9 Things You Won’t Find at Any Costco Store Anymore

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Have you ever considered that your favorite Costco products won’t always be around?

Unfortunately, this is the reality for a lot of Costco customers. The huge warehouse retailer has decided over the years to discontinue and stop selling some of its products. And if you’re using them as your primary place for groceries, you may end up disappointed when you get to the section you need, and you cannot find the product on the shelves.

The sad truth is that while Costco is known for their quality products and their amazing prices (provided you are paying for their membership, but with all those perks, who would complain about paying for it), it can sometimes mean that you will not find exactly what you’re looking for. After all, you’re not the only customer, and there are others who wish to buy the same products.

However, when you see an asterisk on the price label, regardless of the fact that there is a product on the shelf or not, you should start getting worried. That’s the retailer’s way of signaling to customers that that particular product will no longer be produced or that it will be discontinued. Other times, if you’re not this lucky, the item will pretty much just disappear from the shop with no prior warning.

In order for you not to be taken by surprise when you cannot find things at Costco, we have gathered some of the products that were discontinued, so you can plan ahead to find replacements for them!

Let us know which is your favorite Costco product down below!

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  1. I miss the cheese bagels!!! A staff member told me they take longer to bake! (My daughter in Minneapolis still can sometimes get them.) I wasn’t going to argue but REALLY?? please bring them back to Tampa Bay FL stores 🙏🏻

  2. Studded snow tires ar eillegal in most states (except for emergency vehicle and postal vehicles), so no surprise there. Cigarette smokers are classified just below pedophiles, so no surprise there either. The rest of these ar business decisions that tell me that they really don’t want the customers that bought them. That’s why I don’t and won’t be a Costco customer.

  3. They usually discontinue what is not selling well or most because the price had to go too high for the customers to save money.

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