePlease unsubscribe me from future emailingEve Kietzmannhttps://themoneyplace.comeveamy@comcast.netEmailsUnsubscribe me from all emails!Daunn Smithhttps://themoneyplace.comdragonfly213@comcast.netUnwanted emailsI have continually been unsubscribing to this site and your affiliates. I have NEVER signed up for these and would like to be removed permanently from all emails!!!Gayle Morganhttps://themoneyplace.comgaylema8@gmail.comStop emailing PLEASE Please discontinue all emails to my address from all of the companies that you represent. I have unsubscribed manually several times and I continue to get emails. Thank you for your cooperation. It is much appreciated.Shirley Lee Hartvigsonhttps://themoneyplace.comshartvigson@comcast.netStop Sending any of these emails!!!I have asked you to stop but today I went to the Costco one after seeing it before, well you showed me clothes and other things! TAKE ME OFF ALL OF THESE SITES..... NO MORE MEANS NO MORE!!!!Kim Bertram https://themoneyplace.comkb711@comcast.netUnsubscribePlease, remove my email PERMANENTLY from all correspondence for all the partners this company associates with. I don’t want this to get litigious. I have taken a picture of this message for my lawyers. Thanks so very much. Kim Bertram Kb711@comcast.netDebbi Marxhttps://themoneyplace.combarongsd@comcast.netUnsubscribe mePLEASE< remove my name and email address from your list. I am not interested in any of your content.Lindahttps://themoneyplace.compoohb03@comcast.netPlease stop the emails. The information is not useful to me. I have asked to unsubscribe so many times. Thank yourobert bergerhttps://themoneyplace.comrsbcsb@aol.comunsubscribe meunsubscribe meLinda https://themoneyplace.comlinnypoop@aol.comSite is not pertinent. Not newsworthy. Filled with fluff and adsSite is not pertinent. Not newsworthy. Filled with fluff and adsFranhttps://themoneyplace.comkfctuc@aol.comEmailSite was confusing. Could not read article. Subject was interesting but could not bring up articleAngela https://themoneyplace.comangelae@rocketmail.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribeCK Speeglehttps://themoneyplace.comckspeegle@yahoo.comUnsubscribe me I hate clickbaitJudi Burgess https://themoneyplace.comjudiburgess@ymail.comUnsubscribePlease remove my email address from all future mailingDave Mathershttps://themoneyplace.comdbm456@yahoo.comUnsubscribeYes unsubscribe meMelissahttps://themoneyplace.comm.lawver@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe meJoe Thttps://themoneyplace.comFelixsaint2@yahoo.comSTOP SENDING ME EMAILI keep unsubscribing and you still send STOP!Rochelle https://themoneyplace.comrochelleporzio@comcast.netComplaintI never signed up to receive these emails Edgar Miearshttps://themoneyplace.combradmiears@yahoo.comUnsubscribe mePlease remove me from your e-mail lists Lee Neffhttps://themoneyplace.comllneff@comcast.netUnsubscribePlease Remove me from all newsletters. ronaldhttps://themoneyplace.comrsharp50@comcast.netspami have unsubscribed from your list several times now. pls stop spamming me, now and in the future.Earnest Sundberg https://themoneyplace.comreid333@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meYes, unsubscribe mechristine messanellahttps://themoneyplace.comlovenconnection@comcast.nettoo many emailsstop sending emailsDenicehttps://themoneyplace.comdl_jcjc4@yahoo.comUnsubcribe Please unscribe meDavehttps://themoneyplace.comyv6yf0@aol.comunsubscribeUNSUBSCRIBE!Marta Reinerhttps://themoneyplace.commartareiner@comcast.netUnsubscribeHate the annoyance of ads like this!Michaelhttps://themoneyplace.commphparks@comcast.netStop signing me up for your bullshitYou want to improve your fucking site? Stop making me unsubscribe from your trash spam bullshit every two weeks. Seriously! Im about to contact the BBB. Lose my fucking email address. Riahttps://themoneyplace.commjmria@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBE MEUNSUBSCRIBE ME! Sarah Thttps://themoneyplace.comstomczyk@rocketmail.comUnsubscribe Please stop sending emails Deehttps://themoneyplace.comdeebeepa@comcast.netRemove emailAfter repeated requests I am still receiving your unwanted emails. Please remove this email address immediately Michael bittnerhttps://themoneyplace.commbittner18@comcast.netEmailsStop all emails coming from your company. Been trying for weeks to get them to stop Johnhttps://themoneyplace.comlangmarks@comcast.netunsubscribePlease unsubscribe me from all emailsJayne https://themoneyplace.comjaynemcrae@aol.comUnsubscribeI will not read any newsletters that require me to make click after click to get the story. Caryl Fosterhttps://themoneyplace.comcaryl_foster@yahoo.comE MailsI don't know who you are or where you got my e mail but please STOP sending me your e mails. I never signed up to receive them and I do not read them. It's very annoying!Calvinhttps://themoneyplace.comcalvinre@aol.comStop all emailCalvin died last January, so please quit sending ANY email. He can not use any information you might decide to sent.Catherine Steinhttps://themoneyplace.com9415@comcast.netGet me off your website!This is the second time I'have had to write you on this contact form!!!!! STOP THIS! I WANT OFF! NOW!!!!!!!! Thank you for your attention to my matter now! Catherine SteinJanehttps://themoneyplace.comtjkd@comcast.netUnsubscribeYES UNSUBSCRIBE ME! Harry J. Guyhttps://themoneyplace.comoldpharmguy@comcast.netunsubscribeunsubscriberichard kessenerhttps://themoneyplace.comrichardkess@yahoo.comcancellation of unwanted e-mailI have trouble keeping up with all the deletions alreadysl.kfjs;lhttps://themoneyplace.comrbenedict1950@comcast.netunsubscribe me'Cause I said so...john crosshttps://themoneyplace.combutlerjbc1@yahoo.comstop sendingunsubscribe Susan Paytonhttps://themoneyplace.comsepayton@comcast.netUnsubscribeToo many e-mails that don't apply to mewesley smith https://themoneyplace.comwesleysmith_coug@comcast.netyour E-mailshow many times do I have unsubscribe???? this is at least 4-- take your tripe and stick it !!!C westmorelandhttps://themoneyplace.comwesty1955@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBEUNSUBSCRIBERonald Naffhttps://themoneyplace.comronnaff@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribe from your emails which I never requested today for the fourth time. Yep they keep coming. Why is this?CATHERINE LARGENhttps://themoneyplace.comCatherineWLargen@comcast.netPlease quit sending emailsI've tried to unsubscribe several times and i still keep getting your emails. Unsubscribe meLeslie Boyer https://themoneyplace.commikelieboy@comcast.netUnsubscribe me pleasePlease unsubscribe meRandy S Wardhttps://themoneyplace.comrandallsward@comcast.netSpamIt is impossible to unsubscribe from emails I would never consider any products from you group because they were sent without permission and hard to unsubscribe Paul Majarianhttps://themoneyplace.compmajarian@comcast.netEmailNo longer want to subscribe Harry Hemacloderhttps://themoneyplace.comLarrkoch58@comcast.netAllunsubscribeDonhttps://themoneyplace.comdwilk123@comcast.netPlease unsubscribe foreverI never signed up for any of your crappy newsletters (advertisements). I have unsubscribed several times but you keep sending! Borders on harassment! I hope (demand) never to hear from you again!Ralph Longo https://themoneyplace.comralph.longo@comcast.netImpossible to get rid of youI have been trying to unsubscribe for MONTHS without success. Please remove my email address from ALL of these unwanted subscriptions.Laurence Keyhttps://themoneyplace.comflute0001@comcast.netUnsubscribe Dear Friends: Please unsubscribe me from all publications. Thank you. Joseph Lorenchttps://themoneyplace.comlorenc@comcast.netUnsuscribeUnsusscribeR Deanerhttps://themoneyplace.comrikjakdeaner@concast.netRemove meRemove me from your mailing listMichael Vrabelhttps://themoneyplace.commichaelbel@comcast.netUnsubscribeYOUR IMPOSSIBLE TO UNSUBSCRIBEJoan https://themoneyplace.comjoan-butler@comcast.netUnsubscribe meYes, unsubscribe me! Drew Arnoldhttps://themoneyplace.comdrewearnold@comcast.netUnsubscribing from your emailsI continue to receive many emails and I have unsubscribed regularly. 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Please unsubscribe me from any and all businesses that you are affiliated with!!!Cheryl Dawson https://themoneyplace.commdcd67@comcast.netUnsubscribe meNever signed upandrew brockhttps://themoneyplace.comamlbrock@comcast.netemailI wish never to have any emailsGreghttps://themoneyplace.comoav1959@comcast.netQuit sending me emails!!!! I keep having to unsubscribe. Ridiculous. Must be run by a bunch if dumb ass liberals. Frye Genehttps://themoneyplace.comgenefrye@comcast.netfailure t unscribePrevious requested not adhered to. Contacting appropriate federal agencies about harassment,David Phillipshttps://themoneyplace.comdavidwp43@comcast.netunsubscribeUnsubscribeLinda Buckhttps://themoneyplace.comlmb61748@comcast.netJunk MailI never subscribed to any of the 19 originating email addresses in your communication group. You probably received my email address from someone selling addresses, but I'd appreciate you letting me know how you received my address anyway. I've been receiving an unending number of daily emails from your entire group of marketing emails. Many don't have a link to unsubscribe or the link doesn't work, so thanks for that trick. Trying to send all your groups' emails to Spam doesn't work because although you have the same name for an originator, you have unique fake email addresses in each email to make sure the message still gets through. A ploy many marketing firms use. Where the heck do you come up with your BS addresses, some of which I've shown below: gratefullest.sucroses@chromochalcographic.tint-loft.com Michoac.Maemacterions@suwarro.erionato.com Springhouses@blueskyglory.com misrecollect.atonicities@reliable-network.com Tarithmograph.plautus@idesignleaflet.com unwomaned.photodramatic@cacatua.scoopora.com bicyclism.transship@Thunnidae.candy-quest.com Maybe I should take up the same type of job and start sending them to you so I can be as obnoxious to Janhttps://themoneyplace.comjanvan13@comcast.netspamremove me again from your mailing list. 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I must have asked to be unsubscribed atleast 15 times but you constantly keep sending your junk Emails QUIT sending Emails. Joseph C Brownhttps://themoneyplace.comjcbrown001@comcast.netunsubscribingI never consented for your emails to be to me via any means at all.Dennis Whitehttps://themoneyplace.comdawhite77@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE Unsubscribe my email please. No longer interested bLesa https://themoneyplace.comlesa.simpson@comcast.netUnsubscribe Please stop sending emails to me at lesa.simpson@comcast.netMari Leonardhttps://themoneyplace.commari.leonard@comcast.netUnsubscribeI never asked to get any of the crap I receive from any of these "brands." I strted getting this crap after my email was hacked. 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Clearly this is not an oversight and you are in violation of FCC rules. To protect your company from lawsuits and you and your fellow employees from criminal liability which may include fines and prison time please take this request seriously and remove my email address from any further contact by your company. Thank you.Kari lynnhttps://themoneyplace.comk.j.lynn@comcast.netUnsubscribe mePlease unsubscribe me all your options.Don Brookhart https://themoneyplace.comdibrookhart@comcast.netUnsubscribe I bflne want this crap!Lisa cormierhttps://themoneyplace.comLisa_cormier2000@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribeRay Andersonhttps://themoneyplace.comchurch92rpa@comcast.netUnsubscribePlease unsubscribe me form you mailing list.norman conradhttps://themoneyplace.comNORMANCONRAD201@comcast.netunsubscribeunsubscribePete Morgenthalerhttps://themoneyplace.compete567v16emd@comcast.netOnly send me one every other day of the current sitesIt’s above,,,,. Sorry Tina https://themoneyplace.comtmurphy306@comcast.netEmailsTo many emails I did not ask for please unsubscribe me!! T. Faulknerhttps://themoneyplace.comtafaulkner@comcast.netUnsubscribe me from all you publications. Unsubscribe me deanhttps://themoneyplace.comowitcher31@comcast.netstop sending emails unscribedstop emailsBeckyhttps://themoneyplace.comrimissile@comcast.netUnsubscribeunsubscribe this emailBill Williamshttps://themoneyplace.comwandwill@comcast.netUnsubscribe Yes, unsubscribe me. Phyllis Hunsingerhttps://themoneyplace.comphunsinger@comcast.netUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe from all sitesChrishttps://themoneyplace.comchrisodasso@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe me!Croall https://themoneyplace.comcroall@comcast.netUnsubscribeNo interestkristihttps://themoneyplace.combkroland@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBEPlease remove my email from all listings!Croall https://themoneyplace.comcroall@comcast.netUnsubscribe No interest Julie Krickhttps://themoneyplace.comkrickfam@comcast.netUnsubscribeIt is very annoying to read the subject "Stimulus checks coming!" and then have to click on multiple pages to see if my state is actually included. In the meantime, I'm reading ads and other content to get me to order things. If I had that much disposable income, why would I be so interested in seeing if I was eligible for a stimulus check in the first place? If such a check is voted on and approved, I'm sure the government will officially let me know. Your ads may be technically legal, but they are also misleading and manipulative, and I can do without them. Melinda https://themoneyplace.comgibbs2041@comcast.netUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe meUnsubscribehttps://themoneyplace.comcherrypepsilvr@yahoo.comUnsubscribeUNSUBSCRIBEKevin Trainorhttps://themoneyplace.comkltusa@yahoo.comUnsubscribePlease unsubscribe me.Valerie Vozza https://themoneyplace.comvozza@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribeAgneshttps://themoneyplace.comapuariea@comcast.netUnsubscribe NoneLloyd’s https://themoneyplace.comlhschlag@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Cip Scotthttps://themoneyplace.comcipscott@comcast.netUnsubscribeI have had to unsubscribe from your multiple sites several times and I'm tired of it. I never asked for these and don't use any of them. Thank you.Michael Bransford https://themoneyplace.commichaelbransford@comcast.netEmails and any other correspondence DO NOT send ANY OTHER correspondence by email, text, telephone, pony express, Amazon, Fed Ex, USPS, pigeons, telegraph or snail mail. Roberthttps://themoneyplace.comikbinc@comcast.netunsubscribeno longer wish to receive emails.Anne Cashinhttps://themoneyplace.comvivvie@comcast.netUnsuscribe mePlease take me off your email list ASAP!guarantee maryland abstracts, inc.https://themoneyplace.comgabstracts@comcast.netemailplease unsubscribe our email address from your distribution listMargaret Stinehttps://themoneyplace.commargaretastine@comcast.netEmailI have repeatedly unsubscribed from all your mail lists and still get emails. This is unscrupulous activity. Kszakonyihttps://themoneyplace.comkszakonyi@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribe from every email list. Will not buy anything from these vendors that are spamming meWilliam, Averill, Jr.https://themoneyplace.comwilliam.averill@comcast.netUnsubscribe me from everything pleaseUnsubscribe me from everything pleaseWilliam, Averill, Jr.https://themoneyplace.comwilliam.averill@comcast.netUnsubscribe me from everythingUnsubscribe me from everythinghowardhttps://themoneyplace.comhoward.page@comcast.netunsubscribe meirreverent to meSarahttps://themoneyplace.comsaracala@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribePissed offhttps://themoneyplace.combandit1959@comcast.netU subscrUnsubscribeS Matinhttps://themoneyplace.comdrmatin@comcast.netWhat is thisI do not wish to get this messagesSteve Vanahttps://themoneyplace.comskyking310b@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribe me.jacqueline Koukolhttps://themoneyplace.comjackie.koukol@comcast.netUnsubscribeNever signed up for thisJosephine Marie Steenburghhttps://themoneyplace.comjosie428@comcast.netunsubscribe meUnsubscibe meJosephine Marie Steenburghhttps://themoneyplace.comjosie428@comcast.netunsubscribe meunsubscribe me josie 428@comcast.netJim Murrayhttps://themoneyplace.comjwmur@aol.compoliticalTake the politicaly right vibe out..one more and I'm goneXxhttps://themoneyplace.comcalinative1968@comcast.netXxUnsubscribe Kathy Martingiliohttps://themoneyplace.comrobb2you@comcast.netxxN P valentinehttps://themoneyplace.comnpvalentine@comcast.netunsubscribeUnsubscribeUnsubscribe Marilyn Wiser https://themoneyplace.comwiser_marilyn@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsubscibe Anne Cassidyhttps://themoneyplace.comacass1123@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe meTomhttps://themoneyplace.comtbencho@comcast.netUnsubscribe Too many emails please unsubscribe meJoye Bucklinhttps://themoneyplace.combucklj@comcast.netcancel emailsNot intersted in emails Bucklinhttps://themoneyplace.combucklj@comcast.netcancel subscriptionNot interested in emailsBucklinhttps://themoneyplace.combucklj@comcast.netunsubscribenot interested in messagesMhttps://themoneyplace.comstevenbarthlow@comcast.netunsubscribestop!Patricia Molnarhttps://themoneyplace.compatty.molnar@comcast.netunsubscribePlease unsubscribe me.Donna Romanohttps://themoneyplace.comdentaldonna@comcast.netUnsubscribe from everything!!!!Unsubscribe me from everything!!!!Debra Bleharthttps://themoneyplace.comanreusfamily@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribe all emailsLeslie Dauda https://themoneyplace.comlesliedauda@yahoo.comSTOPStop sending me fucking emails. I have unsubscribed more times than I can count.Lisahttps://themoneyplace.comlcolna@comcast.netThe Money PlaceI do not want to receive any emails from The Money Place or any of it's affiliates. Michael P Lawsonhttps://themoneyplace.combigmpl63@comcast.netUnsubscribeToo many emails taking up space.Vickie Birdhttps://themoneyplace.comvickie.bird@comcast.netI don't want to hear from you again Stop all emails. PLEASE!WBBhttps://themoneyplace.combbrooker@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBEUNSUBSCRIBE!!!!Michael Paul Rinellhttps://themoneyplace.commRINELL@COMCAST.NETYES, UNSUBSCRIBE ME!YOU MAKE THIS SUCKChristiehttps://themoneyplace.comchristiegofor@aol.comChristiegofor@aol.comStop sending me emailsJoannehttps://themoneyplace.combluejorn@comcast.netSpamI have literally unsubscribed from your email list 50 times. I have documentation of everyone. Take me off your list and if I get another email I’m taking it to an attorney.John Tippit https://themoneyplace.comjohntippit@comcast.netStop unwanted emailsPlease stop sending me emails Denise costellohttps://themoneyplace.comcoswo@comcast.netAdsI am unsubscribing due to your extremist far right wing nut ads about the IRS. Stop working for traitors, cultists rapists and murderers.Joy Wardhttps://themoneyplace.comkeithward2584@comcast.netOver emai!ingIts just too much emailing at one time. Its an overload of information that does nothing but frustrate users that you want to reach.it causes them to keep on scrolling or just delete. Jose Ojedahttps://themoneyplace.comJLOJ1956@yahoo.comunsubscribeunsubscribe meHazelhttps://themoneyplace.comemail@fourammedia.comSponsored Email / Email Drop InquiryGood Morning, My name is Hazel, and I work with 4AM Media. We have a plethora of products, such as Barks No More, https://barksnomore.com, and Splash Foam Cleaner, https://buysplashcleaner.com. We are interested in promoting our products to your email list. Can you reply with details on your email rates, list size, and what options you have available to promote our products to your email list? If you have any questions, just let me know… and if you are not the correct person to chat with about this, can you please let us know who that person is and perhaps even put us in contact with them? Lastly, we are more than happy to jump on a call to discuss this further. Thank You In Advance, HazelLorihttps://themoneyplace.comloriortiz@comcast.netUnsubscribe me Unsubscribe mecami Mcveyhttps://themoneyplace.comcmcdaniel21@comcast.netunsubscribe Please take my name off your email list. PLEASE UNSSUBCRIBE ME FROM YOUR EMAIL LISTING. Barbara H. Hodgeshttps://themoneyplace.comdbhodges@comcast.netPlease unsubscribe mePlease unsubscribe me.Charlene Ugwu https://themoneyplace.comugwuc@comcast.netDO NOT SEND ANY OF YOUR PUBLICATIONS TO MY EMAIL ADDRESS UNSUBSCRIBE ME FROM ALL PUBLICATIONS!!!suehttps://themoneyplace.comsuekopanke@comcast.netunsubscribe meunsubscribe meMonique sheahttps://themoneyplace.comwoodspinner@comcast.netUnwanted emailsUnsubscribe Bechttps://themoneyplace.comteamblueberry@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe meMargaret Tardohttps://themoneyplace.commtardo1@yahoo.comunsubscribeplease unsubscribe me from this site. I am not interested in this newsletter. Thank you for your courtesy.Linda K Wymanhttps://themoneyplace.comlkwyman@aol.comUnsubscribe metoo many emailsJohn Fomenko https://themoneyplace.comjjfomenko@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Yes unsubscribe Markhttps://themoneyplace.comm.maybury8@yahoo.comunwanted emailsDon't want what you're sending.MS. Jerry Dewberryhttps://themoneyplace.comzoohmama@aim.comunsubscribeunsubscribejack koontzhttps://themoneyplace.comtjcc5@yahoo.comcancellationnot interestedjack smithhttps://themoneyplace.comjacksmith@gmail.comgarbageStop sending people garbage they don't want. Joseph James Cafierohttps://themoneyplace.comj_cafiero@yahoo.comUnsubscribeI did not request any of your emails.Joseph Cantelmohttps://themoneyplace.comJosephCantel6436@aol.comUNSUBSCRIBEPlease unsubscribe me from all emails phttps://themoneyplace.comchippermaps@yahoo.comunsubscribeunsubscribe meMarty Quinones https://themoneyplace.commartyq2006@yahoo.comRemove from ListPlease remove me from your mailing list! Rayehttps://themoneyplace.comraye_isom@yahoo.comUnsubscribeDo not sell or forward my information and unsubscribe me now.Jhttps://themoneyplace.comninjadogg1000r@yahoo.comNo moreI never authorized you or any of those affiliates send me messages please don't sell my information forwardLinda Greenhttps://themoneyplace.comlou.hunt@yahoo.comTo many emails To many emails JANET NOVAKhttps://themoneyplace.comjanet@leaptheory.comPotential PartnershipI am with Leap Theory, the leading network in the online loan space. We work directly with over 250 lenders and on any given day have 230 - 260 actively buying leads from us real time. Would love the opportunity to connect with one another via phone call at your earliest convenience to discuss all possible ways we can add value to your bottom line epl and epcs. Highly likely we are receiving your traffic indirectly for we are the backend for the majority of networks in the space. 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