9 Seemingly Cheaper Items at Walmart (but They Aren’t)

Did you know some of Walmart’s items aren’t as cheap as they say?

You’re probably thinking we’re pulling your leg, but as budget-conscious people, we know that, unfortunately, it’s true. When it comes to cheap products, Walmart doesn’t always shine, and despite the marketing, it’s not actually something really surprising. While the retailer has earned its place in the hearts of the American people, other stores have emerged with better alternatives and, dare we say, lower prices.

This doesn’t mean Walmart doesn’t have its own great deals, but when it comes to these specific items, you’re scoring a better deal somewhere else! We have gathered the most famously cheap products that Walmart offers and debunked the myth around them so you, too, can know where to get your items for a better price!

Let us know which item is your favorite to buy at Walmart, and why down below!

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#1 Organic Produce

Organic produce has become a very in-demand item over the years as we’ve all realized just how many chemicals and pesticides end up in our food! But when it comes to this segment, Walmart doesn’t have the competitive prices we wish they would have. Other places like Aldi and Trader Joe’s have cheaper organic produce, which in the long run will save you more money.

Yet, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that Walmart is changing their organic section a little at a time, with many popular brands bringing in their new organic versions of foods at Walmart first, so you never know when they will surprise you!

#2 Batteries

A lot of brands may try to make it seem like batteries are a thing of the past, with how everything comes pre-equipped with one that you cannot take out, but in reality, there are so many devices that still operate on batteries. From the mouse to remote controls, from kid’s toys to fairy lights, you won’t know just how much you need a battery until you’re turning your house inside out to find one!

However, the place to buy batteries isn’t Walmart; even their own brand of batteries isn’t as cheap as it may seem at first glance. The price per battery is higher than in other retail stores, something that becomes quite obvious when you look at the rechargeable variety.

Not to mention, warehouse clubs like Costco have Kirkland batteries, which are actually made by the same company that makes Duracell. You’re getting both the lowest price and the highest quality in the same package!

#3 Electronics

It’s true that Walmart has very competitive prices when it comes to a lot of electronics, but it doesn’t always mean that they will have the cheapest options for what you’re looking for. Their best deals revolve around their in-house, budget brand, Onn, which has its own merits but won’t beat a name brand in terms of features and quality.

What’s more, it may seem like you’re getting a deal on name-brand TVs and other electronics, but before you commit, you should look at some other stores too. You’re running the risk of missing out on a better deal elsewhere because you’re afraid to miss the Walmart one, and you commit to buying it then and there!

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#4 Gift Cards 

If you want to get gift cards for someone’s birthday, it would be very convenient to get them from Walmart. After all, they have a whole section that is very easily accessible! But while it is convenient, it is not actually cheaper to get them from there. You will be paying the full price for them, and that’s not exactly what we would call a deal.

If you’re looking to actually get the cheapest option, you should use an online site that gets all the information from other sites (an online aggregator), so you can get one at a discount! It’s all about shopping smarter, not harder, in order to get the best prices and cheapest deals!

#5 Books

If you need a quick book because you’re going on vacation and left your book at home, no one will judge you for picking up a book at Walmart. After all, they are generally stacked with the newest releases. But if you’re looking for a good deal, nothing beats Amazon’s paperback book prices: you can save up to $5 when you buy online versus a big retailer like Walmart!

And if you’re looking for hardbacks, the prices are about the same. You just won’t have to carry it home from the store if you order online! If you’re a book lover, it’s best to support your local bookstore, but if you’re looking for the best price, Amazon, not Walmart, is the place to go!

#6 Anything in bulk

While it may seem that buying in bulk is going to end up saving you so much money, you end up wasting money on certain products. After all, how often do you eat condiments like mustard and ketchup in order to justify buying 10 pounds at once? It seems cheaper because per ounce, you’re getting a better price, but in the end, with a lot of these bulk items, you’re going to throw away the excess products, which are wasteful. The only exception is if you have a really large family to feed!

Not to mention, for the items that you want to purchase in bulk (the ones that don’t have an expiry date, like trash bags, paper towels, and the sorts), you’re not going to get the best price at Walmart. Warehouse clubs like Costco are known to have the most competitive prices, so don’t fall for the rollback announcements if you’re looking for a true deal.

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#7 Tires

Walmart is not the place where you’ll find a set of tires for the lowest price, unfortunately. It’s not, by all means, a bad deal, but if you’re looking to score the best price and you already have something like a Costco membership, you’re better off going there. Not only will they have slightly smaller prices, but by being a member, you get free rotations and tire balancing as well!

It seems like Walmart has the best deal out there due to the rollbacks and price drops, but you will find the same prices or even lower at other warehouses or other retailers!

#8 Walmart’s Gift Wrap

When the holiday season rolls around, or you have a more birthday-filled month, the last thing you want to do is spend a fortune on gift wrap or bags that are probably going to end up being thrown away either way. And with Walmart’s “everyday low price” banner that ends up being placed strategically above everything gift-wrap related, it’s easy to fall into a trap and think it’s the cheapest option.

If you’re looking to stock up on wrapping paper, tape, tissue paper, and anything else you may need to wrap a gift, you should be heading to the local dollar store, not Walmart. Of course, it’s easy to just go to the isle when you’re already there, and when in a pinch, it may be a great deal, but it’s not the cheapest option. That banner with low prices means it’s the lowest price they offer that day, not the lowest one ever!

And when you have to buy and wrap a lot of gifts at the same time, you may want to save a dollar at any corner and reuse it for the gift!

#9 Furniture

It may seem like you’re getting a deal when you buy furniture from Walmart, but in reality, cheap doesn’t mean it’s a deal when you draw the line and look at all the details. Sure, you’re probably not going to find a bed frame or coffee table as cheap for new in other places (unless they’re a little sketchy, to begin with), but getting one from Walmart may not be the best thing either.

When it comes to furniture, you should generally look at quality rather than price because a good piece may be expensive, but it will last you far longer than anything you can get for a low price. Of course, we’re not saying you should spend all your savings on redecorating the bedroom, but you also shouldn’t skimp on furniture either.

This is because most of the furniture you can get at Walmart is made from particle board or MDF (medium density fiberboard), which is not made to last over time. It’s great if you’re looking for a quick replacement, you’re on a tight budget, or you’re looking for furniture for a dorm room, but for anything else, you should definitely be looking somewhere else. Especially if you want those pieces of furniture to withstand a U-Haul move later on.

Don’t think other stores fare any better! Read all about the items you should avoid buying at warehouse clubs!


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