Stimulus Checks 2023: Which States Are Still Sending Payments?

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The final federal stimulus checks were sent in 2021. However, for more recent economic burdens facing Americans—most notably, high inflation—there hasn’t been any such relief from Uncle Sam.

Luckily, several states stepped in and helped their residents with their own stimulus check payments in 2022. So here comes the question: Will states do the same in 2023? Well, we’re here to give you some good news.

Yes, a handful of those states will still be sending stimulus checks in 2023. Who could still get a check, when will the check arrive, and how large will the check be? All these answers vary from state to state.

Check out the basic details listed below to see if a check with your name on it could be arriving soon!

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  1. Will the state of Missouri, namely the Cape Girardeau, MO Social Security recipients, be advised to whether they will receive a stimulus check. We are just wondering, as we haven’t yet. Just though it may not hurt to ask.

    Sincerely, Harryette Miller Burnette

    1. I would not say who should win but if Biden doesn’t want to run give it to Vice President Harris and so forth or I just need help with finance

  2. I am on social security and not making enough to file taxes and I never received a stimulus check at all. I guess it proves a point that you have to make money to get money. California was susposta get a gasoline stimulus check also, never seen that either.

    1. We Californians were supposed to get one for gas but then they changed it to a middle class stimulus check, the amounts were from $200 to $1050 based on your income, filing status and dependents.

    1. You will receive your stimulus check as soon as you learn the basics of spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation. (It might be a while.)

  3. Naturally, Oregon was not on the list for receiving the Stimulus cheques. They are just too greedy in Salem, and want it all for themselves.

  4. All ss recipients over 70 years old getting under 2’000 dollars a month should get 1 month free for survival. Every one of them vote !!! They are hurting .

  5. So, the state of Tennessee collected a SURPLUS of $4.6 BILLION in 2022. Then, the self-proclaimed fiscally conservative REPUBLICAN state government immediately spent $3 BILLION, or 65% of the surplus. Did “they” ever consider a rebate to those of us who PAID that excess?? Huh, you know as well as we Volunteers do — NO!!!!!!!!! Actually, HELL NO!!

  6. I have not received a stimulus check. I was a Colorado resident for all of 2021 and many years before. I am 82 years old. I filed a 2021 Colorado tax return.

  7. Looks like in order for me to get some kind of stimulus check, I have to buy something from you. If so, that is fraudulent advertising. Wish you and other people would stop trying to give seniors the hope that falls through. Please, go find a different job that will actually help people, not discourage them.

  8. Do I get one of these famous stimulus checks? I live in the city of Las Vegas, and I have not received a check. How do I go about receiving my check? I am a senior in need of assistance.

  9. Oklahoma doesn’t get stimulus checks either because our government sucks and they don’t care about anyone but themselves

  10. Will I receive a stimulus check If so when & how much will I get ?? ?? Just asking out of curiousity.

  11. We never got our checks and my husband has went through cancer and now Dementia so we really need our money

  12. Wondering why Indiana not getting a check,there people on social security that has a hard time living on what they get. I know it’s the lowest paying state,but there still people here that could use the help.

  13. I am living in New York City. I only received the first check for Covid-19 pandemic. I qualify, and I never received the other checks sent to the citizen, even I qualify. I think there was not a good job for all.
    If they have your information, why they discriminate?

    Thank you.

  14. All these stimulus checks is hurting the economy and eventually someone is going to raise taxes
    on the people who can’t really afford to pay higher taxes. People are living from paycheck to paycheck now. The government is stealing our money now. With all the jobs they say they created they keep raising the interest rate to make everything more expensive so you can’t get ahead.

  15. Comiefornia requires one open another credit card account to get any money… Not good for your financial records. Say they will send the money if no card started. They don’t, but amount you didn’t receive shows up on your tax liability and you end up paying tax on money you didn’t get. California govt… Crooked. Surely getting kick back from that credit company for all the folks forced to in roll to get their STIMULUS pittance….


  17. Never received a Stimulus Check , X wife never did what was stated in the separation agreement papers !

  18. I never got a stimulus check from my state,living in the Philippines , but on a tourist visa should I have received some?

  19. I checked with the bank and they have no record of us receiving the stimulus checks in 2021.

  20. I received a stimulus check in 2021… but never received any stimulus checks in 2022, even though most everyone I know received 2 checks !!
    I live in Silver Springs, FL… east of Ocala, FL… in Marion County, FL.
    I live on Social Security.

  21. I never received the gas stimulus check promised my the Governor of California, NEWSON. Was this just a way to buy votes? Well it worked. Promise anything for votes and never deliver. So what happened??

  22. I never got mine…uggg. I do no9t know why I did everything right……I guess they just decided to skip me.

  23. haven’t received a stimulus check since 2021 and am waiting for a new one to help me with my home!
    fixing the air conditioner/heater and clearing the 1.75 acres of weeds and garbage that was blown into my yard!

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