7 Worst Things You Can Do at Costco, According to Employees

Photo by Juan Llauro at Shutterstock

Have you noticed any of these behaviors at Costco?

Costco is one of our favorite places to shop for quality products and fantastic deals. But according to this warehouse club’s employees, their jobs can be difficult sometimes, especially when dealing with demanding members and annoying habits.

Some customers are rude, while others have habits that are just quietly aggravating. Blocking the front entrance, leaving perishables around the store, and trying to start altercations over warehouse policies are all sure to annoy Costco employees.

From ditching your cart to putting hot rotisserie chicken in plastic bags, there are many things you may be doing at Costco that you should stop immediately.

A  study found that the promise of deals can lead consumers away from fully acknowledging the human qualities of employees. Are you guilty of doing these things?

Costco employees have talked about all the frustrating things customers do in the store regularly, and yikes… it sounds like we’re doing these 7 things completely wrong!

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