I Want to Retire Early And Live a Good Life. Here’s How!

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Try to increase your income

Another way in which you can prepare to early retire is to see how you can increase your income so that you can be financially comfortable and make this move.

This could mean making sure your position is paying you what you are worth and making sure you earn as much as you can at your current job so that you can save. However, it can also look like making use of your skills in order to maximize your income.

You can take up a second gig or job and use that money only to save up for an early retirement.

Some examples of gigs you can include working as a consultant in the field you are active in as your main job, making use of your hobby and selling crafts you make on Etsy, or even making good use of your extra-free rooms!

You can easily rent out the spare bedroom in your home on Airbnb, or you can DIY the shed and turn it into a cozy one-bedroom, one-bathroom rental room!

No matter what you decide to do in order to increase your income, make sure that it is sustainable and that you calculate the pros and cons of it well. With the money you make, you can easily put it into savings, diversify your portfolio so that it can passively earn you more money, or invest it further in other things like property.

The bigger your egg nest, the faster you can retire!


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  1. I am with 3 children. I am 61 years old and have minimum income. What advice can you give me on how to retire comfortably in such a short time?

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