10 Purchases You’re Bound to Regret

Have you ever wondered why you purchase certain things even if you don’t need them?

And it’s not really that you don’t need them, but rather that they seem to fall under the tag of an impulse purchase that most of us end up regretting when the time comes to actually use them. Not everyone is regretting such purchases though, but a lot of others report that they don’t really know why they invested so much in some of these items (many of them also being very expensive), other than they thought it was a good idea at the time.

So in order to make sure you don’t fall into the same trap, we’ve gathered some of the most regretted purchases around, so the next time you consider getting any of these, you will know to pause for a moment and give it some more thought.

Who knows? Maybe you will end up saving some money to actually buy something else that you love and actually need if you’re more mindful! Or when the time comes, you can give advice to the loved ones in your life so they can also avoid these, at times, unnecessary purchases.

Let us know if you made any of these regrettable purchases or if there’s anything else you’re staying clear of!

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#1 Extremely expensive engagement rings

If we’re talking about being practical, spending a fortune on an engagement ring has never been the sensible decision everyone seemed to think it was. After all, once you are married and it is replaced by the wedding band, a lot of women don’t wear that expensive ring as often or at all.

If it’s a family heirloom, then it’s great for it to be given from generation to generation. Otherwise, it’s truly in your (or your loved ones’) best interest not to make this purchase. Jewelers these days offer more price-conscious alternatives that are just as beautiful! The money you save can be used for the wedding or even as part of a down payment on a home.

It truly doesn’t need to be a diamond.

#2 Home printers

Unless you run a home business or you have to print shipping labels, there are very few uses you will get out of those huge, almost industrial printers. While it is good to have a small one around, you can also always run to the closest grocery store to print whatever you would need.

Otherwise, a lot of the paperwork we need can be filled out and signed before being sent over email, all on the computer! If you have any other uses for a printer, it’s generally not worth it to add the cost of ink cartridges when they eventually run out or dry to your monthly expenses.

#3 Pedometer

We won’t beat around the bush with this one: it’s simply a useless purchase. We know that it’s become a trend again to count how many steps you’re taking every day, and there are even certain numbers you should reach, but getting a pedometer is virtually useless in this day and age.

Most smartphones come with a step counter by default, and if you happen to have a smartwatch, it will definitely count all your steps for you. You’d have to plan to take the pedometer with you everywhere, and unless you’re an athlete, the technology you have on you already will do just fine.

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#4 Extended Warranties

After you’ve just purchased a product, the sales pitch doesn’t stop there. The sales assistant will definitely try to get you to buy an extended warranty, motivating that it will extend the one offered by the company. Yet, it’s not always the case that they’re very useful, and committing to one before you check out every other option isn’t the best thing.

You should definitely see what is covered by the manufacturer and for how long it lasts, or whether you can get an extra warranty with your credit card. Paying extra at the store is sometimes useless because you’re already covered for the period they advertise.

#5 Fine china

Back in the day, you wouldn’t see a wedding registry without a set of fine china on it! People used to bust it out for dinner parties or for family holiday meals or even on special occasions. However, with the times, there is not as much place for fine china anymore. There’s not much space to hold it, and not everyone needs a 12-place seating service!

Due to them not being as commonly encountered, you know they will end up costing you a pretty penny, and we don’t think this is a purchase people generally need. If you’re into fine china, we’re sure you know someone in your family who may have some they aren’t using.

#6 Personal boats

There’s very much truth in that old saying about boats. The best days when getting a boat are definitely the day you get it and the day you sell it. Unless you live near a lake, river, or sea, purchasing one of these boats is a waste of money that will only cost you more in the long run.

Maintaining a boat is hard work, not to mention if you don’t live next to the lake and have your own parking spot, keeping the boat somewhere will be an added cost.

If you’re willing to take on all the costs in addition to just buying the boat, then row away! Otherwise, it’s a purchase you can easily skip. After all, you can rent one when needed or even get invited by a friend!

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#7 Very specific kitchen gadgets

Don’t get us wrong, we know some of the specific appliances make total sense. We don’t think there’s anything that gets more use every day than your coffeemaker. And the toaster and blender aren’t doing a shabby job either. However, those novelty appliances you’re most likely never going to use will just take up space (and money from your wallet).

Before you commit to the purchase of that bread maker or food dehydrator, think about whether or not you will get enough usage out of it to be worth it. Otherwise, they’re redundant and just a momentary fad.

#8 DVD

If you already have an extensive DVD collection, we aren’t saying you have to throw it away. After all, you probably have some of your favorite movies in there and a good DVD player to go along with them.

But if you don’t, getting DVDs is an outdated practice. Most movies have moved into the online space, and instead of making a one-time purchase, you are better off paying or renting the movie on demand at one of the places that offer them. Not only will you pay less than a DVD of a new release would cost, but you’re also avoiding the problem of where to store all of those CDs.

Believe us, it will be an impulse purchase that you’re bound to regret when you see it gathering dust around the house later.

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#9 Can become a useless purchase: Huge and expensive camping gear

Let’s get this out of the way: if you’ve been a camper for years and you love this hobby, it absolutely makes sense for you to invest more money and make bigger purchases since you’re getting your money’s worth. However, if you end up going camping once every few years, all the money you put into that three-bedroom tent, the camp stove, and other gadgets and gear is truly money wasted.

If you’re just going from time to time, you won’t need any fancy equipment. A normal-sized tent and sleeping bag will do the trick, and they won’t make a dent in your wallet. Not to mention, when you don’t end up using them for years, it won’t hurt to remember just how much the initial purchase was and you won’t have any remorse over it.

#10 Big workout equipment

Sure, with the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people have started to work out at home, as opposed to going to the gym. Yet, those days are over, and everyone who was very into going to the gym has since returned. If you aren’t a gym-goer but want to work out at home, don’t go out and buy all the necessary equipment.

Of course, yoga mats and a few other little gadgets (like workout bands or weights) are obviously useful and you can always have them around, but when it comes to bigger stuff, a lot of the people who got them ended up regretting that purchase. Before you buy a huge treadmill or a workout bike, think about if you’re truly going to use them.

They’re bulky, take up space, and not to mention, very expensive. And if you’re going to use them a few times every few months, you’re better off without them!

Also, if you’re trying to be more mindful of the things you’re buying, make sure you’re never buying these things brand new!


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  1. #4…my new TV went out after 30+ days. I called the manufacturer, they’re sending a new one and requesting the old one all at no charge and without me having the original receipt…nor am ext’d warranty.
    #8…I disagree. Especially if the movie you like isn’t part of the mainstream. It’s another way of supporting the artists, studio and genre. Plus, by having my own copy, I can watch the movie anytime I choose. I don’t have to pay for it, then hurry up to watch it.

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