Here Are 10 States With the Most Favorable Property Taxes

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4. Wyoming

  • Average House Value in 2022: $303,325
  • Effective Property Tax Rate in 2019: 0.51%
  • Median Household Income in 2019: $65,003
  • Annual Taxes on a Median-Priced Property: $1,546.96

The average house value in Wyoming isn’t as affordable as in some of the other states on this list, but its residents don’t have to pay any state income tax. Also, Wyoming’s sale tax rate is 4% — the lowest in the US.

While this state’s cost of living was moderate in 2021, its median household income was a solid one. On top of this, the state also had a lower poverty rate than the majority of states in 2019.

When it comes to gas tax rates, Wyoming also marks on the lower side with 24 cents per gallon.

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