Traveling on a Budget This Season? 8 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

traveling on a budget
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Skip overpriced guided tours

One of the main keys to traveling on a budget is to skip those expensive tour guides and let yourself roam everything in the destination you pick to visit. Don’t be afraid you will skip the main sites because, with our forever friend Google, you will definitely find everything you need on your own. Plus, you will make your own schedule without depending on a person or a group.

In case this sounds a tad difficult for you, you can opt for free tours that a lot of the major cities offer for tourists. Although tips are appreciated (but of course they’re not mandatory), these walking tours are absolutely free and will provide you with a wealth of local knowledge.

Otherwise, many major cities have substantial information available through applications like Spotted By Locals, Tripadvisor, and Rick Steves. A little price may occasionally be required, but often this is free.


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