11 Five Below Shopping Secrets, and How They Keep Prices Incredibly Low

Here are the Five Below shopping secrets you MUST know about!

The Money Place is revealing all the Five Below shopping secrets, and we’re delving into the mysteries behind this beloved bargain store’s incredible affordability.

If you’re a fan of finding fantastic deals without having to break the bank, you’ve likely strolled into Five Below at least once. But have you ever wondered how they keep their prices so incredibly low? And do you know what your best options are?

Join us as we uncover 11 hidden gems of wisdom that make Five Below the ultimate destination for budget-savvy shoppers. We’ve got you covered, from insider tips on when to shop for the best deals to little-known tricks for scoring even more savings.

So, grab your shopping bag and get ready to discover the Five Below shopping secrets that’ll revolutionize the way you shop forever. Let’s dive in and unlock the secrets behind this retail phenomenon!

Five Below Shopping Secret
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Five Below shopping secret: Find out when they get new stuff

Store employees recommend talking to your local Five Below store manager to find out the days on which they get their truck deliveries since it varies by location.

For instance, if your store restocks its products in the evening, the following morning will be the best time to go there.

Five Below shopping secret: Here’s what to watch out for

As tempting as it might be to fill up your shopping cart, some things at Five Below aren’t really worth the money. Watch out for over-priced beauty and hair products, office supplies, and candy, warns an employee.

Many of the candies sold at Five Below, for example, can be found much cheaper at grocery and dollar stores.

Five Below shopping secret: Online can be better than in-person shopping

Inventory is constantly changing at Five Below, and it’s possible they won’t have what you need in stock. For this reason, it might be better to shop online for precisely what you need.

And to avoid paying the shipping fee, you can even ship your order to your local store and pick it up from there instead.

Five Below shopping secret: They sell name-brand items

One of the biggest things that makes Five Below so popular is that it sells many name-brand items. For instance, they sell Spalding basketballs and Bluetooth headphones. And did you know that you can pick up a yoga mat for a mere $5 or less at Five Below?

These are just a couple of the items that you can find there. Even though it seems unlikely to find name-brand items for five dollars or less, it’s important to remember that they’re a discount store, and some things are worth several times the amount they sell them for.

You’ll pay higher prices at nearby retailers. So remember to check out Five Below before you shop elsewhere.

Five Below shopping secret: The more expensive items COULD actually be better deals

Although Five Below is known for its signature prices of $5 or less, money-saving experts point out that they now have a section called Five Beyond with merchandise over $5. And while you might not have guessed it, these might be some of the best deals in the store.

You might see a $25 Mr. Coffee Maker and even a $25 Robot Vacuum that’s easily 50% less than similar products in other places. But if you want to know whether or not you’re getting the best deal, try running a price comparison online before completing your purchases.

Five Below Shopping Secret
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Five Below shopping secret: Five Below is a great place to buy gifts

This store is also fantastic when the holidays roll around and for people looking for last-minute gifts for birthdays or other special occasions.

While their products are inexpensive, this is part of the chain’s appeal. They offer fashion accessories, toys, games, bath and body items, sports-related items, trading cards, and much more.

Five Below shopping secret: Take advantage of cash-back deals

Taking advantage of a cash-back site can help you save more money when shopping at Five Below online. For instance, through CouponCabin, you can earn 3% cash-back at FiveBelow.com, notes a shopping expert.

And besides earning cash back, CouponCabin also has in-store coupons available that you can scan at checkout using the CouponCabin app.

Five Below shopping secret: It’s an excellent place to find electronic accessories

Many people have never been to a Five Below store. But if you’re looking for accessories for your electronic devices, it’s definitely worth checking out.

You might be amazed at what discounts you’ll obtain on various electronics accessories. Their inventory is changing and expanding constantly, so it’s always worth taking a second look.

Five Below shopping secret: The clearance section is your best friend

While most of Five Below’s inventory costs between $1 and $5, you can save even more by shopping in the clearance aisle, especially when it comes to seasonal items.

For instance, during its Valentine’s Day promotions, shoppers can get Valentine-themed merchandise starting from $1, says the financial analyst at CouponBirds.

For Halloween, you can grab some face paint and a wig for almost 50% less than other stores. So grab your shopping bag, and head over there today!

Five Below shopping secret: They provide fundraising opportunities

An interesting thing about Five Below is that they offer excellent fundraising opportunities for nonprofit groups. Many of the local stores form partnerships with agencies in the community to set up a few fundraisers.

This gives anyone who gets an invitation from the fundraising group an opportunity to come into the store at a designated time to shop, and 10% of the sales made with the invitations go back to the fundraising organization as a donation.

This is a win-win situation for both the organization and Five Below because they receive a tax break from the government for their activity.

Five Below Shopping Secret
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Five Below shopping secret: How do they keep their prices so low?… They negotiate excellent deals with suppliers!

Because Five Below is such a big force to be reckoned with, they can get their vendors to offer fabulous pricing, even on tech items. Before the Pennsylvania-based brand hit its high point, it took a loss on selling $5 Bluetooth speakers.

But now that Five Below generates $1.5 billion in sales, they’re in a better place to haggle with manufacturers to earn margin on sales, according to experts. And the margin is even better now that they have “above five” pricing.

A marketing professor at Columbia Business School said that these lower prices ultimately drive sales for Five Below because shoppers feel free of guilt to buy items they’d otherwise consider luxuries.

Guilt isn’t necessarily something that people are conscious of, but it still drives the way they behave. So, the ability to match the same product with a sense of necessity and luxury helps soothe the guilt and makes the purchase much more comfortable.

Did you know about any of these Five Below shopping secrets? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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