8 Products That Are Better to Overpay for Once So We’re Not Disappointed Later

Here are 8 products you SHOULD overspend on

It feels so good when you get to know on which products you’ve spent every penny of your budget, when you stop making impulsive purchases, and when you don’t accrue debt. All these things can guide you to sensible personal budget help, and not only do you save more, but you can also multiply your funds.

Even so, excessive miserliness never did anything good for anyone, as anything else that is done excessively. Your desire to save money as much as possible is completely understandable, yet sometimes it’s worth buying things that cost a bit more. Why? We’ll tell you why!

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Hand sanitizer

The general belief is that hand sanitizers are all the same, which is very wrong. It depends a lot on the active substance that’s been used, but generally, sanitizers are divided into 2 categories: alcohol-based and alcohol-free.

Alcohol-free hand sanitizer might smell better and won’t dry out your hands, but buying them is generally just a waste of money because they aren’t so effective. Experts would strongly recommend disinfecting your hands with a proper solution, that has no less than 60% alcohol.

Even if this product might cost a few extra bucks, it’s generally the best option out there for fighting viruses and microbes. When it comes to your health, you should never be frugal.


Natural deodorants have only natural ingredients in their composition, which makes them one of the most popular items these days. The price for these deodorants is usually a bit higher, compared to the price of deodorants that aren’t “eco”.

However, what lures more and more people into buying these products is the fact that they don’t contain any kind of aggressive components. For example, triclosan can be found in many cheap deodorants, as this ingredient can cause an allergic reaction.


It’s already known that an electric toothbrush is 10 or 20 times pricier than a usual one. Even so, this type of product is still worth every single penny, because it’s extremely good at removing plaque or reducing gum disease.

The usual brushing might cause cavities, as it doesn’t clean as well as the electric one. And if you think about it, making a habit out of visiting your dentist might hit your budget WAY harder than buying a high-tech hygiene product! At the end of the day, which one is worth your time and money?

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Cheap knives, in the majority of cases, don’t stay sharp for long, and most of them don’t fit in the hand so well either. However, this doesn’t apply to top-notch knives, which have a much higher cost.

But thanks to high-quality steel, a higher-quality set of knives might stay sharp for a longer time, and the well-thought-out structure of a handle might resist, even if it’s used for hundreds of times.

This is one of the examples where you should never refrain from spending because a high-quality knife is nothing but a wise investment that will pay off in a great manner.


One of the reasons why it’s so easy to use low-price irons is because they’re very light. Even so, the same feature is what drags them down, because they have weak pressure, it’s impossible to smooth out wrinkles on the fabric.

And since that’s why irons are used for, mainly, they’re useless. Cheap irons have bad-quality soles, which makes the iron break right after it’s used for the first time.

Given all this, would you rather make a habit out of buying cheap irons every two months, or would you prefer to buy one that’s a bit more expensive but lasts longer? The math is simple.

Curling iron

There are various types of curling irons nowadays on the market. By far the most affordable ones are the ones that have chrome plating, but they’re also the most harmful.

Chrome overheats easily, which is the number one reason why you burn your hair while curling. Teflon models have a very attractive price, but they quickly dry the hair, which makes it dull and lifeless.

Some of the safest products that can be used for curling irons are usually made of ceramic and tourmaline. The price for them is above average, but they also don’t ruin the hair.

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Nail polish

Say what you want, but the main difference between cheap and expensive nail polish isn’t in the polish itself but the brush. If it’s a very good one, then the polish will be correctly applied and will also last longer.

Even more, reliable brands, as a general rule, don’t skip the research part, and they would rather use safe materials in their product than fail miserably. That’s one of the reasons why nail polishes cost more: you also have to pay for the process, which eventually got you a quality product.

For example, to cut back on expenses, many manufacturers would rather use toxic components, such as formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and even toluene, and these ingredients are seriously dangerous for your health.

Food containers

A series of tests have been conducted on plastic products, resulting that the release of estrogen-like chemicals that disturb your endocrine system. And because of this, people who use plastic containers are prone to gaining weight (I know, it sounds science-fiction, but it’s true), and suffering from a decrease in their reproductive function.

The safest plastic containers are the ones that don’t contain BPA, but even those aren’t COMPLETELY harmless. From this point of view, the best option is to go for containers that are made of glass, silicone, ceramic, and stainless steel.

Naturally, they will cost more, but your safety and their durability are an investment you should be willing to make. Poor quality paints might have lower percentages of irreplaceable pigments and binders, as has been discovered after a few tests on interior paints. Some of the best products were Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Valspar, and Behr.

Paint for home

According to the professional painters from Wirecutter, “You get what you pay for when it comes to painting for your home.” As they say, branded paints will always require fewer coats, which will be easier to apply, will last longer, and will look way better than cheaper products. According to a group of eight professional painters, the best out there is Benjamin Moore Regal Select.

Better decisions can only lead to a better life

Finally, let’s not forget the fact that by changing the mindset from getting the best deal to choosing the best quality, everything changes. We will put more emphasis on what’s important for our health.

When you only buy quality, you are automatically obliged to wait for more for that particular thing. And do you know what comes with more time? You make better decisions. Because no matter how frugal we’d wish to get (and we can, with many things), I have never heard of someone regret buying a quality item.

Plus, by focusing on getting a higher-quality iron or the best food containers out there, it will be much easier for you to save on other areas, where you can and where it would be recommended.

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