These 6 Aldi Brand Products Beat Most Alternatives

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Have you tried these best Aldi brand products before?

You may not think twice about Aldi brand products, but some of the best Aldi brand products are actually known to be even better than others on the market, and they also come with the perk that they are way more affordable. While it can happen with all store-brand products for them to not be of high quality and there are hits and misses depending on the store, when it comes to Aldi, their store-brand products are some of the best in the game.

Rivaling the Kirkland brand of Costco when it comes to affordability and quality, the products from this German retailer are known to be of high quality and great for your pocket, along with the perk that you do not have to purchase an extra membership to be able to get them.

Yet, it can be quite hard to know what you should and should not try when it comes to them. To help you make the most of your next grocery store trip here, we have brought you some of the best Aldi store brand products you definitely have to check out!

Have you been missing out on these? Let us know what your best Aldi brand product recommendations are in the comments below!

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    1. Go to Aldi’s website and suggest that they establish an Aldi’s there in San Antonio, and have a location where they can build an Aldi’s Grocery Store. They will honor your request. Guaranteed!!!

  1. They have the best Braunschweiger!! 16 oz at $2.89 is huge bargain and it tastes ao much better than name brands. They have great deli meats all packaged . Their meat section is worth getting too.

  2. Potato chips: they taste as good as the brand names and are half the price. Cottage cheese: tastes better than brands. Deli meats and cheeses: as good as brands for less money.

  3. I love everything about Aldi. I have been praising prouducts for the last 10 years! Luckily we have a new one with lovely fruit and veggi display. Fresh products last longer than those from other major stores.
    My family and friends say I’m a walking billboard for Aldi. I could go on and on about fish, meats, poultry!! I consider myself a gourmet cook!! Lamb chops are amazing. I’m Greek so when I see them or lamb roast, I buy several to freeze!!

  4. There’s nothing the megastores have that can’t be found also at Aldi’s, and our overall bill on average is 10 to 15 oercent lower than WalMart or Kroger or Meijer, the Big Three here in Saginaw, Michigan. Plus the store is supermarket size, not mega where it’s hard to find items. I’ve learned my Aldi’s and can breeze right on through. Their wait lines also are shortest.

  5. I love the dark chocolate covered wafer cookies that are just $1.99, a fraction of what you pay at other stores. They are just so good!

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