Wondering If You’re Losing Money? You ARE by Throwing Away These 7 Things

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Our motto? Don’t toss it, sell it! Have you been throwing money away?

Chances are, we have more money in our homes than we realize. According to a survey conducted for eBay, the average home has $3,100 worth of unused items, mainly consisting of clothing and electronics.

You might be feeling the itch to declutter your home, but it’s worth giving even seemingly worthless things a once-over to see if they’re worth anything.

If you look carefully, you might just come to realize that your garage, attic, and closets contain lots of valuable stuff that can put money in your pocket. There’s an excellent market for collectibles of any kind.

Even those dusty old toys and arcade games can bring in hundreds of dollars. But it’s not so easy to distinguish one’s trash from treasure. So to help you out, here are 7 old things in your house that could be worth a fortune.

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  1. What about guitars made in the 1960s?? I once sold my old Martin (purchased in 1965) in 1968 for $200 (what originally paid for it), but understand that if I had kept it, it might now be worth thousands!! Also, I own an old Gibson ukelele, probably from the 1930s, and understand that it could be worth a lot, if I chose to sell it (which I won’t)

  2. Loved the article. It makes me more careful about throwing things in the trash. I have tons of 60″ & 70’s postcards including sets from a relative who traveled across country. I also have old old school books from collecting them over the years.They are from 1950’s back. Lesson plans and school books. Hard cover. Thanks for the warning about discarding old collectibles. I was going to throw them all away.

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