These 5 Types of Retirement Income Are NOT Taxable

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Life Insurance Proceeds

Much like we talked about in the inheritance portion of this article, life insurance proceeds are not a solid retirement fund plan. However, it is something that you should have, and there is a high chance that you may be the beneficiary of an insurance plan payout, which will significantly impact your retirement income when it comes to receiving that money.

But will you have to pay for this extra income that ends up being bestowed on you? Happily enough, much like in the case of inheritances, you will not have to pay taxes on the money you receive from the proceeds of a life insurance plan. But this is generally viable if you end up receiving the whole sum in full, because if you end up receiving it in installments, the rules of the game may change depending on various circumstances.

Despite this, it is still good news if you know you are the beneficiary of someone’s life insurance.

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  1. nothing is government safe (FDIC ) even annuities pay taes when one cashes it………….can you xplain ?


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