Looking for New Appliances? Here Are 8 Great Tips on How To Get Major Discounts!

Are you looking for some new appliances to buy?

Appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators, and ovens are relatively large investments, and you surely want to use them for longer periods of time without having to replace them in a few months. Of course, you can buy a generic fridge with a top-mounted freezer for roughly $500 to $1,000, or purchase a basic oven for a few hundred dollars. But if you want to enjoy some high-quality products that have more features and even smart home technology, you’ll pay a lot more for them.

Given the fact that some new appliances can easily make you spend up to a few thousand dollars, people tend to research and plan a lot before deciding to invest in something. And the process isn’t quick or easy. It can even take up to a couple of months to find the best option available, and that’s usually a combination of quality and an affordable price.

But what if we tell you that we have some suggestions for you? We did our research and we discovered when it’s the right time to invest in these types of products. We’ve put together a short guide for you to make things easier the next time you go shopping. So, if you want to learn a bit more about how to save money when purchasing household necessities, stick with us until the end to get all the information you need!

…When is the best time to invest in appliances?

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1. Before the release of a new model

Just like with the majority of other electronics, especially smartphones and laptops, the cost of a new model is at its peak when the brand first releases a new product. You can get the product you’ve had your eyes on for quite a while if you wait a bit and make your investment after the price has had a chance to go down.

When the newer and improved version of a refrigerator, for instance, is about to be released (some sources say that this usually happens in the fall, so watch out for deals around that time), merchants want to make room for the new products that are about to come in. This means that they’re more likely to have all sorts of deals and discounts on their previous models or floor models.

2. Around the holidays 

The majority of people know that they can get amazing deals on all the products they want to purchase on days like Cyber Monday or Black Friday. But these are not the only periods when you can benefit from great prices. Many people have no idea that they can save a lot of money on other special occasions throughout the year as well.

This isn’t a rule of thumb, but some retailers and appliance manufacturers usually offer big discounts on the three-day-weekend holidays, such as:

  • Labor Day;
  • New Year’s;
  • Presidents Day;
  • 4th of July;
  • Memorial Day.

If you purchase appliances during a holiday sale, you’ll be surprised to discover that you can spend as little as half of the cost you thought you’d pay if you made your acquisition at the usual prices.

On Presidents’ Day, retailers such as Sears, Best Buy, and Lowe’s usually offer clients discounts of between 30% and 50% off washers, refrigerators, microwaves, and dryers. As you already know, Black Friday is a great day to go shopping, especially if your goal is to save money. Not only will you get amazing deals, but you’ll also have the chance to save up to a few hundred dollars when you purchase at least two exclusive appliances.

And if you want to receive some good gift cards from your favorite merchants, that’s possible too. Best Buy, for example, had a great offer where you could get a free $200 gift card when you bought at least two exclusive Samsung appliances.

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3. At the end of the month 

Some salespeople and retailers have a monthly target when it comes to selling products. If they don’t meet their allocation, they might get into a bit of a frenzy and offer all sorts of discounts. Well, that is beneficial for you, the consumer.

You already know that they desperately want to close a sale, so you can simply go to the store and ask them for a discount. You might be lucky and save some money, or, in the worst-case scenario, you might get a decisive “no”. However, don’t get discouraged. You can always go to a different retailer or wait until there’s a certain holiday or event to do your shopping.

4. Off-season

Just like with fruits and vegetables, there are many appliances people are only interested in during specific times of the year. Let’s take an example: consumers usually think about a barbecue grill in the spring or summer, or they want to purchase a room heater in the winter, not when it’s boiling hot outside.

But you should always be a step ahead of them. This is equivalent to purchasing seasonal appliances when they’re off-season. Buy an AC unit in the winter, a room heater in the summer, a barbecue on New Year’s, and so on.

5. Back-to-school deals

You might think that the back-to-school season doesn’t have anything to do with you, but you should give this one a second thought. Retailers know that fall is the time when students leave their parents’ homes and get ready to tackle their adult lives: aka going to college and moving into dorms or apartments.

And those students need a lot of things to make their new lives easier and more enjoyable: mini-fridges, microwaves, space heaters, you name it. Merchants know this and they try to come up with plenty of back-to-school deals and discounts, especially on smaller versions of some of the most-used appliances. If you need some new items for your home and you also want to save some space, be sure you don’t miss the fall sales season.

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6. Purchase open-box or floor models

If you’re a person that takes even the smallest details into consideration when trying to purchase something, you might not like this one. But let us assure you that it will definitely help you save some money. When you’re in the store looking for something to buy and you notice that there’s tiny damage to a product you’re interested in, instead of looking at a different one, ask the staff if they have any deterioration discounts.

For the majority of bigger appliances, dents, small scratches, and dings won’t have any impact on performance and may not even be noticeable once the gadget is installed.

However, even little flaws sometimes result in discounts of 10% to 20%, which you can exploit to make even further financial savings. While you’re taking a look, ask about any damage reductions for the exact things you’re searching for.

7. Is there a good time to purchase appliances online?

While there are benefits to online shopping, such as the ability to quickly compare prices at several stores, there are also some downsides to it, if you ask us. The biggest one is the inability to physically view the equipment and have an idea of how it’s going to fit in your home. To get the most out of this experience, make sure you’ve done your research and are certain of the brand and model you want before actually buying it.

In conformity with several sources, the best time of day to buy an appliance online is at 3 p.m., and the best day to buy is on Thursday. That’s because there are certain times when retailers are more likely to lower the costs of their products.

Utilizing online sales and events such as Cyber Week and Amazon Prime Day is another smart move. Some services, like Rakuten and Swagbucks, even give their users cash back or gift cards.

8. What about the worst time to buy household items?

We know that it might be intriguing to purchase the newest appliance model when you can’t wait anymore to renovate and update your kitchen, but here’s the thing: if you buy an item immediately after it hits the market, you’ll spend a lot of money.

Some sources say that it takes at least 6 months for a product to become more affordable. Some products, such as dishwashers and cooktops, are at their peaks at the beginning of the year, and the prices go down as Black Friday approaches. If you’re looking for a brand new stove or a dishwasher, we believe that it might be better to wait until autumn comes to purchase the things you’ve had your eyes on for a while.

Believe it or not, it might be stressful and even challenging to say “no” to a new item when you desperately need it. Even though you might consider it weird, we think that it can be more beneficial to purchase a new appliance before the one you already have gets ruined.

That’s because if you keep waiting until it’s absolutely necessary to invest in a new one, you’re more likely to pay more money than you would’ve if you waited for a sale.

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