7 Charming Places Where Retirees Can Live on a Tight Budget

Charming Place
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Provo, Utah

  • Cost of living for seniors: 1.7% below the US average
  • State’s tax rating for retirees: Least tax-friendly

The Beehive State is generally a charming place for active retirees. But Provo, with its mountain peaks within the city and Utah Lake on its doorstep, is especially buzz-worthy.

Brigham Young University offers intellectual stimulation for those looking to learn something new in retirement. And living costs are low for residents who are over 60 years old.

Another important tip is that Provo has been voted one of the best places for successful aging, noting the area’s safety and vibrant economy.

The metro area also has many healthcare facilities, with about 32 locations per 1,000 seniors in contrast to about 19 per 1,000 seniors in the rest of the country.

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