Thanksgiving Dinner on a Budget: 4 Tips for a Plentiful Dinner

Here’s how you can do Thanksgiving dinner on a budget!

Indeed, Thanksgiving dinner on a budget is something that you can achieve! We all know that these huge Thanksgiving dinners or parties with family and friends can end up being costly. From decorations to all the food you need to prepare, there are a lot of things you need to acquire, and with how inflation has made the prices rack up in the last year, we are looking at bigger and bigger bills!

Yet, there are ways to do Thanksgiving dinner on a budget without having to sacrifice anything you may want to do or make! We are sure that you already have some fall decorations around the house from previous years, so there is no need to worry about those. And even if you need a few things, you can easily find some deals for what you are missing.

The feast is what may put your budget in jeopardy this year, as, let’s be candid for a moment, most ingredients have ended up becoming more and more expensive, and when it comes to Thanksgiving, the dinner is a whole affair! You prepare multiple dishes, both savory and sweet, and it can seem almost impossible to do Thanksgiving dinner on a budget!

Despite this, since there is still plenty of time until the holiday, with a little help and some planning ahead, we guarantee you that you can easily fit this celebration into your budget and still have as great of a time as in any other year, without worrying about finances!

We have gathered here some of the best tips to follow in order to make this more affordable for yourself this year so that you can still have a jolly ol’ celebration and not have to worry about a thing! Did we catch your attention? Keep on reading to discover the best tips for a Thanksgiving dinner on a budget!

Have you ever attempted to celebrate a huge holiday with a restrictive budget? What are some things you have done to stick to your budget? For any extra plans and tips on this topic, you want to share but we have not included on our list, please leave them in the comments!

thanksgiving dinner on a budget
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Make yourself a budget, a plan, and do your research

The best way to be able to do Thanksgiving dinner on a budget is to make sure you are prepared. This means that you should set yourself a budget for the dinner that you are comfortable with that will not ruin your budget for the month or make you dip too much in your holiday budget; remember that this is a one-holiday dinner and you do not need to go extremely all out!

Make up your budget and stick to it, which also means that you should plan accordingly and stick to that plan. Know what you definitely cannot leave out of your dinner, and also research some replacement dishes that will have the same feeling but also end up being cheaper in the long run.

Being cost-effective does not make you seem cheap, but you are financially conscious, and you can easily find online some great budget recipes for all your Thanksgiving dinner classics. You can also think about ways in which you can replace certain ingredients, depending on how much you love them and how loved they are by your guests as well.

Do your research on recipes, make sure you can fit everything into your budget, and stick to the plan! That’s your first and most important Thanksgiving dinner on a budget tip!

Look for in-season produce

When it comes to gathering your produce for this feast, make sure you do not discredit the in-season produce you can get from your grocery store. Generally speaking, the more exotic or out-of-season an ingredient is, the more expensive it will be since it has to be imported into the country. That way, you can take advantage of the lower prices for seasonal produce and even hit some local farmers’ markets for even better prices!

You should be able to find most of the ingredients you may want for a Thanksgiving dinner feast, but certain items, such as corn, would be hard to find fresh. Instead of insisting on the fresh variety, choose to go with the canned version to save some money.

Same with potatoes and tomatoes; they may be more expensive than you would imagine since they are outside of their natural harvest period. Still, some local farmers would still be able to produce them due to hot houses or having access to cold storage.

The way you can do Thanksgiving dinner on a budget is to make the most of local and fresh produce, even if it means adopting new recipes or tweaking the ones you already use. Not only will you be supporting local businesses this way in addition to getting a deal, but you will also be more environmentally friendly!

thanksgiving dinner on a budget
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Keep to your shopping list

Since we have talked about produce and making a plan, if you truly want to be able to save some money this Thanksgiving, you should definitely start thinking about your menu and all the ingredients you will need. This will help you make your shopping list in advance, and that way, when you do go to buy your ingredients, you will not be tempted by other items around you.

What’s more, you should never go shopping when you are hungry, as you will be tempted to spend more on items you will not need because you are hungry. Make sure you bring your list and stick to it.

See what types of ingredients you can use in more dishes and buy a value pack; see if you have any friends and family that need the same ingredients; and go the warehouse store route! That way, you can all get what you need at a better price, and none of you end up with too many ingredients they will end up not using in the long run!

A great way to keep a shopping list is to write it down and only rely on it. That way, you will not get distracted by your phone or forget it if you don’t write anything down. This shopping list from Amazon is a great value one that will last you a while!

thanksgiving dinner on a budget
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Do not leave most things for last-minute shopping

Never leave shopping for your Thanksgiving dinner on a budget for the last moment, and this is even more true even if you are not trying to stick to a preplanned budget! There are a lot of items that you can get beforehand when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, and you can easily pick up everything that is not going to perish fast, like canned and boxed goods.

The reason why this is going to save you money is that the closer to the date, the more you will be faced with two issues: not only are the prices going to increase as stores are aware of what the most popular items are and they are trying to make a bigger profit, but you are also not going to be the only one shopping for the holidays. If you want cranberry sauce, it is better to buy it ahead of time instead of scrambling the day before to find some.

What’s more, you can easily find some coupons or sales for some items you may need before the date of the holiday creeps on you, and you can also skip the whole rush and stress of having to buy everything during Thanksgiving weekend.

Check your shopping list and see what you can grab before the holiday when you are doing your weekly grocery shopping so that when the time comes, you have most of your non-perishable items and the stress is something of the past!

You can always have the best of both worlds so that you can stick to your budget and have your celebrations with your loved ones! If you have been thinking about traveling abroad next year but do not know how you can do so within a budget, make sure you read our tips and tricks here!


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