9 Most Ridiculous Things You’ll Get Taxed for

belt buckle tax
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8. Belt buckle tax

More ridiculous taxes are about to come! If you want to buy a belt buckle in Texas, you may need to pay sales taxes. If you want to avoid this tax, you can choose a belt buckle that’s included with a belt since those aren’t taxable in the state.

However, buckles sold separately are considered accessories, and in Texas, those count as fair game when it comes to sales tax.

But there’s good news for Texans: the rest of your outfit, including hats and cowboy boots, is tax-exempt.

9. Utensil tax

Last but not least on our list of ridiculous taxes is the utensil tax. Prepared foods aren’t tax-exempt in many US states, and Nebraska is no exception. However, the simple addition of utensil can turn otherwise unprepared food into prepared food.

So, if your food comes with a plastic spoon or fork, you’ll need to pay sales tax. Also, if your soda can comes with a plastic straw, it’s considered prepared food. But if it doesn’t, you may get away without paying extra.

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