Top 9 Items You Should Stop Buying (Here’s Why)

When it comes to checking things off your list, it’s just a matter of time until you realize that all that clutter you’re trying to avoid also comes from all the unnecessary buying you do every week.

I know, I started strong, let me back up a bit: you’ve surely tried at least ONCE a year to organize everything in your home, from your pantry to the number of books you like keeping on your bedside table.

And when it happens, between “when did I buy this” and “what was I thinking when I got this”, you realize that most of the clutter adds up after the good old “spontaneous shopping” we all know and love so much.

Truly now, no one feels good when it comes to throwing out things you never even used. No one likes wasting money or having buyer’s remorse. So it made me come up with a list of things you shouldn’t buy anymore…because they will only end up in a big pile of clutter.

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Those “buy one get one free” items

You’ve probably been a frugal shopper your whole life, so you MUST know the joy and satisfaction of getting something at a very good deal. Even so, simplifying your home might help you see past the whole “deals” deal.

The “buy one get one free” type of sales is often just a way to force you into getting two things when you know very well you’ll only need one. Sometimes these things can work in your favor, especially when it comes to shampoo or detergent.

But if you’ll never use the free item, then all you did is pay the full price and take the extra clutter with you. Reframing the way you view sales prices and taking clutter into account might completely change the way you shop.

Subscription boxes

Back in 2020, the subscription box market worldwide made $18.8 billion. The first time I ever pumped into subscription boxes, I was, for obvious reasons, extremely thrilled. I simply loved the idea of getting a specially curated mix of stuff to try at a big discount.

So I bought all kinds of stuff. After only one month, I canceled all. Subscription boxes are something I realized I didn’t need. And you know what’s worst? I ended up with a lot of stuff that otherwise I wouldn’t have bought. At first, I said to myself: “why don’t you try them and maybe you’ll end up loving them.” But guess what? I didn’t.

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Extra items for free shipping 

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were about to purchase something online, only to realize that you need to make the minimum purchase to get that free shipping? So you bought additional things you didn’t plan to only to “save” on the shipping?

Well, I was caught in this kind of trap multiple times. The thing is if you’re buying something you didn’t want just to save on shipping…then it’s no deal. It would be much better if you’d just pay the shipping fee, to avoid buying things you won’t need.

The same goes for a gift with a purchase of a certain amount. Advertisers are trying to make it seem as if it’s a good deal, but if you don’t need anything in advance, it’s just pointless.

Magazine subscriptions

Magazines are amazing, but now we live in the era of the internet, where everything is digitalized. I know, I know, the feeling of paper and the smell of fresh magazines doesn’t compare with anything, but after a certain point, it will all start to pile up after each month.

Not to mention that when your schedule is getting a little busy, the issues start piling up, and by the time you read all of them, the information might not serve you. Sometimes, simplifying things can give you a better understanding of what you truly deserve and love. It can also help you see the clutter more clearly, and detach from all the things you no longer need.

Buying TOO MANY Books

Let’s set things straight: books are AWESOME. If you’re into reading all sorts of genres, then I applaud you and I’m happy for you. However, for the sake of neatness, why keep the books that you will never read again?

When you start decluttering your home, you will realize just how many books you’ve already read just sit there, collecting dust. Even if they’re great to have in your own home, books can become cluttered, too. So when you’re ready for a true moment of honesty, let go of the books that don’t serve you anymore, and give them to people who would appreciate the chance of reading them too!

Kitchen gadgets and small appliances

There are a couple of products that will make your life much easier, but these are the only exceptions. In theory, ALL of them are supposed to be bliss in disguise, but the truth might differ. Unfortunately, many of them end up becoming cluttered.

For example, kitchen gadgets that only have one purpose might take up too much real estate in your kitchen, so they’re the ones that need to be thrown out first. I avoid buying new small kitchen appliance trends.

While we love and use our instant pot, there are many other interesting appliances we should avoid purchasing. Instead of getting sucked into the marketing of how much the item would simplify your life, you have to make sure you will use it enough to make it worth your money and the space they take up.

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Seasonal décor

Seasonal décor was one of the things I immediately stopped buying after properly decluttering my home. It struck me that I don’t like storing items for eleven months and use them only during holidays, nor the hassle of constantly changing them.

The space I have left in my home simply shouldn’t be used for this, in my opinion. So ever since then, I kept only the things I truly liked, keeping everything as minimal as possible. Because of space limitation, I know I shouldn’t buy more holiday décor, unless I throw out the things I already own.

Seasonal stuff doesn’t tempt me anymore, because I know the magic passes real quick, and I’m only left with a bunch of stuff I can’t use.

Dollar items

When you walk into a local Target, you suddenly find yourself in the dollar section. I know this story too well, already. They actually rely on you to make many impulse purchases, that you will justify because, at the end, “they don’t cost much”.

But keep in mind that cheap purchases add up, just like the clutter that comes along with them. Plus, dollar store items aren’t really something we’d buy that often. There are only a couple of items there that we could actually need, but most of the times, we come with a specific list, trying to avoid buying additional things just because they’re one dollar (now, $.1.25).

Trendy clothes

Did you know that the average family spends around $1800 every year for clothing? While I have never been the type of person that likes to keep up with the trends, I admit that now and then I felt tempted to buy things that are “cool”, just for the sake of having them.

However, the thing with the trends is that they’re trends, so they go as quickly as they come. Struggling to always be on top of a trend can be tiring, expensive, and useless. Plus, it’s not very eco-friendly, either, as it fuels the fast fashion industry.

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