9 Dollar Store Items That Aren’t Worth the Buck

Dollar Store
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Are YOU A Fan Of The Dollar Store?

When shopping for a bargain, sometimes the dollar store is a great place to snag deals. Who doesn’t love a trip to this store? You walk in with five bucks and walk out with a bag full of stuff.

Of course, the “stuff” you have in that bag will vary in quality from good to “Should you really take the risk?” You may even be tempted to go all out for some items that aren’t even on your shopping list simply because they cost a buck.

But maybe you should think twice before buying some things. The fact is, some of the deals at your local dollar store can be a terrible buy. You could be compromising on safety or quality, and even a dollar might not be the best deal for what you get.

Dollar stores have been under scrutiny for a while now, with experts questioning the quality of the items sold. Environmental groups have even been looking into potential health hazards of products.

Their studies have concluded that even though some products have improved quality over the past few years, others still contain “chemicals of concern. Read on to see which 9 things you should steer clear of.

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  1. I read all of your picks on what not to buy and your so,so right. I know from experience. Thats what these stores have on their shelves and most people know that. However, its still a fun store to go through regardless. There is always a cheap thing to buy that you can’t do without. lol

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