13 Ways to Get Your IRS Tax Refund Faster Than Ever

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Don’t wait to file those taxes

Each year, taxpayers need to pay their taxes by April 18, but there’s no need to wait until that day, especially if you have the option of filing them earlier. It’s highly recommended to fill them out earlier because you’ll have more time to correct any errors and also have a better chance to beat the scammers. Check your math and all the entries, to make sure everything is in the right place and, of course, in the right order.

File your taxes electronically

If the option is still available, you should try filing your income tax returns electronically. If you want to get your refunds as soon as possible, you might want to opt for a refund that will be directly deposited into your bank account. As the IRS mentioned, filing electronically and deciding on a direct deposit is still one of the fastest and safest ways to file your income tax return and still receive a refund.

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