10 Secret Golden Rules About Aldi You Should Know

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Are you ready to make the most of your shopping experience at ALDI?

Aldi might not be as popular as Trader Joe’s or Costco, mostly because it’s a German company. But it is definitely one of the top 10 budget-friendly stores in America. Besides, their statement is, “Everything we do is purposefully designed to save people money!” This couldn’t sound any better. For a bargain shopper like myself, this is more than a catch phrase.

Have you ever been to Aldi? If the answer is no, then let me tell you a few things you must know before you shop in one of their stores.

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  1. I love shopping at Aldi’s. I’m thankful that they carry so many organic foods. I shop there at least 2x/week. I do the majority of my shopping there.

  2. I have a visually impaired friend. I frequently take her to Aldi. It is a smaller store and easier for her. Also I can easily find her to help her. Also good shopping for us. Friendly workers and customers. Good place!

  3. I too love Aldi. Great quality of their products and low prices. There jarred sauerkraut is fabulous and less than$2.00. Dairy products are high quality too. Love the bagged avocados, nuts, and pizza. For $20 I come home with a haul!!!

  4. I have been shopping at aldi’s for years.i just wish i had one closer to were we live .we travel at least a hour one way to shop there.and make sure you have a quarter for your cart.lol be it is well worth the trip.we get such good buys. Don’t forget to check out there frozen meat .i got a ham for .92 cents a pound.it will be my easter ham. THANK.you aldi’s you have saved us alot of money.

  5. Instacart introduces me to the best of the best in Aldi. Muffins, loaf bread sliced I have become addicted to. I dont drive and the Aldi is not near my house so I depend on the internet and thank G-D for Aldi I hope and pray they never get into financial trouble. They are the best.

  6. I shopped ALDI in Germany, long before they opened up their stores in the US. Loved it then, and love it now.
    Great store, most of the time they have great prices.
    Go ALDI!

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