11 Important Assets That Will Boost Your Net Worth

11 Assets That Will Automatically Increase Your Net Worth

Your net worth is more than just a balance in your bank account. It’s a great measure of your financial health. So if you want to find an answer “What is my net worth?”, you can easily subtract all the liabilities from your total assets.

Plus, if you’re currently trying to have a better understanding of which assets are by far the most valuable, or simply want to give your net worth a bit of a boost, read here about 15 critical assets that would help you in your journey. How many of these do you already have? And how many are you willing to get?

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Owning your primary residence

Homeownership easily ranks among the ways people might gain a substantial increase in net worth. Instead of going for the traditional 30-year mortgage, you can opt for a 15- or 20-year term. This way, you’ll be able to pay it off more quickly, which will later result in a significant asset and savings on interest.

Plus, if you decide to sell right after you pay off your home, capital gains are entirely tax-free, up to $500,000, just as long as your status is married and filing jointly. It is also possible that renting could make more financial sense than owning in a couple of high-priced urban areas, but this depends on whether the cost of ownership is reasonable, about total living expenses.

Second home

Second homes are a smart way to earn more passive income, especially via short-term rental platforms such as HomeAway, VRBO, or Airbnb. You could use the extra income to help pay off your mortgage faster. Because once you pay off the entire mortgage, you will own a proper asset while still benefiting from the passive income that comes out of there. Both of these things can easily result in a nice gain in your net worth.

Retirement savings

Retirement could be very far away from you right now, but saving now could enhance your net worth. Saving for your retirement is something you should start doing now, because tax-deferred accounts, like a 401(k) or a traditional IRA, could easily help your balance grow much faster.

You can make a goal out of it, to max out your retirement contributions by simply contributing a set amount every paycheck, especially if there is also a company match. As you treat your savings contribution as a budget item, you will save more, which will allow you to grow and increase your net worth.


You probably haven’t thought about it this way, but your education credentials are probably your greatest assets. Deciding to invest in your education to qualify for a better job or even gain a promotion can easily help you earn significant financial gain in time.

Plus, your education doesn’t have to end when you get your bachelor’s degree! If you want a little help with paying for all those education classes or certifications, you could easily opt to take out a student loan from a credit union, especially if it has in-school student loan options.

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Rental Real Estate

When you decide on using the bank’s money to acquire rental properties, you’re also building your net worth. Once you start the process of renting out different properties, you can use the income to pay off the mortgages, instead of simply dipping into your bank account.

Your properties will start gaining equity, plus, their market value could increase over time. But if you’re not ready to get properties on your own, you could also get a group of investors to come up with a down payment, and reach an agreement where you would have a percentage of ownership in the property too.

Once you’ve managed to finance the rental property, negotiating a fee from the investors will be the easiest thing!


Staying in good health is very important, especially when it comes to your net worth. You can work more and be more productive without having to spend a lot of money on medical appointments, treatments, or surgeries. You can invest in good health by taking care of what you eat, exercising, and visiting your doctor for occasional checkups.

College Savings

There are so many parents out there that do this smart trick: they assume the ownership of a 529 college savings plan for their beloved children, which also increases their net worth until it’s the right time to use the money.

529 plans could grow tax-free and distributions will also be tax-free, just as long as they are used for qualifying educational purposes. The funds can easily be transferred between beneficiaries, without any penalties or taxes. For example, funds could be divided between siblings.

Maintenance for your home

As your home is probably one of your largest assets, it would make a lot of sense to invest in maintaining it. Some things such as replacing your roof, maintaining your gutters, and even servicing your HVAC system could get you a better return, especially when it’s time to sell.

Also, be careful: if you start neglecting your home, it will only allow other potential buyers to use the lack of maintenance as a way to negotiate a much cheaper price, which will only leave you with less money in the end.

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Investing can be a great income strategy, but it’s not extremely secure. That’s why you should take the time to research investments before you commit to anything. You will also have to understand clearly when to buy or sell stocks.

But if you are completely inexperienced in the stock market, you don’t have to do it all by yourself. You can seek out advice from an investment advisor who could help you pick the best possible stocks for your portfolio, depending on the type of risk you’re comfortable assuming and the return you would like to earn.

Household items

Even if you don’t consider a new refrigerator or laptop the proper way to boost your net worth, it’s still worth seeing the big picture. Just as with a new vehicle, it’s worth it to buy the best quality, longest-lasting products you could afford, while also calculating the rate at which these items depreciate.

Constantly paying repair bills or replacing appliances can cost you a couple of bucks, but buying quality items will boost your net worth, as it leaves more money in the bank. In order to determine which brands and models are the best to choose, compare products and find the best deals.

Private lending

Becoming someone else’s bank will allow you to generate passive income that could easily boost your net worth. Private loans, notes and trust deeds are all investments, as you can loan money to all sorts of individuals in exchange for interest.

With these investments, you will still get a consistent rate of return, no matter if the value of the underlying asset goes up or down. Basically, it will all translate into funds that you will easily reinvest or gain more wealth. If you want to protect your interests, first you have to understand the ins and outs of a potential investment.

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