You Can Spend Less at Restaurants With These 10 Tips

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How much money do you spend at restaurants in a year?

According to a few studies, the average American household spends no less than $2,300 on eating at restaurants and purchasing takeout. The number is actually lower than the one from 2012, when people used to spend roughly $2,500 annually on eating out.

You might think that’s not a lot of money, given the fact that we talk about approximately $200 every month, but if you give it a second thought, you might come to the conclusion that you could’ve done a lot more with that money; like going on a trip with your family, giving your house a quick makeover, investing, or treating yourself to buying that item you’ve had your eyes on for quite a while now.

If you cut your dining costs just a little, you’ll notice a big difference. So how can you do that? The easiest answer to this question is to eat at home and say goodbye to restaurants and takeout. But we understand: where’s the fun in that? Where’s the social life?

That’s why we’ve talked to a few experts and we’ve come up with a few solutions that will help you save money, go to all the restaurants you want, and still increase your wealth at the same time. It sounds too good to be true? Keep reading along with us to discover our best tips!

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  1. I do not follow restaurants on social media. I use social media very rarely due to all the tracking and inevitably being sent related emails etc as a result which I hate.

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