15 Things the Best US Grocery Stores Have in Common

15 Things That Make a Grocery Store Great

We can easily tell which grocery stores are the most popular in the U.S. But have we ever thought about all the things they have in common? What makes a grocery store very good? Is it just about good prices, good customer care, and close locations, or there’s more than meets the eye?

Whatever it may be, we’ve decided to “investigate” the matter and make a list of all the things that makes a grocery store so highly appreciated. After all, it is in our best interest to choose the best, right? Here are a couple of things that we’ve decided upon, and if you feel that we’ve missed anything, feel free to write it down in the comments section!

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Good parking

The real problem with parking at any grocery store is that if it’s a good one, the parking lots will always be crowded, only because the store is incredibly popular. If you have ever been to Costco on a Tuesday morning, you already know the feeling of intense euphoria when you manage to find a great parking spot at your favorite grocery store.

Regular deals

Costco is a widely popular American store. It gained all the appreciation and popularity thanks to its invincible deals. They reached this point by giving their customers the amazing option of buying in bulk. And to be honest, everyone loves a good deal, but when it comes to groceries…it’s even better!


The prospect of going to a grocery store and not finding ANYTHING that you want should be nothing but a dark fantasy. This is why large grocery stores exist – to satisfy the needs of EVERYBODY.

And as a quality grocery store should have a proper health food section, it should also have a good junk food aisle, a wide range of frozen foods, and a very decent bakery! After all, it’s your money and you should ALWAYS be satisfied with what you purchase. This goes even further if you shop for your family, as you want to get everything you need for all the picky eaters in your home!

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Many of America’s favorite grocery stores will offer samples. So, not only is it very nice to snack on something while you also shop, but the sample items are delicious and worth purchasing most of the time. For example, Kitchn even called Costco the “king of samples”.

A helpful staff

Trader Joe’s is probably one of the best grocery stores in the United States, and one of the main reasons is simply because they have the nicest staff around. Every time you go there, it just seems like they go out of their way to hire people who have many skills in the art of customer service, but they’re also happy to help other people.

Helpful stuff can go a long way, BELIEVE ME, and this is a big part of creating a positive grocery store experience.

Wide aisles

The rule is simple: if two carts can’t fit down an aisle, then it’s too small. One of the biggest mistakes a grocery store can make is to set up its aisles too close. While you probably won’t need a cart every single time you go shopping, it would still be nice to be able to move around the store.

A good flow

You should never feel confused when you go into a neighborhood grocery store. The unspoken rule is that you always start with dry pantry foods, and then you work your way to the frozen sections, with a ton of fresh produce somewhere in between. So every really good grocery store will try to respect the rule while keeping a natural, and intuitive flow that will guide you through customer traffic.

Lots of healthy options

Even if it’s a bit expensive, there’s a good reason why stores such as Whole Foods are so incredibly popular! People want to eat healthier, so they will always prefer a one-stop shop where they can easily buy everything they need.

They also know what’s the best option for their families. While not everyone will prefer shopping at Whole Foods, people want the see many fresh, healthy options at their neighborhood grocery store.

Plenty of checkout lines

Having a ton of employees won’t benefit anybody as long as the store doesn’t have enough checkout lines, as it will only lead to long and frustrating lines. Now, no one likes seeing long lines at the grocery store, that’s why we strongly agree that having additional self-checkout options will also be helpful. Plus, for the days you don’t feel like interacting with a cashier clerk, self-checkout counters will be a lifesaver!

Everyday household needs

Good grocery stores will always focus on more than just food, and they will make sure you’ll have all of your bases covered. It is always good to get everything you want when it comes to cleaning supplies, toiletries, and all that jazz from the same store!

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Fresh lunch options

The fact that you have a neighborhood grocery store that’s very close to your house or work and offers a fresh lunch selection is a 5-star kind of thing. But I’m talking here about a FRESH selection, not just a salad bar that looks older than my dog and a sushi selection that was picked up from the gas station next door.

Many staff members

So just to make it clear, having two or three nice, helpful staff members isn’t enough. You want to see there’s plenty of them. Trust me, there is NOTHING worse than searching for something in a grocery store that an employee might immediately solve, but you can’t seem to find. There should be enough staff to keep checkout lines at a decent length, and enough staff to help the customers.

Knowing your brand by heart

A proper grocery store will always focus the brand on what they’re loved for. I mean, nobody goes to a healthy food store to get junk food! For example, Publix is very aware of its best features, and it tries to capitalize on them as much as possible.

“The subs. The cakes. While it could be hard to tell if the food here is as good as people say it is, everyone just keeps walking around here, being incredibly happy. This kind of joy is infectious! The cake won’t always be on the sample, but I know for sure that the soft iced cooked are amazing.” according to Kitchn.

Store classics

Variety matters a lot, as I said before, but you know what else matters? When a store has one or two unique signature items and you won’t find them anywhere else. Trader Joe’s, for example, sells these things that you can only get from there, and so does Costco. Every year, Trader Joe’s customers are very excited about their signature holiday cookies.

Store décor

Maybe that’s just me, but I strongly agree with the fact that the way a store is decorated matters A LOT. Customers want to enter a place where they can feel comfortable. However, things such as harsh fluorescent lighting along with white floors can only stress you out.

The stores that will try as hard as possible to decorate for a special event, for example, and come up with nice lighting, and visually pleasing displays will make the customers feel better.

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