8 Free Online Certificates That Can Make You Some Extra Cash

Online Certificate
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Free online certificates ARE available…you just have to know where to look!

If you’ve recently retired, you’re probably in the same place as the rest of us…wondering how you’ll manage to live on a budget you aren’t used to! Well, we’ve got you covered.

Finding some FREE ways to get training and online certificates can be a great way to discover new work. With the internet at our fingertips, access to knowledge has never been faster. Anyone that wants to pick up a unique skill set has it easier these days.

And learning at our own pace has been much more possible because the world wide web has no shortage of the best online courses. Professional certifications are often beneficial to earn to demonstrate your expertise with a particular skill, tool, or subject area.

However, earning a certificate can take time, effort,…and money. Online certifications help make learning more accessible and are often more affordable than other professional development options.

But we’ve found a few that your wallet will love! Let’s look at 8 free online certificates to earn extra cash in retirement.

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  1. He’s ok! I think he knows more than people think. Printable money is possible. Who says we can’t do it. As Nike & my mother says: “Just Do It!”

  2. This is great information and thank you. I have just retired and have beem searching for some type of part time employment.

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