6 Reasons Why an Ugly Home Could Be a Steal

These are just a few of the reasons to buy an ugly home. Make a great investment!

When you start looking for a new place to call home, you might be confused as there are so many options to choose from. Most buyers are attracted to places that have great curb appeal and amazing floor plans.

But there is a secret we want you to know: never ignore the “ugly” houses, as they might be one of the greatest investments you can ever make.

There are many reasons to buy an ugly home, and we believe you should seriously consider them. Read on and discover what makes these real estate hidden gems so special!

reasons to buy an ugly home
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1. The architectural details

Generally, people look for impressive curb appeal, and this is how they end up completely ignoring the “ugly” houses. But please take a moment and look beneath the peeling paint and the outdated facade, because most of the time you might be impressed by the architectural surprises that are awaiting you.

When you are viewing an older house, take your time and inspect every corner. You might make some fascinating discoveries that, in the end, will only benefit you. Who doesn’t want some stained-glass windows to create those funky kaleidoscope lights across their home?

Curbing staircases, built-in bookshelves or cabinets, and high-profile moldings are all reasons to buy an ugly home because these exact details can completely change the way the house looks after a renovation, and they are simply some of the most beautiful details of a bygone era.

Once the space is beautifully restored, even if the process is daunting, the return will be worth the effort.

2. The “ugly” duckling means quicker negotiations

Maybe you’ve been through this before, or at least you’ve heard about it, but the negotiation wars can be pretty serious, and you need to have a knack for it if you want that house to be yours. Real estate is no joke, but when you decide you want to buy that house no one wants, things suddenly become much simpler.

This is one of the many reasons to buy an ugly home, and this lack of offers for these “unfortunate” properties can mean a great advantage to you. The seller will want to close the deal as soon as possible, and this also makes them more receptive to your negotiation. Imagine you want to buy that house they have been trying so hard to sell for three years! It’s obvious they will comply with almost anything just to get rid of it already.

So, what’s in for you? Well, you can skip weeks or months of anxiety and move into the new home sooner than expected. Or at least start reconditioning it.

3. Time for some landscaping

We know that the first impression might scare you a little. The overgrown grass and all the trash lying all around can look like a huge setback, but behind all of these, most homes have huge landscaping potential, especially if the sellers didn’t make any modifications.

We consider this one of the reasons to buy an ugly home because you never know what you can find under all that grass. Unlike new properties with blank slate yards, here you might discover various trees and beautiful plants that are waiting to become part of your garden.

If you already have mature trees in your garden, this means you don’t need to wait years to get some shade in the summer. Also, the rest of the plants can have numerous benefits, from filtering air and attracting pollinators to simply boosting curb appeal.

This is one of the best reasons to buy an ugly home, and the next time you encounter a neglected yard, don’t step back. Take a look and see what can be saved and how you can use everything to plan the landscaping.

4. The chance to get a really good price

One of the most popular reasons to buy an ugly home is the money you need to spend on it. Usually, as not so many folks want to buy these properties, the prices are not inflated, and you can take advantage of this.

Most of the time, the real estate agent will set a lower price because they know very well that people don’t generally see the potential of these homes. However, outdated exteriors and neglected interiors can be a great starting point for creating something unique.

Older homes have “great bones,” so imagine this as something like when you buy a diamond for the price of cubic zirconia. Even if you’ll have to also invest some money in the end, we consider that this initial investment is totally worth it.

The money you save when you buy the home is probably the money you will use for renovation. This is a strategic approach that allows you to create the home of your dreams. This flexibility is one of the reasons to buy an ugly home, and because of this, please don’t let that initial lack of polish deter you!

reasons to buy an ugly home
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5. Unlock seller concessions

Ok, maybe the “ugly duckling” facade is not screaming “dream home,” but beneath this dull surface, you might be surprised to hear that you can find a potential goldmine! Seller concessions are what we are talking about, and taking advantage of them can give you a huge financial boost.

Of all the reasons to buy an ugly home, this one might help you get the most money. Find a house with a solid structure and a functional layout, and ignore the rest. Start by crafting a well-researched offer. You need to make it accurate, and it should reflect the home’s current condition. If the seller is eager to close the deal, they might be more willing to consider concessions to bridge the gap.

These concessions can take many forms, from seller credits to cash given to you by the seller once the deal is closed. You can use this money for renovation; the seller gets rid of the home, and this is how you create a win-win situation.

6. Location

When looking for a new home, a big factor for many buyers is the location. Most of us want to get out of our homes in the best locations, but many times this is impossible due to the high prices. But what do you do when you still want to stay in a great location but don’t want to spend a fortune? You’ve guessed it—you buy an ugly home.

Remember that the advantages of an amazing location mean so much more than a less-than-perfect exterior. If you want to stay there, you will have access to the best amenities, which translates to a higher quality of life. Also, it can be a great investment because if you renovate the house and plan to resell it, be sure you will make some cash.

A good location is a huge opportunity, and if you are able to take advantage of it, go ahead!

Do you know any other reasons to buy an ugly home? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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