12 Senior Personal Care Solutions to Help Solve Any Aging Problems

Getting older is complicated enough… These senior personal care solutions are just what you need!

Our bodies never stop changing… No matter how old we get. And even though this experience is universal, sometimes these changes can feel confusing and even isolating at times, especially in regards to figuring out how to cope with issues that are painful or uncomfortable.

Luckily, we found some products that may help alleviate discomfort or provide peace of mind, knowing you’re not alone. While there are plenty of home upgrades that feel subtle, they can add up to make a huge difference.

So here at The Money Place, we rounded up 12 simple but effective senior personal care solutions that help older adults by making everyday life easier, more convenient, and more enjoyable overall!

Senior Personal Care Solution
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Senior personal care solution: Ingrown toenail correction kit

Decades of cramming your feet into tight footwear, whether heels or dress shoes, could mean you now have to deal with painful and uncomfortable ingrown toenails. The good news is that you don’t have to resign yourself to chronic flare-ups!

A toenail correction kit can be your savior, slowly straightening out any curved nails so that they don’t hurt whenever you accidentally brush them against the floor or literally anything else. Trust us…They’re worth every penny.

But a quick note: You might feel some mild discomfort when applying the brace, but you shouldn’t feel any pain. If you do, immediately remove the brace and use it later with less pressure.

Senior personal care solution: MobileHelp medical alert system

Having access to help when you’re alone will provide you with a bit more peace of mind. Whether you want automatic fall detection, protection inside or outside your home, or GPS tracking, there’s a medical alert system available for you.

MobileHelp is among the best-selling and most inexpensive providers in the medical alert industry. They make it very straightforward to try a system with a 30-day risk-free trial and free cancellation.

You can use it for as long as you need it, and they’re also one of the few FDA-approved medical alert providers, which we find comforting to know.

Senior personal care solution: Orthopedic gel seat cushion

Many Amazon shoppers vouch for this gel-enhanced seat cushion’s ability to aid in relieving sciatica and back pain, calling it “life-changing.”

It vows to help take pressure off your tailbone due to its ergonomic design, helping support your legs and improve your posture when sitting down.

You can use it in your sewing room, home office, couch, or wherever you see fit. You can even take it on the go in your truck, car, or lawnmower. Sitting down will be a whole lot more comfortable.

Senior personal care solution: Grab bars

If you’re a senior living alone, grab bars will be your new best friend. Getting in and out of the shower or getting up from the toilet alone is critical to staying on your feet safely. There are two types you can purchase: a suction-based grab bar and one which requires installment.

Both are great, depending on your needs. We’d prefer the durability of the installed version, but not all situations allow for it. One benefit of the suction grab bar is that it can travel with you wherever you need it to! Regardless, you’ll be much better off having one of these solutions.

Senior personal care solution: Ear wax removal kit

If you feel as though you can’t hear as well as you once did, your ears may not be the only thing to blame. You could have some built-up earwax that’s blocked inside.

Many don’t realize, but cotton swabs can inadvertently damage your eardrums. An earwax removal aid promises to help drain wax from your ears gently.

Senior Personal Care Solution
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Senior personal care solution: EZ Off jar opener

If you’re a senior living alone, you may have a hard time accomplishing certain day-to-day tasks without the help of anyone else.

Something as ordinary as opening a jar can be tough enough for the young and spry, but for seniors with arthritis or reduced strength, it can be a nightmare. We like the EZ Off Jar Opener because it’s solid, easy to use, and doesn’t require two hands.

Senior personal care solution: Gorilla Grip bath mat

Falling sends more and more aging adults to the hospital than anything else in their senior years, and there’s no bigger enemy in the home than the bathroom. Falling when alone, with no one around to help, is even worse.

The Original Gorilla bath mat is a great solution because it sticks better to non-tiled surfaces than any other mat on the market. It also has an excellent non-slip surface, evades mold, and is even machine washable! This equals a small price for a significant impact!

Senior personal care solution: Underwear for incontinence

Whether you experience incontinence due to chronic UTIs, age, or medication, this underwear option could come in handy. It was specifically created to absorb leakage. The good thing is that they’re made of breathable bamboo.

So they’ll feel soft against your skin and won’t feel bulky when you wear them. They’re available in various pack sizes, regular sizes, and four colors. But we must mention that reviewers recommend sizing up.

Senior personal care solution: Cordless electric kettle

Unfortunately, forgetting a kettle on the stove while it’s on is an all too common cause of most kitchen fires. Well, a cordless electric kettle eliminates the risk altogether while at the same time increasing simplicity and convenience.

Any brand will work. But one of the highest reviewed on Amazon is the Mueller Ultra cordless electric kettle because it comes with a fantastic non-slip handle, superior quality glass, and is BPA-free.

Senior personal care solution: Cooling pads for hemorrhoids

Purchasing some medicated cooling pads can offer some relief from the burning, pain, and itching usually caused by hemorrhoids. In fact, they’re created to help treat moderate to severe symptoms.

You can find them in a convenient pack of 100, containing 5% lidocaine to help numb the pain. And they also have witch hazel to keep your sensitive areas clean and colloidal oatmeal to soothe skin.

We’ve noticed that many reviewers on Amazon have said that Tucks pads help relieve their pain more effectively than any other products they’ve tried.

Senior personal care solution: Smart doorbell

This item is perfect for older adults! It lets you hear, see, and speak with anyone standing at your door before letting them in. It’s also excellent for family caregivers. They’ll receive notifications on their phone anytime someone comes to your door, which enhances security.

A handy doorbell like this keeps unwanted visitors from ringing your doorbell and tracks the arrival and departure of professional caregivers. It can also link to Amazon Alexa as an intercom and remote door opener… Sign us up!

Senior Personal Care Solution
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Senior personal care solution: A handheld mini fan

As we age, hot flashes come and go. Well, having a little mini fan you can take with you everywhere you go can come in handy.

It’s quiet enough, making it discreet enough to use in restaurants, church, or wherever else you might need some quick cooling relief. And our favorite, which you can purchase from Amazon, is available in 4 colors.

What do you think of our picks for the most convenient senior personal care solutions? Do you have any of them? If you do, be sure to give your opinion on them in the comments below.

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