These 18 States Are Sending Out Stimulus Checks Now!

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When was the last time you received a stimulus check?

Some experts say that we are victims of one of the highest inflations in our country’s history and all we can do is come up with a plan to reduce our spending. Some of them even say that we have to deal with the biggest prices we’ve seen in the last 4 decades, when in the 1980s, for instance, the inflation rate was 14.6%.

Speaking of that, the federal government is trying to help people counteract the record-high rate of inflation, so, as a result, 18 states are, or have, already begun issuing stimulus paychecks to their taxpayer residents.

Even though some of these compensations are for hundreds of dollars and others go up to a few thousand, they are not the most effective way to get rid of inflation.

In accordance with some senior international economists, plans that target specific groups or sectors, like gas cards or expenditures that are based on compensation thresholds, could help people with their spending and the higher prices for different products or services. This happens without adding a lot of pressure on prices more broadly.

With that being said, here is how 18 states have passed bills to begin distributing tax refunds to citizens. Let’s take a look at how these installments are progressing and what the stimulus checks are actually worth.

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      1. Wealthier states? That can’t and shouldn’t include Nevada! A lot of its residents are senior citizens on a fixed income!!

  1. I only received one stimulus Check when that started last year or before. My husband never recieved any. we are living only on our social security check each month, and out of that they take for Medicare, and when landing in the hospital, they are wanting more money because our insurance didn’t pay the entire bill or medicare either.

    1. Everybody pays taxes But food stamps and section 8 housing should not even exist. The Greedy ass Government and big CEO’s keep raising prices because it puts more money in their pocket. The reason why the government gives out stimulis checks is because the money goes right back to them when it is spent. Plus….. All Medical should be free.

  2. I never received my $1400.00 rebate and have yet to receive any more rebates even though they said my $1400.00 one was released in July of 2022.

  3. That’s great news for us South Carolina’s. We have quite a few retirees down here and they could sure need the money.

  4. Our government clueless in simple macro economics. Worst way to reduce inflation is to pump more free money into the system. That is a major reason of how we got here in the first place. I gave my rebate away to someone without a job right now which was best way I figured to use it and not contribute to inflation.

  5. God forbid that corrupt politicians in New York part with any of our tax money for relief to New York citizens, who are one of the highest taxed groups, if not THE highest in the country.

  6. Many blessings to all who will receive “Stimulus Checks” again, irrespective of the amount of the check. The last time that I received a Stimulus Check was last year 2021.

  7. My husband and I have not received our stimulus checks. We would like to get them. We filed jointly in 2020 and 2021. Please advise

  8. Of course New York, one of the most expensive places to live, gives nothing. I can’t wait to retire and get the hell out. Upstate NY constantly has to pay higher taxes and rates to bail out NYC.
    We pay for public transit, yet where I live there is no public transportation I can take to get to my job, and with gas prices rising it costs me $80 plus just for my commute.

  9. Democrats spend OUR tax dollars to help the people and republican voters are included. Republicans spend OUR tax dollars to bail out corporations and the people from both sides get NOTHING, yet people still vote republican but receives NOTHING except if you’re in that 1%. I’ve worked for 30 years GIVE ME MY TAX DOLLARS you’ve been taking for 30years

  10. Democrats buying votes.
    We dont need stimulus checks. There are Help wanted signs eveywhere.
    How about $15 dollars an hour at Mcdonalds an entry level job?

  11. The stimulus checks that were sent at the beginning of the pandemic were very helpful. But with the prices of everything going up on EVERYTHING and people’s income have stayed the same, it’s harder now than it was to make ends meat! I know several people who have lost their homes behind on their rent and it’s hard to make ends meet We definitely need more stimulus money or there’s going to be a lot more serious issues when we have all these homeless people with children and elderly parents. I am a single woman who has had a rent increase of $175 a month. Plus gas and electric is went up groceries have went up gas has went up.. But not my income. We need more help I have been working and paying taxes since I was 15 years old for over 40 years I have been working and paying taxes I need help!!


  13. I did work all my life and now retired. Vermont is never going to send out stimulus because that is the way this state is.

  14. thanks govener kelly,like always kansas is left out. what do you do for this states needy,disabaled. seniors. and people on a fixed income????? oh thats right they dont drive a mercedes and live in a 500,000 bad

  15. as always seniors are told they will receive money but it never happens. I am in Florida and it is hard to even find a place to rent with a ss income.. Is this true or are we being rooked again. Sharon

  16. I don’t pay tax’s because I don’t make enough money my SS is only 800.18 a month very hard for me to live on people who pay tax are making a lot more money I do not understand this what are the people who don’t make enough to pay Tax going to do do we just not eat at all. or able to put on any heat In our homes going to do.

  17. ‘Course, Tennessee is NOT in that list. The Republicans in this state think the money they get from our purchases is THEIRS, not ours, so they won’t give us a penny. This despite the fact that there is a SURPLUS in our — sorry, THEIR — treasury!

  18. My husband and I only received the very first stimulus check. We are 80 and not surviving on Social Security. We wonder why we are not receiving the stimulus checks that all our friends are receiving.

  19. My wife and I have NEVER received any stimulus checks since the beginning of Covid. We kept hearing about them, but no seeing even one. Maybe because we are both “Essential” We’re two people that have worked since the late 1970’s. And alot of people who haven’t worked much their entire adult life receive every stimulus awarded. Not sure what to think of the “stimulus” benefit……

  20. They are already saying we get a big raise. Not true. It’s very difficult
    To make it on $88 on social security

  21. I’m in the state of Michigan is Michigan one of the states for another stimulus check??? If so how do I apply???

  22. I see New York is notgetting one. That’s because the politions just got one. Even though that was not deserved. We are one of the highest taxed states. That why people are moving.

  23. Im retired, do not file income tax, will I qualify for a stimules check? Im a widow and have low income.

  24. Washington State never gives, they only take!! Dimslee promised not to raise taxes when he was elected; He has raised taxes by the BILLIONS!

  25. I have only received 1 check in
    The very first one. I also have never received the covid pay. I worked as a phlebotomist through the pandemic everyday and I have never received any competition. I was an essential worker. I was out there everyday drawing blood and running the covid tents.

  26. we have not seen any resent stimuless checks and the amount is chinchy compared to what other states are receiving.

  27. I submitted my Colorado Cash Back Refund Claim form on or around 4/9/23. I have not received anything since. Was it received?

  28. I’ve been out of work for last several years due to health issues.
    Haven’t received any relief since Trump was president. I’ve sought help but to no avail.

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