Top 9 Reasons to Avoid Dollar Stores

dollar stores
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Why are Dollar Store products so affordable?

This is a very good question, but mostly it’s because they sell so many private-label items that are exclusively made for them. If you’re trying to stay on a budget, dollar stores have certainly some perks. It won’t matter if you do some impulse shopping simply because everything is so cheap that it won’t hurt your wallet. Unfortunately, even if you’re happy that you can buy your everyday basics for a dollar, you may not get the best bargain by shopping there.

There are some reasons you should stay away from dollar stores when it comes to household shopping, even if the temptation is humongous.

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  1. Perhaps the chain grocery stores should take a look at their prices as they are driving the mass of customers to the Dollar stores…It seems the only place one can cut cost is here as you have a choice of where to shop…Plus the near empty shelves also is a factor…

    1. Yes indeed that’s BS I do not want go to dollar store but I got no choice I had to get use to it.Stores are very high so if u can cut cost u got do what u got do.Do not listen to any articles u got go where u money can spread out.They need to back off the dollar stores lower cost in other stores to help customers out here is a example in chicago on the south side I had to pay 8 dollars at regular store for one gallon of orange juice.Thats just one example I can give u a bunch of more prices as to why I do go to the dollar store for cleaning supplies I still looking 😉 to see what all they got in there it super crowded unless u go early in morning my whole family now go to dollar tree we new to it prices are high in other stores so we get snacks cleaning supplies plates stuff that we can we get at dollar tree or family dollar we check prices then we pick up only few items at big store like milk orange juice chicken ground turkey beans etc. do what u got to do to survive.

  2. There is nothing in the dollar General store for a dollar they need to change name upper dollar General store

    1. I never GO to dollar stores they.have been robbed several times some woman was a shoplifter with a little boy she told Police he was my boy I have 0 children do not shove a child on me

  3. I shop at 3 – yes, 3 – grocery stores regularly because the major grocer, Publix, changes to new products so often I can’t get what I want so I go elsewhere. I have to buy 24 cans at a time from Chewy because this area doesn’t get cat food regularly – but go to South Florida upscale neighborhoods and there you will find all the cat food you want – at inflated prices. This year my grocery bill has gone up at Publix by more than 30%. Inflation isn’t an excuse. The big stores are gouging us. No wonder we look for deals elsewhere.

  4. dollar stores posted to be only a dollar not. $3.4.5. bs. i am a low income person i can’t afford hafe of the stuff. plus .25 added. crazy. why did they do that to people like us that can’t afford a lot of stuff. change it back to a dollar store or change the name to dollar and up.

    1. only go to dollar tree… all the others are not dollar sstores…I give credit to dollar tree for only upping their products 25% . unlike many other stores who have upped their prices 30 to 100 % or more

  5. I noticed the .25 increase immediately…that’s a 25% raise!
    Thinking it over I still buy baby wipes, styrofoam plates, baby
    wipes, cards and Juice (name brand) from the dollar tree…cookies
    you can’t go wrong on either!

  6. Nine bogus reasons to avoid $1.25 stores!! They offer convenient options to the large box stores, pricey department stores, and insanely priced greeting card shops.

    1. Well I’ve found that the old labels were taken off and/or replaced with new ones so the expiration date isn’t expired! Also you need to look at where it was made..90% of that crap is from Mexico and other countries. What ever happened to made in the USA!!!! I never shop in those cheap places!!

  7. I go there to buy greeting cards often because they are perfectly good, from the same companies as grocery or card stores, for a lot less. Also, I buy name brand canned or box goods, and brand name cleaning products. I can figure out the size or amount as to whether it is a good deal.

  8. I only shop there a few times a year mostly buying items like calenders, greeting cards, and wrapping paper. I never buy food there. A lot of there stuff is junk.

    1. Walmart checks the products durability & price before allowing it on their shelves almost unheard of with other retail stores I read recently that Walmart has booted some of their pro sellers on their website a pro seller is a separate company or person who sales through Walmart haven’t read yet why they booted them probably due to durability & or price issues which says alot about Walmart holdn true to their business practices & how they care about their reputation & their customers true enough their curbside & grocery delivery still needs some work

  9. There are many products that are inferior at all dollar stores. But they do not out way some of things that you get out at discount prices. I get black eye brow pencils for a fraction of the price. Aluminum pan prices cannot be beat. A wide variety of storage or shelf containers is a plus. Many cleaning products are a must for any home owner. And there are many more products too many to mention.

  10. I go there for cards bags for gifts Decorations some groceries craft Items some cleaning supplies. A lot of products are what you pay for but a lot of items are great prices. Stores are too expensive for same quality products.

  11. My complaint with “dollar general” is this : My wife used to shop there several times weekly. location, access , prices. Then she started noticing a large amount of items (over half , usually about 7 out of 10 ). items would ring up considerably higher than the shelf price tags & signs say ! Cashier says “you can’t go by the tags” / They’re wrong!

  12. If means and the time to run all over the place for deals you don’t need dollar store! I fine there is a lot of variety. like other people. When your money is so tight you can get anything? Dollar store is a blessing. !
    Regular store reduce product keep the big box. Make us feel better.
    There are little risk with the chemical used, and you need to watch this!. but over all it can help struggling family live pretty good. Watch what you buy.
    It is possible that these types of article are usually parrareted from other articles. not too original.caution is good but all out fear bad.

  13. I buy greeting cards, seasonal, stationery, decorations, gift wrap, dish towels and pot holders, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, shelf stable milk, books, and many other items. No, some things are not up to snuff, but many are and many more are good enough for my needs. You have to be discriminating wherever you shop. In my life I have shopped at Marshall Field, Nieman- Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, etc. They all carry some worthless inventory, and definitely some overpriced, for their names. I think Dollar Tree serves a good purpose. The other so called ‘Dollar’ Stores are not ‘dollar’ stores. I also patronize Salvation Army and Goodwill. I find a lot of good quality items…Lenox, Polish Pottery, Vera Bradley purses…it’s always an adventure to see what treasures I can find without paying the exorbitant prices these things commanded retail. The most important thing about thrift stores is they provide some neccessities otherwise unaffordable and they provide employment for underemployed citizens.

  14. I purchase my greeting cards from Dollar Tree. Lately I have noticed that they have reduced the number of 2 for $1.00 cards and start selling an abundance or $1.00 each card. That price is still cheaper than other stores. The quality and content of the $1.00 cards are great!!!

  15. I stopped shopping at the larger retail stores because they stick it right to the consumers so badly. The dollar store if fine and I buy everything there and will continue to until the large retail stores like Smiths and Albertsons come down off their cloud and prices! Heres hoping the dollar general stores put those big retail places right out of business!!!

  16. Label reading and cost per unit comparison will always show the best deal regardless of where you shop. 2.5 cents per ounce is always a better deal than 5 cents per ounce!

  17. Back in 2014 I spent $60 dollars plus a few more in 2 or 3 subsequent years for my Christmas dishware set. I love it. I also buy party supplies, holiday stuff and greeting cards there and as a nanny and preschool/day care teacher they have great stuff for arts and crafts, little puzzles and books.

  18. There is nothing in the Dollar Stores that you won’t find in another store except at a better price, even now since they have gone up in price. Still a better deal. Not saying that you may need/want something at a store that can’t get at Dollar Stores, the money you save will help pay for it.

  19. I never GO to dollar stores they.have been robbed several times some woman was a shoplifter with a little boy she told Police he was my boy I have 0 children do not shove a child on me

  20. One other thing to watch for is size. Are you getting the same size product you usually get? The same ounces, the same number of pieces, etc. usually if you can break the cost down,to cost per unit it should tell you whether you’re getting a good deal or not. It’s one way,we can make sure we’re getting the most for our money.K

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