You’re Free! These 5 States Won’t Tax Your Social Security

florida, tax your social security
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5. Florida

The Sunshine State has been one of the top spots for retirees over the years, and for good reason: the weather is delightful, depending on the city you relocate into, it is pretty affordable, and there are a lot of retirement communities if you wish to join one, and, most importantly, it will not tax your Social Security income. This is because Florida does not have an income tax, so it would make no sense for them to try to tax your Social Security.

Taxes you should be aware of include the 6 percent sales tax, to which some localities also add about another 1%. If you look at the taxes for properties, they are average when compared to the median average for the whole nation.

The one thing you should definitely keep in mind is the really humid weather, as it could not be the best for you, and that despite the fact that it is a tax-friendly state, especially since they won’t tax your Social Security, hurricane season can be really disruptive, and home insurance prices have skyrocketed in the last few years.

If you plan to mostly or fully rely on your Social Security check come retirement, you should be wary of your state of residence. These 5 states we discussed will not tax your Social Security benefits, but there are a few states that you should exclude if you heavily rely on your check. Read all about the 10 ones you should definitely avoid here!

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