Top 9 Reasons to Avoid Dollar Stores

dollar stores
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Why are Dollar Store products so affordable?

This is a very good question, but mostly it’s because they sell so many private-label items that are exclusively made for them. If you’re trying to stay on a budget, dollar stores have certainly some perks. It won’t matter if you do some impulse shopping simply because everything is so cheap that it won’t hurt your wallet. Unfortunately, even if you’re happy that you can buy your everyday basics for a dollar, you may not get the best bargain by shopping there.

There are some reasons you should stay away from dollar stores when it comes to household shopping, even if the temptation is humongous.

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9 Responses

  1. Perhaps the chain grocery stores should take a look at their prices as they are driving the mass of customers to the Dollar stores…It seems the only place one can cut cost is here as you have a choice of where to shop…Plus the near empty shelves also is a factor…

  2. There is nothing in the dollar General store for a dollar they need to change name upper dollar General store

  3. I shop at 3 – yes, 3 – grocery stores regularly because the major grocer, Publix, changes to new products so often I can’t get what I want so I go elsewhere. I have to buy 24 cans at a time from Chewy because this area doesn’t get cat food regularly – but go to South Florida upscale neighborhoods and there you will find all the cat food you want – at inflated prices. This year my grocery bill has gone up at Publix by more than 30%. Inflation isn’t an excuse. The big stores are gouging us. No wonder we look for deals elsewhere.

  4. dollar stores posted to be only a dollar not. $3.4.5. bs. i am a low income person i can’t afford hafe of the stuff. plus .25 added. crazy. why did they do that to people like us that can’t afford a lot of stuff. change it back to a dollar store or change the name to dollar and up.

  5. I noticed the .25 increase immediately…that’s a 25% raise!
    Thinking it over I still buy baby wipes, styrofoam plates, baby
    wipes, cards and Juice (name brand) from the dollar tree…cookies
    you can’t go wrong on either!

  6. Nine bogus reasons to avoid $1.25 stores!! They offer convenient options to the large box stores, pricey department stores, and insanely priced greeting card shops.

  7. I go there to buy greeting cards often because they are perfectly good, from the same companies as grocery or card stores, for a lot less. Also, I buy name brand canned or box goods, and brand name cleaning products. I can figure out the size or amount as to whether it is a good deal.

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