Feeling Rich? You WILL After Buying These 10 Affordable Items

Have you ever wondered what your life would’ve looked like if you were rich?

There are tons and tons of weird items for people who are crazy rich and don’t know what to do with that much money, but the majority of people, and we mean those who don’t own a private jet or have fat bank accounts, are left to sigh in vain and giggle.

But there’s also some good news in this story: we still have a lot of things that are not that expensive and also more practical, but that will make us feel like we are rich and amazing! The best part is that all of them are affordable, so you can definitely indulge without feeling like you’re about to file for bankruptcy.

Are you curious to discover what we’re actually talking about? From exquisite chocolate to the most beautiful glass decanter set, here are 10 affordable items that will make you feel like you are worth $1.000.000 (just like a rich person)!

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1. The best chocolate

Do you crave something delicious and creamy that will satisfy your sweet tooth while also making you feel fancy and great? We have the perfect item for you and you can easily find it at Target. This nice chocolate has a rich flavor and a delicious taste that will make you instantly addicted.

It is so good that it will be easier for you to ration it out into small portions so you can enjoy it every day. These individually wrapped sea-salt caramel squares from the brand Ghirardelli are our favorite, and they cost no more than $4!

…Try it and tell us what you think!

2. Silk pillowcase

Have you ever watched any fancy YouTube videos and noticed that the majority of those high-class women had silk pillowcases in their bedrooms? What about you having one as well? It’s affordable, it will make you feel like a rich person, and it’s great for your hair as well! Is this a win-win situation or not?

It’s a bit on the pricier side if you compare it to normal pillowcases, but it’s still really affordable. You can purchase a gorgeous one from Amazon and it will only cost you $26. If you’re not fully convinced why you should invest in an item like this, you should know that it’s very comfortable, breathable, and better for your hair, especially if it’s sensitive and more prone to breakage.

…The Alaska Bear silk pillowcase is one of the most popular ones on Amazon, so give it a try! 

3. Glass decanter set

Whether you are passionate about drinking whiskey or not, who really cares when you can purchase a gorgeous glass decanter set that will make you feel like a crazy rich person? This item will make you feel like you’re in an old movie and you live in a fancy house with brown decor and a beautiful fireplace in the huge living room downstairs.

We don’t know about you, but we started craving a glass of whiskey just after we imagined this story. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on a beautiful decanter set when you can purchase a great one from Amazon for no more than $30.

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4. Pen

If you like to handwrite all of your to-do lists for the week or if you want to feel fancier every time you write something down on a piece of paper, chances are that the free pen you took from your doctor’s office last time you went there for a check-up isn’t going to be your forever one.

But there’s no need to break your piggy bank to get a pen that will give you beautiful writing and that will also last you a good couple of years. You can purchase a great one from Amazon and it will cost you no more than $20.

…Next time you leave someone a note, it will be in style! Rich people’s style, to be more specific!

5. Bath bombs 

What could be more relaxing than taking a warm, scented, and bubbly bath at the end of a stressful and busy day? If you want to make it even more enjoyable, add a bath bomb that will make everything feel like a luxurious experience only the rich have!

Bump this whole experience up a notch with a bath bomb that will relax you and moisturize your body at the same time. You can save some extra money by buying them in bulk from Amazon (you can find plenty of scents and colors as well, but trust us, it will be hard to only pick a few) or go to the Lush store and get the one that you like.

6. Extra-large bath towels 

Now that you’re completely relaxed after your moisturizing and colorful bath, it’s time to wrap yourself in a fancy bath towel, just like plenty of rich people do. As you already know, fluffy and big robes can get quite expensive, but you can still get that feeling too, and… for LESS!

Invest in an extra-large bath towel, also known as a bath sheet, and get ready to unwind in style! You can go on Amazon and look for a 35-by-70-inch bath sheet from Utopia that will cost you less than $20, but that will make you feel absolutely great!

Besides the low cost, there’s another thing that you’ll surely like: these towels are so big that they can easily double as beach towels as well! This means that you’ll get a lot of use out of them and all of your money will be worth it! Isn’t it great?

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7. Faux fur blanket

We don’t know about you, but when the weather is chilly and at home is nice and warm, all we want to do is cozy up under the softest blanket in the world. If you’re just like us and you’re looking for the perfect ultra-comfy and ultra-warm throw blanket, you’re definitely in luck, because we know where to find it.

You can purchase a great faux fur blanket that will fit all of your needs and for a great price too, only $34. And if you don’t need it to warm you up on a cold day, you can put that beauty over the back of your couch, and it will make your living room look like a rich person’s.

8. Succulent plants 

You might think that this one is a bit weird, but it’s not! Plants will make you feel better, and they will also add a pop of color, not to mention a touch of calmness, relaxation, and zen as well. If you don’t have a green thumb, you’d better opt for succulents because they’re low-maintenance and they look good every day!

Succulent plants don’t require a lot of water, and they will always look their best if they manage to get the amount of light they need. You can go to a local gardening store to get some, or you can go on Amazon and get one or a few for your beautiful home.

Is this what a rich person’s house is supposed to look like? We might not know for sure, but we do know that plants are capable of making everything look more beautiful and calm!

9. Sleep mask 

We can probably all agree that getting enough sleep throughout the night can be described as a luxury in itself. It seems like it is getting more and more difficult to get the amount of sleep we need so that we can properly function and do our daily tasks. There are, however, a number of things you can do to assist yourself in having a better sleeping schedule so that you can wake up well rested and rejuvenated.

And that is getting a sleep mask! It’s quite inexpensive, and it will make you feel like those rich and fancy people you’ve always seen in movies. If you think that a sleep mask is all about looks, you’re actually wrong, because it will help you block out any ambient light that might drive you crazy in the morning.

However, you should buy one that doesn’t put too much strain on your eyes and is comfortable to wear for a couple of hours. There are tons of options you can choose from on Amazon (for roughly $15), including masks that contain gel, which is perfect for at-home cold or heat therapy.

10. Scented candles 

The last thing that you might find in rich people’s homes is scented candles. They can make everything smell amazing and feel like you’re actually in a luxurious hotel. So why not make your own home feel like that too? All you have to do is get some scented candles that you like, spread them throughout your home, and light them every time you want to have a cozy vibe.

You can find tons of options in places such as HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, Target, or Amazon. Whether you like fresh scents or the sweet scent of vanilla, you’re surely going to find one that is perfect for YOU!

…What do you think about these 10 items that will make you feel exactly like a rich person? Tell us in the comments down below!

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