9 Proven Ways to Get Free Stuff on Amazon

Amazon is awesome! But finding ways to get free stuff on Amazon is ten times better. Even though features like lightning deals and Prime shipping cut the cost of lots of products regularly, making them more affordable, consumers are always looking for methods to save money while making purchases.

Luckily, as the industry tends to be so competitive, there are many ways to get free items. You just have to know where to look. Yes, that’s it. If you enjoy taking advantage of Amazon’s money-saving tricks, you’re definitely going to love learning how to get free stuff on Amazon.

Some ways involve having an Amazon Prime membership, while others suppose receiving free products from Amazon sellers who’re looking for honest reviews.

So, without further ado, some of the best Amazon items are about to be yours for FREE.

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1. Try Amazon Audible and Get Free Audiobooks

The online retail giant genuinely wants you to know how to get free stuff on Amazon, and they do an excellent job of giving it away. When you start a free 30-day trial of Audible Premium Plus, you’ll receive a free audiobook as a thank-you bonus for signing up for the service. It’s one of the greatest methods to discover the best audiobooks available right now.

  • How it works: In order to get your free audiobook, you’ll have to sign up for a free trial of Audible Premium Plus. You can cancel or continue your subscription at any time.
  • How to sign up: Take a look at the Amazon Audible landing page.

2. Trade in old devices for gift cards

Do you know that Amazon will pay you to trade in your old electronic devices? The exchange money is delivered in the form of a gift card, which may be used to get free stuff across the platform. Basically, you place an order and the item is delivered to your house without a penny spent. Amazing, isn’t it?

You can trade in items like old Alexa devices, Kindles, and more. The complete list of qualifying items can be found here.

  • How it works: Send in old devices like audio equipment and tablets to receive Amazon credits and get new things instead.
  • How to sign up: Head to the Amazon Trade-In program.

Keep reading to find other ways to get free stuff on Amazon!

3. Download free music

Unlike Apple Music, Amazon Music has a plethora of free songs and albums. Of course, you’ll have to pay for most of the music, but if you know where to look, you can have free access to 90 million songs. You can browse by artist, genre, or even the release date.

The free unlimited access is available for 30 days and can be canceled anytime.

  • How it works: Any new subscriber can get free stuff on Amazon Music.
  • How to sign up: You just have to create your Amazon account. Once you do this, search through the music library to select the free music.
amazon prime
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4. Try out Amazon Prime for free

Getting free stuff on Amazon is quite simple if you aren’t already a Prime member: Amazon will give you the chance to try its 30-day Prime membership for free to convince you to sign up. This may be a marketing strategy, but it’s definitely a smart one.

The Prime membership unlocks unlimited free returns, free Amazon shipping, unlimited photo storage, early access to great deals, and much more. That’s a lot of free stuff and it only requires a few clicks.

  • How it works: Simply sign up for Amazon Prime to get your 30-day trial for free. You can cancel it anytime (or maybe you won’t want to do so).
  • How to sign up: Check out the free Amazon Prime trial page.

5. Give feedback on Amazon Panel and earn free shopping credits

Amazon Panel is a program that works on an invitation-only basis allowing existing Amazon customers to give feedback. This program helps the retailer customize its services and products to the needs of consumers.

Sharing receipts from other stores, surveys, and more are part of the program. It only takes a few minutes to give some feedback, which will bring you shopping credits that can be used to get free stuff on Amazon.

  • How it works: Share your shopping insights to get rewarded with shopping credits from Amazon. As already mentioned, you just have to do this a few minutes per month to see significant cash in your Amazon account.
  • How to sign up: Once you’re on the Amazon Panel page, you’ll have to download the app and request an invitation.

6. Change your shipping preferences for Amazon credits

Existing Amazon Prime members know that taking the fastest shipping option is usually a matter of convenience, but did you know that the e-commerce giant will reward you for choosing slower delivery times?

It’s true — and depending on where you live and your order, you could earn a $1 credit just for delaying the delivery of your order by a day or two. In addition, choosing a slower delivery option is an excellent method to practice sustainable shopping.

  • How it works: Since Amazon shipping is often overwhelmed, they will reward their customers with shopping credits if they choose a delayed shipping option. The delays are usually only a day or two.
  • How to sign up: Once reaching the checkout section, search for a delayed shipping option and choose it when available.
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7. Get free Kindle books from Prime Reading

Not only can you get free stuff using Audible Premium Plus, but you can also get your hands on thousands of free Kindle book titles via Prime Reading. Whilst listening to music doesn’t require any special device (yes, I’m talking about the almost forgotten MP3 and iPod), you’ll need a Kindle tablet to read those free books available on Prime Reading. You’ll also need an Amazon Prime membership.

  • How it works: Gain access to lots of free Kindle books just for being a Prime member and owning a Kindle.
  • How to sign up: Head to the Amazon Prime Reading page to choose and download free books directly to your Kindle.

8. Sign up for CashBackBase to write reviews and get free stuff

Product companies are thirsty for positive reviews, so they will go to any length to have your feedback — even if it means giving out their products for free. Check out websites like CashBackBase to sign up and get your free Amazon stuff in exchange for reviews.

You may not be able to choose the items given to you, but users claim that a lot of free stuff they receive are common household things such as cutlery, sponges, toys, and other items that most houses can use.

  • How it works: Once you create your account on CashBackBase, you’ll need to write good and thorough product reviews on the Amazon platform. In order to do so, you’ll have to purchase the product first. After your review is approved, you’ll get a full refund.
  • How to sign up: Create an account at CashBackBase making sure you link it to your Amazon account to see whether you are eligible to review free stuff.

9. Watch free movies and shows as a Prime member

As already mentioned, the free 30-day trial for Amazon Prime membership gives you a lot of free stuff. Well, add this one to the benefits list too as you can enjoy thousands of free movies and shows through Prime Video.

Choose between new releases, old Hollywood favorites, and even Amazon Original movies. You can do that from your laptop, smart TV, tablet, and even your phone if you download the Prime Video app.

  • How it works: Both Amazon Prime members and free trial members can watch free TV shows and movies from their devices mentioned above.
  • How to sign up: Use your Amazon Prime account to access Prime Video.

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  1. If you have RoKu, they have an app called FreeVee and it’s from Amazon, and you can download this app yo your television and watch new releases, along with top series and new episodes of your favorite shows, all for free. I just love this channel, even mire than Netflix and its free.

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