13 Ways to Get Your IRS Tax Refund Faster Than Ever

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Double-check your personal identification information

Make sure all your personal information (name, address, email, and even your Social Security number) is correct.

Double-check your tax credits

For lots of taxpayers, the biggest challenge is getting credits right on their returns. At some point, it can slow down a refund as long as the information for earned income credits, the child tax credit or even the education credits isn’t correctly entered.

Double-check that your wages match your W-2

Your employer might send you a copy of your W-2 directly to the IRS. That’s why if the wages you reported don’t match what’s written on that form, your refund might be delayed, as the IRS automatically waits for an explanation. In most cases, it’s nothing but a data-entry error, and that’s why you have to be extra cautious and put that wage information correctly, otherwise, it might slow down your refund.


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