5 Surprising Things You Can’t Return to Amazon

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Did you know that Amazon rejects certain types of returns?

Indeed, there are some items that even Amazon does not allow as returns! We know it sounds a bit surprising since the online retailer is known to accept most returns, but there are a few times you will not be able to give back to them, and it is better to be in the know than to end up having an unpleasant surprise!

In the end, it is way too easy to shop on Amazon! You just need a few clicks, and then you will have your item at your door in a matter of days! It may even come the same day or the next day if you are paying for a Prime membership. Because shopping can be so easily done on Amazon, we need to be in the know about the return procedure, especially since you may not want to keep an item you bought, and when you ask for your money back, you may have the unpleasant realization that they do not accept returns on your specific item!

While their return procedure is pretty straightforward (you can send it back in 30 days or longer if it’s the holidays), you still need to know the return policy for your items. From tech gadgets to food, we have gathered some of the most surprising things you cannot return on Amazon so you do not end up having a nasty surprise!

Let us know if you have ever had a return denied by Amazon in the comments below!

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    1. Will not accept hand sanitizer sprays. Found out too late, delivery was late and not delivered before expected event day

    2. I try not to order from China anymore. I ordered bras made for my size. Received bras suitable for possibly a 10year old. These said returnable — only if I mailed back to China for $100. No thanks. Gave them to goodwill

  1. Address labels .They mistskingly left out the zip code.It was their mistake but they wouldn’t fix them or take them back!

  2. Yes, I have had a return that was not accepted-It was a 32 oz bottle of conditioner-Avalaon-which was almost $20. I had pictures and everything. I tried but they said they did not return or give me another one-It was well within the period required. It was spelt all over my other stuff.-Needless to say ,”wasn’t pleased”.

        1. Please, let’s not get nasty or be Karen’s or David’s on here. OK there’s no need to pick on each other or in five world wars right now. People are not nice to each other and Satan is prowling around. Can you please be nice to each other? Do you have to have sarcastic remarks please stop please.

      1. I see you have had some excitement in your life. Your life must be sooo dull that you make such an issue of something most people can quietly let pass. In my opinion, you do not understand what the poster is saying. Better you asked.

      2. I wish people would stop being so nasty. People typing fast, or just speaking slang, does not require a nasty response. Maybe it was a mistake. I make mistakes all the time! Let’s just accept that we are not all perfect!

      3. Well, I’m from WV and I have no problem spelling and I also understood what she meant. Maybe a typo….

  3. I ordered brake rotors that were missing a part and another part was incorrect. The seller is supposed to give return shipping labels but refused. The cost was $437 to ship back the same way they shipped to me, UPS. The order only cost $581 so I can see why they refused even though under Amazon policy they are required to do so. I called Amazon who said to pay to ship back and the A to Z guarantee would pay me back. I did that and sent in receipt…….over and over and over again, over a month went by and they would not pay me back!! A to Z guarantee is worthless and so is Amazon! They try and kill off local merchants so they can take control of the market and eventually turn into crap!!! Nowhere to turn, no way to fix it, you just get screwed.
    Just a fair warning! I will look locally for everything from now on

  4. #5 is happening to me right now. I purchased a patio dining set that is too big for my deck. After packing it all up and getting the return label…FedEx can not return it….It is from CHINA!!! Or return to the warehouse in California….I live in Massachusetts!!
    The company did tell me to keep the item and they would refund me $170.00….
    The set was $470.00 that I’m am now out $300 for a set that won’t fit on my deck…. I just assumed it was from Amazon, I’ve never ever had an issue with a return until now.

    Lesson learned!

    1. I ordered a patio umbrella that’s too large for my area and need to send it back to California. I didn’t realize it was not an Amazon sale. It was another company selling on Amazon and shipping directly. I’ll be watching that in the future, because the shipping is more than the cost of the item.

    2. So sorry to read this. Why not put it on eBay or your local Free site for selling things like this. Have the buyer come and pick it up.
      At least get more of your money back. Good luck.

    3. You might want to go to your bank.
      I’ve had these problems before not just with Amazon but others.
      Go to your bank and tell them the story.
      And tell them you wish to refuse the charges.
      Whoever it was that you bought the article from will not be pleased.
      And short F them.

    1. When they first appeared at a Costco wear house in Thousand Oaks, Ca, near 1998-2000, we sat on one and my husband immediately bought 2! He just needed to adjust his seat up. They cost nearly $500 each! We eventually replaced the not too long heavy batteries once, cost was near $100 each. They lasted over 12 years until we were too old to be able to use them. We enjoyed overtaking and passing other bikers going up those Ca hills and riding down TO Boulevard to have breakfast!!
      Had a blast! I thought they were expensive at that time!!

    2. Sell it on your local buy/sell sites. They can be easily found, even on Facebook. Get your money back – or part of it. Good luck. Let us know if that worked.

  5. I was denied return of spray water sealant and smoke detectors. It was “unsafe” to ship back, but they shipped them to me???

    1. Same here. Water Scotchguard spray. I found out it would stain my new white tennis shoes so I didn’t want it.

  6. Tritium glow in dark pistol sights, could not be returned citing “Hazmat” rules would not allow for it to be shipped, odd I wanted to return via same shipper and in same packaging they shipped them to me.

    The sights sent were not for my pistol as the information for them indicated they would fit my pistol.

  7. If you read carefully when you’re ordering they will state whether or not the item is eligible for return… do NOT ASSUME. It makes sense why some items can’t be returned… even some physical stores won’t take back certain items.

  8. A bottle of perfume, even though it said on the webpage that it is returnable. It had the most awful smell that was pure rubbing alcohol, and I cannot believe that this was normal. People should not be allowed to sell defective stuff to people and just walk away with the money and have no responsibility towards the people whose money they took.

  9. I bought some perfume that smelled very, very badly, like pure rubbing alcohol. Although the page said refundable, Amazon said that the seller did not want to refund or exchange it. It was a non-refundable or non-exchangeable item. So, they can sell you useless items and just walk away with your perfectly good money. Way to make a profit!

    1. That is not a way to make profit, rather that is a way to rip you off with the help of giant corporations

  10. I have not had them refuse to take anything back, but 4 of the last 10 purchases I made from them they sent the wrong item, 3 of which I returned, and they charged me return shipping for item THEY shipped me the wrong item. I have not ordered anything since.

  11. You have to read to make sure it says this item can returned. I never had a problem even if I had to pay for it to be returned.

  12. Watch what you order through Amazon’s Subscribe & Save. Our last delivery contained several food items. Sadly, they were all thrown in a box without any padding. Cans knocked around against each other and the other items. One of the cans split open a bit and distributed enough liquid to destroy paper labels of other items. Returning the destroyed items is not an option in the standard return menus. Spending time, chatting with a customer service representative did get the problem resolved with a refund. It takes more time and effort than other returns.

    1. Same thing happened to us but they refunded the money I removed those items from subscribe and save.

  13. I had no problems refunding certain items such as computerized label tape printers and new merchandise packed in unopened packages. I have received courteous service, both by telephone and and computer. Your articles are rewarding.

  14. I ordered two mascaras. One mascara was dried out and the other mascara was broken. I tried to return but they would not let me. I order constantly from Amazon and this was the first time I discovered that some things are not returnable. I was out $20. I will not order make-up from them again.

  15. I tried to return a turbo tax disc and they said it was passed the return date. But I explain that I was on the phone with a turbo tax representative for 2 hrs and they told me it was defect in the program and to return it where I purchased it. I had emails from turbo tax and still nothing .

  16. They will not take any cake, cheesecake those kind of items. Even though Amazon told you when it was going to be delivered and it showed up 3 days earlier and you were out of town and it sat outside!!!

  17. When ordering care must be taken to be sure the item either comes directly from Amazon or a free return is stated. I ordered a Crosby Radio for $160. When it was received, the CD player did not work. It cost me $25 to ship the radio back. The original price was refunded, but not the return shipping.

  18. I ordered a raised toilet seat (fits right over the existing toilet. Changed my mind, got handicapped rail installed. Never even took it out of the shipping carton! They said keep it and refunded the $$$. Not even out of the carton

  19. I ordered on Amazon three shirts from Crigne. They were shipped from Amazon. I would like to return them to Amazon but there no way to return these items.
    I have found out that Crigne for Women is not a legitimate company. They say items are made in S. Caroline but they are really made in China.
    I was under the assumption that anything ordered through Amazon was a viable safe company.
    Does Amazon screen companies to use their platform and our credit information????

  20. Amazon will not take back perfume. The box was unopened and shrink wrapped. Never did anything other than unwrap the gift wrapping. I was refused a return label.

  21. I have had several purchases that were unacceptable and even though it said no return, I just called Amazon customer service, explained the items were defective, etc, and they issued me refunds. So far, I have never been stuck, I trust Amazon, I will only order thru them, not individual sellers, etc, because I know I can get a refund if not happy.

  22. I never purchase anything at Amazon my children are but not me. I just go online to Macys Nordstrom, Rack but never at Amazon.

  23. I requested to return 2 pairs of shoes that I was only able to use once because they broke halfway thru my day. Still waiting for a response from the vendor and/or Amazon.
    Not happy. I will never purchase shoes from them again.

  24. Yes. I’ve been denied the return of 2 different expired food products, mayonnaise and cookies. I was told sorry but I couldn’t return and they wouldn’t refund. I was not amused. When that happens, the company that sells and ships them under the Amazon umbrella should be given some sort of repercussions. I also recently ordered fat free evaporated milk which only came in a 6 can order. They were all going to expire within the month. Lesson learned. I now rarely buy food from Amazon unless it is their own product which I’ve never had a problem with.

  25. I have also found more than once customers receive an item they ordered and re pack an old, defective, or different item back into the new packaging and return it for a refund or replacement… I have received used or damaged items from amazon, sold as new…… but they have always refunded or replaced these items when contacted…..overall they have been as good or better than most retail companies

  26. I ordered two mother of the bride dresses and neither fit. They both were labeled fully returnable, nut when I tried to return them the return address was incorrect and neither Post Office or UPS would accept the boxes. Each dress was over 100.00 dollars. I called Amazon three times and all I got was we will contact the seller. I’m still waiting. NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM CHINA.

  27. Returned through Kohls. Have the return receipt but apparently Amazon never received the item. Although they received the other 2 sent at the same time through the same vendor. Odd. Then was rebilled for.the item. Sure it’s somewhere but not with me. Luckily the CC company credited my account as I had proof.
    I try to use Amazon less. Perhaps the upper management needs my money more than me.

  28. No not yet but I will be returning some items back in a couple if days due to not what I ordered or arriving after the due date. As a prime member I expect the date you tell me not after the fact. I order things according to different church function and receiving after the due date is no good for me or sending me the wrong item ordered it’s not good at all okay.

  29. Yes, I have had a return refused until I sent them a copy of my driver’s license and my personal information. In the past I have had identity theft and refuse to send them copies of my driver’s license to do a return with my information on it. The information they had was good enough to place the order and should be good enough to do my return. I will say that it has cost them some business with me.

  30. I did have several of my items rejected from Amazon. They returned my money anyway. I just gifted the items to my friends and neighbors.

  31. Sometimes you have to purchase the item.
    And then Double check the return to see if you have to pay for the return shipping or whether or not they will Accept the item. If you don’t like what it says cancel immediately . China is the worst offender.

  32. I have never had a problem with a return, reading you problems of not being able to send returns or get money back, is really a surprise, I have been with Amazon almost 10 years I can say they have always went out of there way to turn a frown into a smile for me. Really sorry to hear your problems, if I didn’t like the 1st answer I got I would assume it’s a newbie and keep trying till I get answer or credit I need. Don’t give up on 1st reply keep trying there is good customer service there to help.

  33. I had ordered some supplements that I reorder every so often and never had a problem but a couple months ago I saw to my dismay that several other supplements had been added and they were $160 pricy and I immediately tried to stop them. I was told that I would have to wait and send them back. I talked to several machines about what problem with them was but there was seemingly no place to check off “because I did not order them!” I tried over and over and it was a frustrating mess. The last communication said that the supplements were not something they would take back. I am very disappointed in the way it was all handled and feel it was a set up from the beginning. It happens regularly on a much smaller scale but it looks like theft to me.

  34. We saw an item listed for what we thought was a futon but it ended up being the futon mattress. It was a large item that had to be shipped back FedEx. We ended up getting most of our money back minus the shipping fee, but we had to go through a lot to do it because it was a third party vendor. Beware of those.

  35. I ordered (2) dementia fidget blankets,for my mom.They will not accept it back, I never opened it! I only needed (1)

  36. As you spoke about no refunds on certain things that’s fine however, when we order at the time, it should specify if a refund or not in big LETTERS that will give the customer an option to order or not! You guys are so big so if you don’t wanna lose a lot of customers then I suggest maybe that may work. I order quite a few things. I love Amazon, but I’ve gone through some issues myself and I think you need to state this as we order.!!!

  37. My account was canceled because I abused a return policy I was unaware of. I made few returns and never returned anything that was as advertised. I’ll live.

  38. I bought a Fitbit and after 1 month, it wouldn’t hold a charge, didn’t show my sleep data anymore and kept popping up a message that said connect to WiFi to sync; it was already connected. There is not a return available on Amazon. I will contact Fitbit & see what they do.

  39. Baked goods. I ordered a Kringle for my sons mother. It never made it to her but they took my money quick enough! The item was $36. With shipping $46!

  40. I’ve returned many items of liquid and no problems. I’ve returned items from another company and it takes a little longer but no problem. I’ve wanted to return items that they told me keep it and the refunded it. I’ve never had a problem.

  41. I have never had a problem with Amazon. They have the easiest returns of any mail-order company that I deal with. I just fill out the paperwork online and then return the item to the Whole Foods Market close to where I live. So easy. They package the items and are responsible for the actual return. Easy-peasy. Not any hassle. I get my credit right away. I order from them all the time and rarely have a need for a return. Last time I ordered a sauce pan for cooking and received a pair of drapes. LOL. That is the first mistake that their picking and shipping department has ever made. I filled out the paperwork online and got the correct item the next day at no charge. We returned the drapes and all was fine. Great company to work with.

  42. I was issued a code bar for the luggage tag I returned to Whole Foods in Boca Raton and sent it. I sent it in original packaging with the travel bag I ordered and got code for bag as you received it. I didn’t need them now because my granddaughter bought her own for her trip. I got refunded for bag, but not the $35.00 luggage tag.
    You keep sending me texts on what you don’t take back. My issue doesn’t apply to that. I did receive bar code, but no refund issued. I guess someone had it easy to steal

  43. I recently had two things that they would not return. One was hearing aid cleanser. I bought some sort of cleaning products and brushes and things like that for my husband’s hearing aids. There was one other thing I can’t remember now what it was might’ve been like polygrip or something like that for his dentures and he passed away so I had them new sitting here and I could not return them.

  44. All items have return policy stated on each Amazon item.
    FYI. If you order items that are shipped from 3rd party that are returnable and want to return it sometimes you have to returned to USPS. You have to package items or pay UPSP to put in box or shipping bag.

  45. I purchased a 12ft. boat from Amazon. It arrived on time, wrapped in plastic. Upon removing the plastic, I found the boat had a damaged bottom. It looked as if a forklift had attempted to lift it. Amazon refused to allow me to return it. The boat cost me over $1000.

  46. I was not able ti return the cat’s treats. The plastic box came broken and all the treats were loose in the package. It happened twice already. So I do not buy cat treats from Amazon any more. Besides that, I have not had any issues with returned items

  47. Most of my requests for returns have been granted without a problem. If it’s past the 30 day limit then I will either sell it, keep it or give it away. I’ve ordered for more than 10 years the majority not all of my orders have been positive.

  48. My husband bought a printer and it came all smashed up. We immediately sent it back. The UPS guy still had it in their return area 3 days later when we went back to see why it didn’t show as returned. Then Amazon issued us a gift card instead of a credit to our Amazon credit card. Really disappointed lately in one and two day shipping taking over 7 days and then being inaccurate. Twice ordered wide angle lens for a camera and the lens that came was for a different brand. Sent both back.

  49. Last October I returned 4 soaker hoses. I was in the time frame of returns. I was present when the item was picked up and have the receipt from UPS. Well to my surprise Amazon and UPS states it was never scanned in . I contacted all concerned and they continued to bounce the ball back and forth ,putting the blame on each other. In the meantime I have never received a refund of 165.00. Very disappointed . At one point I was even told to go purchase a 500.00 gift card in order to get my refund. Didn’t do so as I felt like I was being scammed 😡

  50. I returned a scooter because they sent the wrong one.I was told that they would refund shipping. I paid over 300.oo to ship it. Weeks went by and nothing .I called 5 different times. Each time they said it was on its way. I called the 6th time and they said no refund. Know Iam out of 300.00 and no scooter. Its not wright.

  51. Be careful was viewing a tv stand on seen site called brads deals. They are a distributor for Amazon who new they sent me two delivered while I was in the hospital.Went thru hell trying to return shipping was more than the cost of item also delivered to my driveway on Hwy My house is 6 acres back .

  52. I bought something of Amazon but it was from a bogus third party seller. Item had a 1 year warranty ( it was a pool pump) I was told to contact the seller but they weren’t a seller anymore. I was told too bad, nothing they can do. Beware buying from a third party seller. Sometimes it’s not obvious. Only items stocked but Amazon are covered.

  53. Well I purchased two knock out rose bushes last year
    They bloomed but now it’s a new season and the branches are brown and snappable if you know what I mean
    They are dead can’t return and I lost money🤔

  54. I bought two pairs of shoes. I had to wait a longer than usual time to receive them. Then I found out they came from China. That wasn’t why I wanted to return them, though. Their size chart was wrong. They said the size I ordered was the correct size for the U.S.A. Size, and it wasn’t. Amazon said for me to contact the seller. They said I could return them at my expense but it would cost me more than the shoes did. So, they would only offer me 10%, which was $4.00, as compensation. So, I was out about $40, and had to just give away two pairs of shoes I really wanted. And the seller tagged my $4.00 as being “shoes refunded.” I think Amazon should not accept items for sale from overseas in the U.S., because this is notorious for happening. I did not know these were coming from China.

  55. I ordered a car part that didn’t fit. The seller said they would send me a return label; which they never did. I got stuck with the part and lost the $50 I paid for it.
    Another item I ordered were toothpicks. They came in the plastic shipping bag with no box.1000 tooth picks just thrown in a shopping bag. Amazon said that was not returnable. I contacted customer service and I received a refund.

  56. Well, I thought you were going to say the items Amazon would NOT let you return, but all I saw was
    replies from customers!

    1. I was also looking for the 5 items that are not returnable. Only to find a bunch of comme nts of unhappy customers. Well Amazon has been ok with all my returns. It’s eBay you have to watch out for. I have had bad experiences with them in the past. Anyhow, I love Amazon!!!

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