7 Social Security Benefits That Will Change SOON

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Inflation has become a real problem ever since we had to deal with the pandemic, so the fact that Social Security Administration has decided to boost the benefits is a good thing. The boost will be accordingly to the cost of living adjustment, or COLA, for the following benefit checks this year.

It’s just one of the many recently announced by Social Security. Over 70 million people are entirely dependent on at least one Social Security benefits program, so all those annual changes made to the program and its payouts were somewhat anticipated.

However, substantially more extensive benefit checks have been considered a rarity in the last few years. As inflation is soaring, all that extra money might help seniors and others pay for everything they need. Here’s what you need to know:

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  1. Monthly Medicare Part B premiums will definitely increase from $170.10 in 2022 to only $164.90 in 2023. ???

  2. if we stop giving money to even one in the world and give it to the people the that worked for it. it would last.

  3. Then why is it that spouses that were married over 38 years can not be eligible for survivor benefits because the wife worked for a government. Supported the man and he left me with a huge credit card debt and I would only receive $1000.00 on his benefit – I get $350 on my SSI – WHY would I not be eligble for the $1000 a month when certain nationalites can get it and I can’t? Don’t understand it because he commited sucide and I am having a rough time right now! I have tired to appeal it to no avail and NO lawyer will touch it.

  4. You need to change the 1977 laws for survivor benefits. Widows need help. You gave us a raise but take it away in medical expenses.

  5. They told me when I applied I was not eligible for disablty because I had fibro and that was NOT a disability – they were wrong – other nationalities claim it and get it why not White people?

  6. Nice but the reality of it is for at least the last twelve years that I’ve been disabled, my check got more and more every year yet I had less and less to buy with it!!! the last two “big” adjustments are no different, last year I got my “big” increase yet It had bought me even less of my needs than ever before, it was actually a big pay cut at the grocery store. This year my rent in this low income community went up $210 per month.. Approved by our fine government… The truth is we can not afford these big increases.. Another big increase like this and I’ll be homeless ..while billions flow for the Ukrainians

  7. I am a retired Texas teacher, but have enough years, months, etc. paid in for social security. Yet, I only get a portion of social security that I am entitled to. My teacher retirement is not that much because I worked several years prior to that and paying into Social Security.

    I need and deserve the money that I am entitled to from Social Security.

    1. Same here, I am in Georgia, it’s crazy, it seems like they took more than half of my Social Security when I got my teachers pension

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