10 Unbelievable Things Your Taxes Are Paying For

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Have you ever wondered where your taxes go?

That’s a good question, especially since the IRS collects about $3.5 trillion in federal taxes annually from taxpayers like you. That’s A LOT of money! Most people don’t know exactly what their taxes are paying for, so we thought some information would be needed, especially since a significant chunk of our income is dedicated to taxes.

The IRS may seem like a riddle, with many things related to it wrapped in a mystery: money goes in, much less comes out, but what exactly happens in between those steps is an enigma to most of us. Well, not anymore. It’s time to drop the veil and find out where your tax dollars go.

Some of your taxes help support health research, civic projects, and other important investments that benefit humanity. But some of your tax money is used for unusual expenses — including buying robotic flowers and housing chimpanzees.

Get ready to find out what else you’re paying for with your taxes!

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