Fed Up With eBay? Here Are 8 Worthy (and Cheaper) Alternatives for Sellers

What other places are better than eBay to sell your stuff? There are a lot of other online places where you can sell your stuff. And even if you don’t know about them, it doesn’t mean they are less trust-worthy than eBay.

Let me tell you a secret: a lot of them are actually better and work a million times faster. Even if every eCommerce website has ups and downs, you should always check out other possibilities.

For example, did you know about Etsy? It’s one amazing place from which you can buy a lot of handmade stuff. Plus, the shipping is not that expensive either.


This website is really cool. Even if a lot of people tend to say no to Chinese and Japanese stuff, this e-commerce site is pretty trustworthy. Compared to eBay, this website doesn’t possess any brands, so you don’t have to worry about competition.

When it comes to clients, you need to know that if you want to sell your stuff on the eastern side of the world, this is the perfect place. More than 40% of shoppers recommend Rakuten. And even a lot of well-known brands trust Rakuten. The only downside here is that you will pay a little more in fees compared to eBay.

You need to pay almost $30 for the seller fee per month and $1 for commission. Don’t forget that Rakuten is actually one of those e-commerce sites that allows you to optimize the store as you want to.

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This website is beyond words. It is basically a magical place, especially for those who are interested in handmade stuff. Are you into vintage handmade stuff? Then Etsy is for you. Starting with jewelry and decoration items, Etsy is a place for those who want to sell.

Of course, there is a big difference compared to eBay because you can sell your things for a lower price than on eBay. And that’s amazing! Even if you are a simple customer, Etsy is one of those websites where the seller gets the money. A lot of independent artists have chosen Etsy in the past few years. At this very moment, there are more than 80 million active users here.

Even if it’s not like e-Bay, Etsy is focused on a specific niche. The only downside here is that you may find other sellers that will have similar prices to yours or even lower at times. That means you will have a bit of a competition here.


Our dear Amazon is one of those nice alternatives to eBay. You can find a lot of products here.

Starting with basics such as computers and accessories or books, Amazon is one great place where you can sell or buy things efficiently. It’s a trustworthy website. Along with eBay, Amazon has gained a lot of customers in the past years, especially during the pandemic. Amazon is another alternative eCommerce site which uses cookies. And if you want to buy something related to the previous items, the platform will display only the suitable products.

This feature comes in handy for all the sellers out there! Good news: you don’t have to pay to add items on Amazon. But you have to pay the commission.


eBid is a website that looks similar to eBay. And it’s pretty easy to use too! Unfortunately, the traffic won’t be as intense as on eBay because it’s a smaller site and much newer. But you will pay less money on the fees!

The commission per each sale is going to be less than 10%, and if you want to upgrade your user status to seller, then you can pay almost $140.00 and you will be forever a commission-free user. If you already have a business on the go, you can link your stuff with eBid because it’s going to be similar to eBay for sure.

If you know how to promote your things on the internet and you have a lot of customers, then this is your place. You can make a lot of profit on eBid. Here you can sell things like accessories, vintage items, clothes, or even DVDs. Yes, they are a product sought by collectors.

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This website has such a cute logo that you will be tempted to at least click on it! This is basically a 100% free online store. The main difference between eBay and other sites like this is that it is completely free. There are no commission fees or any other taxes. That is amazing, right?

You can create your own store and start everything right away. Psst! You can import all your listings from eBay. Wow! No further costs added. If you are good at SEO and social media in general, you will have a huge advantage on eCrater. Because every sale you make is based on how good you are at promoting your own stuff.

Did you know about this platform?


This cute little website was founded in 2008, but it has a ton of good reviews and it’s getting popular. Some people say that it will be the biggest eBay competition.

Did you know that Bonanza has more than 40.000 online stores? Wow! There is an amazing possibility of growing your own business on this platform.

It’s another eCommerce site where you list everything you want, and you will pay less than a 4% fee for each transaction. I think that’s way cheaper than eBay, right? In case you are not entirely sure about the process, you can communicate with the guys in real time. They are pretty nice, and they offer support every time a seller needs it.

Most of your customers will be from America. Which for some people may be convenient since a lot of sellers won’t ship outside the country during COVID-19 restrictions.


I remember buying a pair of jeans from Levi’s. They used to make such nice clothes back then! I am talking about quality. This is what you will find on Mercari. No matter if you are planning on selling or buying things, this site is definitely a better option than eBay. Why? Well, let me tell you.

Are you in for a seasonal declutter and you no longer feel the need to keep all these clothes? Then you can easily sell them on Mercari. All the second-hand items are carefully sold here. And they have a friendly-user app too! In case you are thinking of installing this app to start selling your stuff then remember there are some cons.

The sales will be slower because not many people are using this website to search items and if one customer won’t fit the dress you’re selling, it’s OK if they will return it. None of these websites are miracles, but they might be a better option than eBay. Choose what is suitable for you and for your needs!

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I love old books. The smell of them is incomparable! But sometimes I have to admit the fact that I have a big library and it’s a pain in the neck, especially when I need to clean the dust. Did you know that there is a special site for this niche? BetterWorldBooks is the place where you can sell old books that have been kept in good shape.

The whole selling process is such a piece-a-cake! But keep in mind that you will get the money only after the books are sold. Every time a book is sold, you will be notified. There are categories for every genre, so don’t worry because customers won’t cease to appear.

… psst! There are no delivery costs!

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