15 Weekend Side Gigs That Pay You Enough for a Week

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11. Become a Freelance Tailor

You may be surprised (or not), but there are still people wearing tailored clothes. In fact, it seems there are fewer and fewer tailors out there making custom-made gowns and suits. Moreover, there’s still a demand for affordable adjustments.

In other words, if you’re skilled at hand-sewing and have a sewing machine, you’re already two steps closer to starting a freelance business. Make sure you give your information to local boutiques and vintage stores to pass on to customers. You can even get potential customers by spreading the word on social media.

If you don’t have sewing skills but still want to help people find the perfect fit, consider becoming an outfitter with Trumaker. This side gig implies finding clients whose measurements you’ll take. For every custom-made piece of clothing you sell, you’ll earn a commission.

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