6 Overhyped Collectibles That Are Now Worthless

Most of us have that dusty shoebox of baseball cards or the old coins that have been passed down from generation to generation. But are these items really worth the hype? Many of them are just overhyped collectibles that will not help you make any money if you sell them.

It is easy to fall into this trap and believe that you can become rich overnight after you sell these items, but usually, this is not the case, and we want to tell you about some of the most overhyped collectibles.

Now we don’t say that you can’t sell them, but what we want is that you have realistic expectations. There are still people who will probably buy them, but you will not make a fortune.

Let’s discover the overhyped collectibles that are now completely worthless.

overhyped collectibles
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1. Beanie Babies

During the 1990s, there was a true Beanie Babies craze. If you can remember, these stuffed animals were everywhere, and everybody, from kids to parents, was hoarding these plush toys, believing that one day they would turn into gold.

Unfortunately for them, this never happened, and the Beanie Babies were just one of the overhyped collectibles. But at that time, nothing stopped the Ty from producing them. At some point, there were so many toys that the market became oversaturated.

Well, there are still some ultra-rare items that are indeed worth a fortune. For example, the Princess Diana Beanie Babies can be sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars, but the average toy is now totally worthless.

2. Hummel figurines

They first appeared in 1935, and they are 3D models of the drawings of Maria Innocentia Hummel, a German nun.

They entered the US after World War II when the American soldiers brought them home as gifts for their children and wives. The Hummel figurines quickly became a sensation, and during the 1960s and 1970s, you could see them in airport gift shops and also in Hallmark stores.

But as you know, nothing good lasts forever; something happened that changed the glorious destiny of these figurines. Since people loved them so much, more and more “special editions” were manufactured, and this is how the resale value began to drop.

At this moment, many Americans have Hummel figurines inside their homes, but there is not much to do with them. Hearing their history, you might think that they can generate considerable wealth, but this is not the case, as they are just another overhyped collectible that now only collects dust in attics and basements.

3. Baseball-card collections

When we talk about overhyped collectibles, we can’t miss the baseball-card collections. At their time, they were a big hit, and everybody bought them. This is why there are many of us who have sizable collections somewhere in shoeboxes, hidden from anyone’s sight.

What makes these cards so special is the nostalgia associated with them, but unfortunately, this is the only thing that remained. When people want to sell them, they have high hopes that they will make some good cash, but this is not the case. They leave disappointed and realize that they are overhyped collectibles that, despite being so popular in the past, are now worthless.

4. Cameras

Maybe in the 70s or 80s, you decided that it was time to make a big purchase and bought a camera. It cost you $250 back then, which is now the equivalent of $1000—the price you would pay for a performant Canon or Nikon.

This makes many people believe that the old camera they have should cost a fortune now if they were to sell it to an antique store, but the reality is far from this. We live in the digital era, and these old film cameras are not expensive at all. Actually, they are so cheap that the film you use for them is more expensive than the camera itself.

Sellers say that they have trays full of cameras, and they can’t wait to get rid of them. The best part of their day is when people come in and buy 30 or 20 film cameras at once because they need them for parts.

So, film cameras are also overhyped collectibles, and you will not make money if you manage to sell them.

5. Happy Meal toys

This used to be the favorite of the children because every happy meal at McDonald’s came with a toy. This is how some people began to think that if they could make whole sets and keep them in good condition, those toys would probably become valuable, and at some point, they would be able to sell them and make a fortune.

Unfortunately, this was not the universe’s plan for the Happy Meal toys, and now they sit on shelves and collect dust. And if you can’t imagine how much they can cost now and why we call them worthless, we are here to tell you that a set of 400 toys that were collected over 30 years can now be bought from eBay for only $500!

Happy Meal toys are the definition of overhyped collectibles, and no one can change our minds.

overhyped collectibles
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6. Pogs

Of all the overhyped collectibles, Pogs are for sure top-tier. These cardboard disks were created for a game, and people were crazy about them back in the 90s.

Now if you don’t remember what the game was about, you basically needed to stack the pigs, and the objective was to hit the “Pog Tower” with a weapon object that was named a slammer. After the Pogs were scattered, each player needed to pick up the ones that were facing up, and the game continued until there were no more Pogs left. In the end, the winner was the player who had collected the most Pogs.

The game was fun and easy to play, very entertaining for kids, and this is how these collectibles became so popular among Americans. But after all, Pogs are just some cardboard pieces. They can’t cost a fortune.

For example, one person sells a collection of 400 Pogs on eBay for just $20. There is not much you can do with these toys. At this point, the only thing you can use them for is as coasters on your table.

Were Pogs overhyped collectibles? For sure, they were, and if you have a huge collection, there is not much you can do with it now.

The world of collectible items is truly fascinating, but at the same time, it is incredibly unpredictable. Items can drop in value unexpectedly, and the collectors remain only with the sentimental value. This is how many ended up with boxes full of baseball cards or Pogs and now they keep them hoping that one day they will be valuable again.

Do you have any overhyped collectibles around your home? There are some more that are not on this list, and if you know about any of them, you can share them in the comments!

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