Walmart Won’t Bring These 11 Products Anymore

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“There’s nothing you can’t find at Walmart”, you might think. Well, starting with 2023, there are a couple of items that you won’t find anymore. In fact, you have probably noticed that a few items that once graced the shelves of Walmart are now gone.

If so, we will gladly confirm your suspicion. In fact, there’s an interesting story behind each disappearance, and you’ll find out more in this article. Some of these products are now labeled as dangerous, unpopular, or simply inappropriate. As they got the proverbial boot, you will never see them again in any Walmart store. Curious to know more? Find out on the next page!

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26 Responses

    1. Somehow they consider the concept of a woman president to be against “family values”. How is that keeping us safe and healthy?

      1. I wish we could see less production of China
        Products at Walmart I will not buy anything
        With China on it .

  1. But they sell garbage lawnmowers and when they break down they tell you to contact the manufacturer. The problem with that is the manufacturer doesn’t answer the phone or they tell you to contact them by email that they don’t answer either. DO NOT BUY A POWERSMART LAWNMOWER FROM THEM. They are junk and they don’t stand behind their products

  2. Walmart is Anti-women. OK. As a woman, I am anti-Walmart. Why is a woman president against family values? Because, according to Walmart, women are chatel.

  3. It has long been a trend with Walmart since Sam Died that any off brand that outsells a Name brand is discontinued in favor of the higher priced name brand. It is how they operate in order to sell the name brand. They also create their own Shortages of certain items like Cat Food, Walmart’s brand Special Kitty will be out for weeks until the expensive brands are nearly sold out.

  4. Why does so many people think or feel like Walmart looking out for them ? You got them to drop these items by complaint or not buying !!,
    Did you not read the story, everything FAILED to do as expected( not buying) or to many complaints/ down falls.
    Walmart looking out for thier bottom line. They will sell what ever sells !!

  5. I wish Walmart would not buy from China
    I would like to go into Walmart and find no products from China . I will never give my money to them, if I pick something up from China I put it back .

  6. I resisted buying groceries at walmart! but now they do save me money for sure.I used smaller stores and local but prices in these store have sky rocketed.No money to support them regularly anymore.

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