8 Awesome Budget-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Labor Day

Even if this summer has flown by, Labor Day is just around the corner, and I can’t wait for some free days to spend some time with my family. I love holidays when everybody comes to our place and we gather to have some fun but also to eat some good food. Labor Day means that we’re saying goodbye to summer and we’re ready for the fall season.

Because it’s usually right after vacations and back-to-school expenses, there might be a good chance the budget is already tight. Fortunately, there are a ton of ways to have fun in a frugal manner that won’t cause damage to your wallet. Let’s discover together some tips that will help us celebrate a fantastic Labor Day weekend with family and friends.

1. Plan a “staycation”

Staying at home for the holidays is so underrated because a lot of people want to travel on their free days. But unfortunately, that costs a lot of money, even if it’s just for one long weekend. Travel is so underrated because a lot of people want to travel on their free days. But unfortunately, that costs a lot of money, even if it’s just for one long weekend. When was the last time you gathered together for dinner? If it’s been a while, make it a point to do that for Labor Day this year.

Aside from the fact that you’ll save a lot of money on travel expenses and will be able to cook whatever you want, for yourself and for your guests, you can also look for free activities that you can do in your hometown and make it more like a “tourist day”. Because I am sure you haven’t explored all the nice areas, now may be the perfect time to show your relatives the surroundings by doing something fun together. If the forecast isn’t on our side, we may face some rain showers in a few states.

Then a cozy night at home for a movie marathon and a delicious dinner sounds like a plan! Don’t forget about the popcorn. If your family likes board games, that is another type of fun that you can enjoy together, and if it’s possible, each person can bring their game of choice! Get ready for some friendly competition. I bet it will be a very nice weekend!

Labor Day
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2. Hold a mega movie marathon

Movie marathons are always a good idea, especially with some good company. So why don’t you transform your Labor Day weekend into a cinema right in your living room? If you have some guests over, ask them about the kinds of movies they like or choose some together. Make a list where everybody can contribute and come up with suggestions. You can choose some film series, like Lord of the Rings, the Star Wars saga, or maybe the Godfather trilogy, that can keep you focused and entertained for hours.

I remember watching all of the Star Wars movies in almost three days! Amazing memories, indeed! Don’t forget to stock up on your favorite snacks, or maybe you can cook something together with your friends instead of ordering out. Then leave your phone in another room, turn off the lights, and let the movie marathon begin!

3. Go Camping

If you still want to go out of town for Labor Day but don’t want to wreak havoc on your budget, camping is one good option. If you love hiking and nature, tent camping is definitely the best choice for this celebration. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on food since you’ll be cooking by yourself on a grill or over the fire. Bring some simple meals (e.g. sandwiches) or marinated meat for a delicious steak.

Don’t worry if you don’t have camping equipment because most of the items are pretty affordable! I know I’ve gone camping with very little else before, and it always worked out fine. This type of activity allows you to spend time in nature while leaving the hustle and bustle of the city behind. Besides, camping is not only budget-friendly, but it can be a lot of fun for the whole family too!

You don’t have a campground near your neighborhood, but you still want to have fun? As silly as it sounds, you can set up a tent in your backyard. I bet your grandkids will love it, and I am sure it will put a smile on your face as well!

4. Plan a road trip

Another budget-friendly way to spend Labor Day is on a road trip. It’s a fun activity that can be done with friends and family, even if it comes with the cost of gas. Have you ever thought about a nearby town that you always wanted to visit? Pick one out and have each person pick out a few must-see places they are interested in and explore them together. Furthermore, if you are passionate about photography, you can take a lot of pictures and share them later with your friends.

Don’t forget to check out the local deals that you can get, starting with the farmer’s markets for some fresh food that you can take out on for the road, tourist attractions, or even museums that are open to the public during this holiday.

Remember, you can still have fun even if you’re on a tight budget!

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5. Picnic

As you may have already noticed, some activities can go hand in hand with one another, such as camping, road trips, and picnics. And for Labor Day, when plenty of restaurants are closed, we usually go for a picnic. Everybody brings a little bit of something to eat, and we go somewhere close to the city. If you don’t have a car or you simply don’t want to spend money on gas, then why don’t you do it in your backyard? With that awesome tent installed, a picnic goes hand in hand.

However, if this is the first time you’re doing this, it might be a pleasant surprise for the kids. They will be so happy to spend time with their grandparents and eat a lot of goodies. Don’t forget to bring a ball or some tennis rackets! Labor Day this year sounds promising, and I bet you and your family will have a lot of fun together.

What are your plans regarding this celebration? Tell us in the comments!

6. Get creative

Sometimes I wish I had more time for myself. And when there is an extra day for the weekend, I am trying to do a lot of stuff to make up for it. If you don’t intend to spend any money over the Labor Day holiday weekend, you should devote some time to completing any unfinished DIY projects, redecorating projects, or gardening projects that you’ve started.

Because you have an extra day, you won’t feel pressured, and furthermore, you will still have time to relax and recharge your batteries before the weekend is over.

7. Fun-time history lesson

If you like doing nice things for others, Labor Day might be a perfect opportunity. Instead of throwing a regular party with music, food, and games, why don’t you try a history lesson kind of gathering? There are a lot of amazing stories about how this holiday began, and I bet a lot of people don’t know about them.

It’s about time to be a storyteller and share everything you’ve read about with your family and friends. And maybe—why not—they will start to share their knowledge as well. I am so curious about this idea and I must try it next weekend! I bet it will be fun.

If kids are involved, you can create a “career game” where they can find out what a job implies, because I am sure they are curious about mommy and daddy’s field of work. This might be a great opportunity to know what their interests are and what might be a “dream job” for them. You can also give them small tasks and chores to do around the house. They will feel useful, and if they do a good job, you can reward them with small prizes at the end of the day!

Labor Day
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8. Take some time for yourself 

If none of the mentioned options fit you, then who said it’s mandatory to do something for Labor Day? You can stay home and take some time off to rest and relax. Even if this pandemic was a bit milder this year, it still caused a lot of stress for many people all over the world. Why put even more weight on your shoulders to throw a party or take a trip out of town when you can curl up with a book or watch a movie?

Take the 3-day weekend off and do something for yourself. Even a much-needed nap sounds like a good plan! No matter which options you resonate the most with, choose the ones that allow you to relax but also have some fun. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

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