Halloween on a Budget! 4 Ways to Scare Some Savings

Did you know you can do Halloween on a budget too?

Halloween is the first of the holidays during the fall and winter that can rack up a pretty penny. Yet, you can definitely do Halloween on a budget if you know how to plan accordingly for it!

To be honest, with the current state of the economy, a lot of us are weary when it comes to our finances, especially with the cold season knocking on our door already. However, we do not have to despair and miss out on having fun with our friends and family just because we do not want to spend that much on Halloween.

Halloween on a budget can be just as successful as any other spooky season, with no need to go overboard with decorations. You can celebrate with everyone you love in the way you want on a budget, and you can keep the scary reserved for movies, spooky costumes, and haunted houses, not when it comes to your monthly balance!

To discover our best tips and tricks for a Halloween on a budget that is celebrated to its fullest and going easy on your bank account, make sure you keep on reading!

Have you ever done any of the money-saving tricks on our list for the spookiest holiday of the year? Let us know if you have any other money-saving tricks in the comments below!

halloween on a budget
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Second-hand decor is the way to go!

When it comes to Halloween, we all already have decorations around the house, but if we’re all honest, we do like to get some new decorations or have to replace some from the year before. You can easily use decorations you already have around the house and DIY your way into giving them a new life or repurposing some of the ones that have broken or you no longer like as much.

And if you decide that you need some new ones, you can still get them despite doing Halloween on a budget, as that doesn’t mean that you cannot get new decorations.

You can easily find some amazing ones at dollar stores, and then you can also pay some visits to your local thrift or consignment stores to see if they have anything new in their rooster.

A lot of these stores have some vintage Halloween decorations that are spooky, and they will fit right into the budget you may have set!

What’s more, you can easily make some new decorations from items that are not even intended as Halloween decorations in the first place: get yourself a cheap painting from a thrift shop and then paint some ghosts or skeletons in them with white or glow-in-the-dark paint!

It is going to keep you on budget and also give you a fun activity you can do with your family and friends to celebrate the season!

Last-minute deals are on your side!

We know we all want to get on with decorating for the spooky season, but if you can wait a little before you do it, you may actually manage to do Halloween on a budget even lower than you have ever intended, as you may be able to save a lot of money!

Take pumpkins, for example. You can easily save a lot of money on them, as they get discounted a day or two before Halloween. Sure, you may not find those perfectly round ones that look straight out of a magazine, but they will still do the decorating trick just right. Not to mention, lopsided ones are perfect for spooky porch jack-o-lanterns!

Speaking of the pumpkin lanterns, if you have already bought your pumpkins at the start of October, since you may have caught the best early prices (that is a way to save some money too), do not get into a rush to carve them! As you may already know, they do rot pretty easily, and you do not want to have to repurchase them if they get ruined.

And since we are talking about deals, we suggest you think about them in advance as well! After Halloween, decorations, costumes, and all other Halloween-specific items end up being heavily discounted to make space for the Christmas stuff. That may be your best bet to get some of those special decorations you always wanted while still keeping close to your budget!

halloween on a budget
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Pay attention to the candy you get!

Part of what makes Halloween so amazing is the fact that you get to make some kids’ days happier. But trick or treating also comes with the buying candy portion, which can easily make Halloween on a budget something harder to achieve! Despite this, getting candy for Halloween for a better price is quite easy to achieve if you just pay attention to a few things.

One is to make sure that you know what types of candy you want to purchase before you end up doing it. For example, most chocolate treats end up being pricier, so if you want to save some bucks when it comes to Halloween candy, make sure you do not end up buying the chocolate ones.

Another thing that makes people blow their budget on Halloween candy is not researching the place where they get their candy. If you just go to a convenience store or local grocery store, you will pay way more than if you went to a bigger store. Always compare and contrast prices before you commit to buying your treat from one place!

And if you truly want to do Halloween on a budget and you have a warehouse membership, talk with your friends and family! You can easily buy a lot of the candy in bulk and then split it between yourselves; that way, everyone gets a variety of candies to hand out for killer pieces!

It may also be a good idea to check online if you can get some Halloween candy deals, as even Amazon has a lot to offer, and it would also save you the hassle of having to pick it up yourself!

Skip the huge parties, organize a potluck!

When it comes to celebrating Halloween, it can be fun to organize a huge party with all your friends and family, but when you are trying to stick to a budget, doing everything yourself may not be the best choice. Sure, you can also organize it on a budget, but at the same time, it can also cause you a lot of stress.

So, instead of stressing about organizing a Halloween party by yourself, you can turn it into a potluck! Everyone who is going to come can bring something to eat or a beverage, and that can help you lessen the pressure on yourself while also giving yourself and all your loved ones a chance to celebrate.

You can come together and make a menu so that everyone can pick and choose what they would like to bring, and for those who cannot do it, they can always contribute to the preparation of some items or financially so that everyone has helped and pitched in some way!

Halloween starts the holiday season, and this generally comes with quite a lot of extra expenses. Yet, there are a lot of things that you may end up being able to get at a discount because of the fact that fall has arrived! Make sure you read about all of the things you can get cheaper in the fall and how you can save more money here!


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