10 Stores With No Minimum Purchase Free Shipping

Did you know that if you shop smartly, you can get free shipping for your items at some retailers?

And we are not talking about all the free shipping deals that you’re bound to get with memberships at Amazon or other retailers that love to add it as a perk. Not even the ones you’re bound to get on most sites if you happen to spend a lot of money there (though it does make the most sense since you’re spending a lot on their website and that’s the least they could do). But rather than that, there are a lot of other sites, with specific and useful products, that offer their customers free shipping all the time!

Of course, it is great to make sure of your already paid subscriptions, but sometimes when you’re looking for specific products, you shouldn’t only count on your Amazon Prime account. After all, there are only so many reviews you can read, and if you’re looking for more specialized items, like furniture, eco-friendly products, or even produce, you should expand your horizons and check out some other sites.

Knowing which ones are good for your wallet or the ones that will offer you free shipping is the tricky part of this deal, but you do not have to worry! We have gathered some of the most interesting sites out there that offer cool products, and they all offer free shipping on all orders, no matter if you’re getting one tomato or a whole new seasonal wardrobe from Nordstoms!

Let us know which website you love that offers free shipping in the comments!

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#1 Palouse Brand

You probably didn’t expect us to start with a company that deals with grains and legumes, but here we are! This farming operation does just that, and if you’re an enthusiast of bio food and want to know how your food has been grown, they’re definitely the way to go. They not only grow, but also process and package everything they sell here on American soil!

And you can get what you need with free shipping too. So what else can stop you from giving them a try when you’re shopping for veggies next time?

#2 Better World Books

We all need to make sure to keep our minds entertained, and this needs to come from other sources, not just television and other online entertainment options. Books are amazing, and they definitely fill your time in an enjoyable way. Yet, not a lot of us have the time to spend browsing physical shops, and with how heavy some books are, the shipping can end up being a bit steep.

Better World Books comes to our rescue as they offer free shipping all the time! So no matter what title you may be looking for or how many books you want to get, they’ve got your back!

#3 Nordstrom

Yes, you read that right! If you happen to be a fan of shopping at the upscale retailer, you should be thrilled to find out that you can get anything you want from their online store with free shipping! Now you don’t have to spend a lot of time browsing through the store; as long as you know the measurements and you’re confident in them, you’re good to go!

What’s more, online stores generally carry way more sizes and variations of the same model than physical stores, so you may just luck out with this one!

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#4 Ray-Ban

We don’t think we have seen someone not have or want a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Not only are their models extremely popular (after all, they invented the Aviators), but they are always on top of their game. The American-Italian brand releases a lot of solid models of frames and has expanded to eyeglasses as well, so we know that we can always trust them!

This is exactly why you should be giving them a try if you have the chance. You can catch potential sales on their website that you wouldn’t find in stores and they will deliver them to you free of charge!

#5 Dell

If you haven’t given Dell computers a chance until now, know that you are missing out. We know there are lots of people who are loyal to Apple, but Dell is another American brand that makes our country proud as it is one of the leading Windows based computer companies out there. Not to mention that they deal with other types of electronics and accessories as well!

If you need something computer related, you can easily head to the Dell website and get your stuff from there! And you will get your items with free shipping too.

#6 Shop Bop

Where would we be without the almighty Amazon? Jokes aside, there are times when the most convenient place to get your items is online, and since Amazon has so many items listed, it’s the easiest way to see and order them. But what do you do when you find clothes that you would love to own but don’t want to pay for the membership in order to get free shipping?

You go to Shop Bop! This retailer is owned by Amazon, and they sell everything fashion-related that you would want. From shoes and clothes to accessories, you will definitely find something you would like to take advantage of the inexistent shipping quote.

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#7 All Cotton and Linen

You may have noticed in some films or sitcoms that people appear to be obsessed with 1000 thread count cotton sheets. That is because they are very soft and the quality of the material is unmatched. The sheets on which you sleep are extremely important, so why not switch to some that are eco-friendly and they will also ship to you free of charge? You read that right, you can make sure your sleeping habits improve with something as simple as changing your bed sheets!

And they don’t stop at linen, they have a ton of other home decor items too!

#8 Brahms Mount

You must have heard of Brahms Mount before, especially since they’re an American brand that we are all proud of. They make amazing blankets, towels, and throws that you would be more than happy to display in your house. The reason why they are so special is that they are woven by hand on antique looms here in the U.S. You won’t find them done like this anywhere else!

There are other reasons to give these brands a try besides the free shipping. After all, why not support an American brand when you’re shopping?

#9 Well Earth Goods

With how the world is going crazy due to climate change and everyone seems to be preaching to everyone to be more conscious about how we consume things, it’s a good idea to switch to using as little plastic as possible. One way to go about it is by reusing containers or buying from sustainable brands.

This is why this brand might just be up your alley if you’re looking to dip your toe in that sustainable lifestyle! And the best thing is that you’re going to get free shipping no matter what plastic free product you would choose to try out! There is nothing to lose if you want to just give them a try here and there.

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#10 LovelySkin

No matter what age you are, you should be taking care of your skin and hair! If anything, you should make sure that what you are using on your body is clean and safe, so that nothing will happen or you won’t accidentally end up getting rashes or any sort of other skin issues.

This company not only offers free shipping but is also owned by a dermatologist! You can be sure the products are formulated cleanly and that no matter what you choose (from makeup, hair care, or skin care products), you’ll be in great hands!

The limitations of free shipping

While a free shipping offer is exciting, we all have to remember that it is not always limited by having an account tied to a membership. The sites we mentioned above do offer standard shipping for free, but if you’d like your items to be delivered faster, you will have to pay extra for that type of shipping. Their offers may also end up having other offers, and there are many others that offer free shipping that we didn’t have the time to list here.

Some of the stores only offer free shipping in the U.S. or after you have reached a minimum amount in your cart, which may end up being redundant if you only want to buy one thing. This is the case for other sites as well, so before you get too overjoyed at the offers that you see on screen, make sure you have checked all the limitations that apply, no matter which site you choose to shop on!

However, you should make sure you aren’t paying extra for things you can get for free at libraries! Read all about them here!


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