The 6 Cheapest Grocery Stores in Your State

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Are you wondering how you can improve your budgeting when you are going grocery shopping?

Whether we are going grocery shopping or we are simply shopping for something we need, we are always keeping an eye out for possible deals we may encounter. This doesn’t mean that you have to buy things that are only cheap or that you find discounted, but rather that you should keep your mind open and not stay loyal to only one grocery store!

However, there must be one who is more successful than the rest! And when it comes to the most affordable grocery stores, the race is pretty tight. Even so, there are a few that have made their mark when it comes to being budget-friendly, and now only because they are relying on deals and special prices from time to time. Be it that they are known for bulk buying or general low prices, some of the most popular ones are on our list, but there are also some that are bound to surprise you!

Place your bets now! Will your favorite store end up on our list? Or will you find yourself changing your grocery habits in the next year?

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6 Responses

  1. Moved to South Carolina a few years back and found Aldi’s about 20 minutes away (drive-time) Well worth the drive time. Have never had an issue with any of products, Esp.their prices and employee’s are always very professional and helpful

  2. Aldi #1…wow!!! Old and rotten vegetables and fruit might be cheap but not worth it when most of it gets thrown out. Non-perishables are not bad but average it out it is not worth the trip to Aldi!!!

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