5 Surprising Things You Can’t Return to Amazon

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Did you know that Amazon rejects certain types of returns?

Indeed, there are some items that even Amazon does not allow as returns! We know it sounds a bit surprising since the online retailer is known to accept most returns, but there are a few times you will not be able to give back to them, and it is better to be in the know than to end up having an unpleasant surprise!

In the end, it is way too easy to shop on Amazon! You just need a few clicks, and then you will have your item at your door in a matter of days! It may even come the same day or the next day if you are paying for a Prime membership. Because shopping can be so easily done on Amazon, we need to be in the know about the return procedure, especially since you may not want to keep an item you bought, and when you ask for your money back, you may have the unpleasant realization that they do not accept returns on your specific item!

While their return procedure is pretty straightforward (you can send it back in 30 days or longer if it’s the holidays), you still need to know the return policy for your items. From tech gadgets to food, we have gathered some of the most surprising things you cannot return on Amazon so you do not end up having a nasty surprise!

Let us know if you have ever had a return denied by Amazon in the comments below!

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5 Responses

  1. Address labels .They mistskingly left out the zip code.It was their mistake but they wouldn’t fix them or take them back!

  2. Yes, I have had a return that was not accepted-It was a 32 oz bottle of conditioner-Avalaon-which was almost $20. I had pictures and everything. I tried but they said they did not return or give me another one-It was well within the period required. It was spelt all over my other stuff.-Needless to say ,”wasn’t pleased”.

  3. I ordered brake rotors that were missing a part and another part was incorrect. The seller is supposed to give return shipping labels but refused. The cost was $437 to ship back the same way they shipped to me, UPS. The order only cost $581 so I can see why they refused even though under Amazon policy they are required to do so. I called Amazon who said to pay to ship back and the A to Z guarantee would pay me back. I did that and sent in receipt…….over and over and over again, over a month went by and they would not pay me back!! A to Z guarantee is worthless and so is Amazon! They try and kill off local merchants so they can take control of the market and eventually turn into crap!!! Nowhere to turn, no way to fix it, you just get screwed.
    Just a fair warning! I will look locally for everything from now on

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