These 5 Types of Retirement Income Are NOT Taxable

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Generally speaking, this should not be your number one plan when it comes to having a retirement plan, since it is never known for sure that you are going to receive an inheritance. This is in addition to the fact that the amount may not be enough to live on. However, it is known that most Americans will inherit a sum of money at some point in their lives, so you may be among the lucky ones who end up getting some money by way of inheritance.

No matter how big or small the inheritance you will receive is going to be, you can take it as a good way to supplement your nest egg and add to your savings. The best thing about it is that inheritances are generally tax-free, so you will not have to pay income tax on it. Things can get a little bit complicated when we are looking at estate taxes if the inheritance is part of an estate, but the beneficiaries do not have to pay taxes for estate taxes in most cases either.

It’s something to think about if you know you could receive money from an estranged aunt!

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  1. nothing is government safe (FDIC ) even annuities pay taes when one cashes it………….can you xplain ?


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