7 Charming Places Where Retirees Can Live on a Tight Budget

Charming Place
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There are many charming places where you could live out your golden years…Which one would you pick?

When it comes to your golden years, there are lots of charming places you could move to. Are you happy to curl up with a book? Or maybe you’re a nature lover, heeding a call to the great outdoors. You might even be looking for like-minded neighbors.

But no matter your lifestyle, one question stands out: What’s your budget? There are many ways you can stretch a dollar, but take it from us…smaller towns and cities can offer good value.

We considered several factors before coming up with this list, including safety, walkability, and the percentage of people sixty-five and older. Each charming place offers all that and more.

So without further ado, check out our top 7 picks for the most affordable and charming places in the US for retirees.

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