Cheaper Than Florida! 5 Gorgeous Places to Retire To

Did you know these amazing retirement places are cheaper than Florida?

When it comes to retiring, a lot of people think of the Sunshine State, but there may be other retiree paradises that are even cheaper than Florida! This does not mean that Florida is no longer seen as one of the best places for retirees to spend their golden years, but rather that if you are thinking about relocating on a fixed budget, there may be more options out there that you have not heard of yet!

Despite these places being cheaper than Florida, not a lot of people think about them for retirement, which makes them some of the best places to think about when it comes to relocating. This is not only because you can easily end up spending less to relocate to these gorgeous cities, but also because you will be able to more easily afford the retirement life here.

While people do hear about these places, not a lot of them end up actually giving them a chance, even if they are cheaper than Florida.

Since you can never know if a place is going to be the best choice for you, we do recommend that you give them a chance before you write them off or think that it is not worth spending the time to investigate them since you already know a good spot in the Sunshine State.

If you are ready to find some gorgeous cities that are going to make for some amazing cities to retire in, which are also cheaper than Florida, make sure that you keep on reading to discover them!

Do you have a certain city that you would like to spend your golden years in? What state is it located in? Would you even consider relocating for retirement? Any and all thoughts on the matter, leave them in the comments below!

cheaper than florida
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Biloxi, Mississippi

If what attracts you to the Sunshine State is the coastal life and sunny beaches, then you need to look no further than Biloxi, Mississippi. It may not be the first state you think about when it comes to beach life, but Mississippi, and more importantly, Biloxi in particular, is one of the cities that is cheaper than Florida, and it comes with some added bonuses that you are going to love.

This town is great for all retirees who know that they are going to be living on a fixed income and are looking to be able to spend their golden years in a sunny location. Biloxi is home to a number of sandy, beautiful beaches, along with communities and even a number of casinos if you ever wanted a piece of Vegas closer to home!

Jokes aside, Biloxi is a beach paradise that is relatively affordable, coming around to a monthly cost of around $1,730, which would be more affordable than some of the most sought-after places in Florida. If you want to make the most of your leisure time, Biloxi is the best place for you, at an affordable rate!

Corpus Christi, Texas

Another coastal town that will give you all you ever wanted from Florida at an even more affordable price is Corpus Christi. This Texas town is known to rival the best coastal experiences in Florida, and it is definitely more affordable.

Corpus Christi has a rich marine life that you can get to explore, as well as miles of beautiful beaches that are going to offer you some of the most relaxing experiences that your retirement needs! What’s more, the housing options are both affordable and gorgeous, making this city a hidden gem that is going to be an amazing destination for the golden years.

The affordability factor of Corpus Christi is even better than that of our previous location, coming up to an average of around $1,540 per person, which in the grand scheme of things is amazing! If you are looking for the perfect balance between being financially prudent and getting to live your dream of coastal retirement, make sure you do not sleep on this Texan town!

Generally speaking, Texas has a great number of places that are definitely worth visiting, even if you do not intend to move there in retirement. If you want to explore all that Texas has to offer, we recommend that you take a look at this Texas bucket list book you can easily get on Amazon!

cheaper than florida
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Chattanooga, Tennessee

Going away from the coastal region, we have to turn our attention towards the mountain ranges, as they can offer you just as many recreational opportunities and still be cheaper than Florida in the long run.

One of the best options is located down the Tennessee River in the state with the same name, and it will make for a picturesque retirement. Chattanooga is a great town for any retiree who wants to keep active in retirement while also not having to deal with extreme temperatures.

Chattanooga, favored by its mild climate and its proximity to the water and the nearby mountains that surround it, transforms this town into a hub for anyone who wants a retirement full of activities and the best of both locations.

The town offers amazing walking trails and a vibrant art scene while pairing these with affordable living costs! The average monthly expenses would come up to about $1,970 for a person, a bit more than our previous choices but still cheaper than Florida.

If you are looking for amazing cultural event opportunities while pairing them with amazing landscapes and great water and mountain activities, this Tennessee town is for you!

Athens, Georgia

If you are looking for a similar warm climate to the one in Florida but still want the place to be more affordable, then you should look towards Georgia. Athens, Georgia, has a pretty significant difference in the cost of living when we look at Florida.

A lot of retirees are attracted to Athens, despite not many making the move, since they have a myriad of art events and music festivals all year round, making it perfect if you are into these scenes and want to spend your golden years making the most of your hobbies.

What’s more, the city is surrounded by a number of historical sites that you will be able to explore at your leisure all throughout your retirement.

The average monthly expenses in Athens, Georgia, can come up to around $1,950 for one person, which, in terms of fixed costs as a retiree, is more affordable than in other places.

cheaper than florida
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Tucson, Arizona

Keeping up with the non-coastal town theme, we bring you the most expensive alternative on our list, but when you take everything into consideration, it may still be more affordable than other cities. Tucson, Arizona, has a warm climate, and combined with the recreational activities and scenic landscape that it offers, it can make your golden years some of the best ones yet!

Coming up to an average of about $2,000 per person each month, the lifestyle here is a bit more expensive, but depending on where your eyes land first, this may still be cheaper than Florida. Being a big city, Tucson is a great location for retirees, as it offers a lot of cultural events and a rich history that you can explore at your own pace.

The location of the city is beautiful, and combined with all the historical and cultural activities you can do here, it offers a rich and fulfilling retirement that is going to be even more rewarding than a coastal town one!

Do not disregard this one despite the lack of a beach, as you could be happier here than in other places too!

These are not the only places that you could choose if you want to retire somewhere where a fixed income is not going to pose a problem! There are small cities that are both charming and affordable and believe us when we say it, you are going to love them! Read all about them here!


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